Thursday, February 05, 2009

Male additional check. No alarm

How can I be so fucking sure that I will have to go through 'extra screening' every time I go through an airport? Because of my skin color. Racial profiling is indeed very real and this became apparent to me in phoenix. I had to go through the fucking security check twice. Even though the alarm didn't go off on the metal detector, I was told to stay inside the glass enclosure, for some fucking retard to come take me and my stuff to the side, and waste over 30 minutes of my time.

It's not just wasting my time, it's also wasting the taxpayer money. Since I am not the one paying the taxes, (Dumb americans!) I thought I should have gone back out and come in through the security check again for a third time. I would have loved to see the look on their faces when they went, "Great! A brown guy again! Can't I get a break here?" However, since I was running out of time, I decided I will keep that prank up my sleeve for some other time.

Does anyone know how much those machines that check for chemical explosives etc. cost to buy? The cost of operating them? The wages of the security guards? The cumulative expense of the delays all this is causing? And after all that, they still failed to remove my sharp exacto knife from my pencil bag. I could have used it to take a hostage on the plane and who knows what else. I could have killed someone important on that plane. But I'm the good guy here. I guess I should be the one scared that they let people get on board with little knives. 

A question to the airline companies: Now how stupid do you look giving people soft bendy plastic knives to eat meals on planes? (citing security as the reason)
Answer: More stupid than you think.