Sunday, August 09, 2009

Anup nightmare

This was the dream I had on my last night in Canada.. or my FIRST night in USA after that. I tend to forget the exact date. However, it featured my notorious cousin, Anup. You could say he's right up there in the top 5 of the list of my worst enemies! But I simply don't like him.

In this particularly traumatic dream, I see that my 75-205mm tele-zoom lens has been destroyed. The glass completely shattered and left lying around. Like someone left it there on purpose for me to see it. I find out that it's none other than Anup.

I am extremely pissed! In a fit of rage, (that's very unlike me) I am screaming at the top of my lungs, swearing my head off at him, not caring that I'm in our house, around family. I walk angrily towards him and grab him....

Even I was afraid to see what I would do next....

Luckily, I woke up. Albeit cold but sweaty; traumatized..
and the first thing I had to do, was check my tele-zoom lens and make sure it was intact.

Should I be sorry for what I dreamt?

Some dreams are like re-runs. They play a plot in your head that you've already seen before. And depending on whether you liked them last time, or whether you finished it last time or not, you may decide to stick around and 'watch' that dream again. I had a similar dream a few days ago, one of my last nights in Canada.

I don't know why but it felt like I have been a part of this plot before. Either I did not know how it ended or I was just enjoying it a little too much; hence, I stuck around. It ended with somebody getting shot. I, without even thinking about it for a second, 'walked out' of the 'theatre'. Was it my conscience that had just died? How could I not feel anything for a person that had just died? For the person I probably killed? Twice?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Just sent this off to my coworkers

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank you all for making my time at the PMP one of the best experiences ever. I will never forget all the time I spent amongst you. I consider myself really honored to have been a part of such a wonderful workforce. Such great colleagues.

I will really miss all the little things; like greeting each other in the morning, walking to the other side of the building for a tim hortons breakfast, getting a ride back home, friday outings, and group lunches in the kitchen.. specially the group lunches in the kitchen.

And slowly, as the realization dawns on me that I am flying to the states in two days from now; I start to wish more and more that it wasn't so. That it could last just a little bit longer..

I know it's the long weekend but I want to get up and head back to work tomorrow morning....

I didn't say bye, because I didn't want it to be the end, or the last of it. I specifically stayed away from the I've learnt this, I've learnt that crap.. because I knew if I did that, I would start lying or making things up or fabricating it to try and be politically correct. What I sent off in the letter is pure unadulterated feeling. And I don't know many people who feel the same way about their jobs/position/internship. Thus I consider myself lucky.

I posted this here, also because I didn't end up finding everyone's email address, so just because your address wasn't on the list, doesn't mean I wanted to leave you out.

But there are definitely those who deserve special mention: These were the people who made it that much more special for me.
Michael Fiorillo: Learnt so much about photography from you.
Jimmy Cho: brought a much needed happy and positive attitude in the room when we were at the height of the disrest.(the disrest part is a long story)
Michelle Cortese:But ofcourse for your great sense of humor and comic antics.
George Wu: oh so many reasons... my first interviewee, believe it or not, I learnt a lot of things by working with him. He went so far and beyond in order to help me out...He is one of the few colleagues I can call a friend
Umar Bacchus: the person to always count on, trust with my eyes closed.
Mengyu Ran: like the older sibling you always like to fight with.. because you know it's so much fun!(wow! I never thought I would say that, but I could really think of nothing else!)
Danny Adhim: awesome comic timing, always pushing it, (no pun intended, Danny)bordering on the offensive and inapropriate, still we all enjoy it.
And lastly, Henry Mar: who always got me pumped up every time he walked into the room-be it with a new gadget for us, or a great new idea! He was always inviting me to go do something with my creativity.