Thursday, December 28, 2006

My dearest collection

I have over 38 movies on over 20 dvds with me that I got over the internet, from friends or just by copying the dvds that I had rented from dvd express. I have about 4, of my photographs and 4 music dvds. Then there are at least 8 dvds with cartoons like south park, family guy, simpsons, rugrats and dexter's lab. Plus downloaded softwares and video tutorials.

I have amassed them over the year since we got broadband in our house. I would sit up over the night from 2am to 8 during the free hours to download as much as I could. Then when we got the unlimited connection, I would check back all day to see how far each download had progressed. The speeds we get here aren't even half of what broadband users in the developed countries of the world were using.

Now I have over 200 GB of data that I want to carry with me to canada. Even though arjun bhaiya constantly keeps sayin I could easily re-download all this in a very short time, I know many of these items are very rare. I might not find active torrents of them later on. Then there's the threat of the anti-piracy police. I had asked manish bhaiya and aniruddh bhaiya and both agreed taking it there shouldn't be a problem. But montu bhaiya and anu didi are coaxing me to leave all that gold behind. How could I let go of my precious?

So i'm callin out to all you people who have carried discs over international flights specifically to canada, to help me out of this dilemma. What is a safe number of discs to carry and what should I label them? How should I conceal them? I dont have much time to pack now, so quick replies would be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

school reunion night

With another entry incomplete in the drafts, the total count has reached to 2 and still, I cant help writing another one. Thats because this re-union is a bag of so many mixed feelings, this is one thing I just HAVE to have a record of in my diary.

When I first heard about this event going to take place, I was apprehensive and not very keen on going. Because such events always seemed to be(from what I've seen in movies) for the most successful of people, the popularest people during school days will still get all the attention and the nerds will be teased by the bullies yet again(this turned out to be only true in reel life as I didnt see anyone being ripped on). I obviously ain't the very successful kind, and let alone popularity, I was also bullied by many.

But just about 2minutes after I arrived there, I realized how big a mistake I would have made had I denied the invitation to the party. Because I met one of my best pals in mount carmel whom I had lost complete contact with after I moved to pune. Rahul Hartalkar. What an awesome chap he was and still is.

The program was very cheesy at best, same old hosts, same rude audience. The regular introduction round. Which was plagued by many "microphone not working" problems. Some games were fun, and the rewards included kit kats. Chits were drawn from bowls to select the players and Random people were called up front for distributing the prizes. And then there was voting for Mr. and Mrs. 'Unify'- thats what the event was called. And as the final announcement was made- a request for 10more bucks from each attendee as the expenses had exceeded the collection by around 1k, and the money collected, we all went to the lawn for the real party.

The biggest disappointment was here, as the music sucked big time! I really wish they'd informed us before hand that we had to get good music for ourselves. I would have gotten my dvd of nice rockin music. And I wouldn't have to bother about others in the party not likin my taste because most of these people having lived in places like pune and nagpur(I'm sure thats where most of 'em are) had started liking the same genere of music too. Rahul was talkin to me about linkin park's numb!

But music's not the only thing we share our likings in. Even the movies I and he likes are similar. We both bashed dhoom2 while we admired movies like no man's land, miami vice and even the animated cars. I was surprised to discover we have so much in common. No wonder he was my best friend in school days. And at this point, I'd like to point out to my previous entry "confession...".

Friday, December 22, 2006

Kill Me

I`m a bad person.

I was having such a nice day. I enjoyed each and every moment of it so much that I didnt even get time for posting a blog entry until just now. Well, technically, its been more than one day, but it never really seemed like two different days. We slept at 2 am I guess and woke up again at 6:30 am and continued out chatting. (I hadn't ever talked to him so much and got to know him way better throughout the day than I ever did before. I had even talked to him about this subject - how many friends did I know really well. That was when I realized I had never known any of my friends as good as I know some now. Thats because back then I wasn't even mature enough to think about all this. And like Sam, even I think too much. Thats what lead me to writing this entry.) Then went to see Kabul Express, we were a little late though, but I had seen it before so it was ok. I told him the parts that we missed. Then I dropped him off at shivajinagar and that was the end of the fabulous day with Sam. Then went and gave the exam. What happened after that, I`ll regret for many days to come.

Today I disappointed both pranav and Abhinav even after thinking I would somehow manage both. I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter I had to fall to loose it all, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. I called up samrat to know if he`s sure whether there was x box 360 in the cafe on F.C. road but even he was not sure. I knew that simply playing game together won't be enough. Abhinav wanted me to come to his house but with Pranav wanting to use the pc at my home to connect his hdd and delete the pesky antivirus, it was going to be difficult. NO! actually it was impossible.

I called up Aniruddh bhaiya to find out if I had the time. hoping that maybe something will come up and I`ll be able to go with my friends. But he said that we`d go for shopping as soon as I got back home so I had to leave. I just stood there with a miserable look on my face. I didn't know how I could tell both of them that I had to go. I just did it anyhow. Abhinav seemed to take it very well. He said he was expecting this to happen. He left. I was left with Pranav gazing into my eyes. His usual blank stare. As if trying to read my mind(and I`m sure he was successful at that). So I couldn't have said anything more to him. I just spoke out in the "sorry"est tone I could "kill me, I`m a bad person" and he smiled and said "sach mein?" And frankly, I wouldn't have minded if he really did.

Monday, December 18, 2006

first blogger beta mobile post

I really wish they had implemented html tags in emails.. Bold, underline, italics and other formatting is necessary for giving the proper impact to whatever you want to convey. But you cant always have everything can you?

Another thought, after I get to canada, i'll be registered with one of the major cell phone service providers in north america, and then I might finally be able to register my mobile device on yahoo and be able to post any technology related content on my 360 blog from my cellphone. Ofcourse, as I've heard that cellular service abroad is very expensive, and wi-fi hotspots are abundant, I'll be using those to connect online.

Just talked to dad and he says I need to plan my trip considering I'll be leaving on 2nd of jan itself. So as pranav doesnt seem to be ready to come to akola, i'll go alone on 23rd and then go to nagpur as and when possible but I'm definately staying there for new years. And then I'll have to rush to pune, grab my stuff and reach mumbai airport. Hope everything goes as planned.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

And once again

I know that I'll sleep easy. I'll have sweet dreams tonight and wake up fresher than ever tomorrow morning. Its been just one of days that feel right.

Despite being late to college and missing the presentation, I have a sense of achievement because the sketch of my jeans was just simply amazing(obviously speaking by my standards) I got back home and just sat there looking at it wondering, did I really do that? And just for that, I'm going to buy myself a fixative.

I finished two of my animations in time and also figured out my way around flash..a bit.. And have put up my query online on deviantart as no one in class could tell how it could be done. Lets hope I get an answer soon.if you know flash, visit my journal on deviantart to know what my problem is.

Its about time I went to sleep so good night folks. Lights out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the death of yash gupta

Its not the first time I'm doing a death theme blog entry, I've done so in the past too. That one was like my unofficial will in case I died of bird flu, but this one is inspired from the south park episode eric cartman. So if you haven't seen it, you might as well skip this(now that I know sumit wont be reading this,I can write whatever I want to say about him)

Case 1: I would send smses to many of my friends but out of them, pranav was the one whom I sent most often. He replied to me initially, but slowly, it went from less often to almost never. Like .5% of the times. Now as you know, eric cartman's friends want to get rid of him for eating all the chicken skin. So they decide to start ignoring him because even when they're not nice to him, he thrives on their ripping on him. And thats the kind of thing pranav's doin with me, my messages. Even if he'd flick me off its ok, I can live with that.

Case 2: When sumit gets annoyed, he just stops talking. He is just so good at ignoring me. And even dying or being dead cant hurt as much as that does. He could beat me lifeless and that wouldn't hurt as much as it does when he doesnt talk to me. But it always seems like I bring his wrath upon me. No one knows how many times I've resolved to try and be more tolerable around him but that just seems impossible for me. Guess would be just best for everyone if I really died.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

stop staring

You ever had this experience that you are just looking around in a public place when someone catches your eye and you keep looking back there over and over again? Not talking about cases when she's pretty,drop dead gorgeous and sexy, its cases where someone is just so darn ugly or downright weird that are intriguing. One such case happened with me at vaishali this morning.

Aniruddh bhaiya pointed out this uncle standing there waiting for a table. He had very very very hairy (and I mean every "very" that I put in there) ears. It was fun for a few seconds, Aniruddh bhaiya made some jokes about it and I laughed and he was done with it. But for me, it just kept getting worse. I know Its gross but just cant help looking there over and over again. I was getting worried about how I could eat after this. Reminded me of the dexter's lab episode where dexter's thoughts are heard by everyone and he sees the lunch lady with a gross mole on her cheek.. I was in exactly the same situation.

And this topic of staring people came up again when we noticed people staring at us. Obviously not for some such gross reason,(I hope) they were waiting for a table and were just looking for when we'd get done.. Maybe their strategy was to make us uncomfortable or self conscious so that we'd stop eating and get the hell out. But that wasn't going to happen. You cant stop ME! NEVER!

Friday, December 01, 2006

alien sighting in pune

I never thought i'd witness an alien abduction but then again, who'd ever expect such things to happen to him? They are all always sudden,unexpected,etc. So this night I am at pranav's place again, I was invited over for dinner(or was I?). And I really enjoyed it, specially because I was already pretty hungry after all the dancing. Then I really needed to go to bed and let my muscles rest.

I had already gotten into the blanket and wished pranav good night but he recieved a really funny sms that he wanted to share with me. That being done, I went back under the blanket(not because I was sacred of the dark but because that's how I always sleep.) But just a few seconds later bright light filled the room for a second and there was a weird sound. I looked out of my blanket and pranav wasn't in his place.

I was totally stunned! What the hell just happened I tried to think with my weary little brain. The immediate conclusion, he was abducted by aliens. Aliens? In India? Right here in lohgaon! Freaky! I just got back and snuggled up inside the blanket. My only protection. (hmm isn't today world aids day? So you can consider that the social message of the day)

Too sacred to look out and with already aching muscles, I couldn't sleep anymore. My sleep had disappeared. I just lay there thinking about what would be the consequences.. To lighten up my mood I thought about the first episode of south park. Guess it worked.. I was slowly coming to my senses..

I start putting the pieces together. The light could have been a bulb in the other room.. The sound was probably a creaking door. And just maybe, that sneaky guy just walked out without making any noise at all.. Like he flew away.. And Just Then pranav walks back into the room and lies down back on the couch. False alarm people, go back to sleep. Good night.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I dont want to forget

suju asked me how was my day and I replied "totally forgettable". But I didnt really want to forget it. That was just so that I didnt have to mention the details of what we did today, which anyways wouldnt interest suju that much.

It was the first time I had taken my 250GB hard disk to a friend`s place. I needed to burn some stuff off my hard disc but the dvd writer at my home was very old and unreliable. It managed to completely waste almost 1/3rd the discs I fed it, and there were another 50% chance that the verification would fail and show me read errors. Pranav's house is a really long way away from my house. Its almost the other corner of the city. But still, it was worth it because of the time we'd spend together!

Now at pranav's pc, he had Nero burning rom installed. I don't know what version it was, but when nero wasted 3 of my dvds saying "illegal disc" a sinking feeling set in my heart. I had bought 50 of those discs! at 18 rupees each, there went 54 rupees down the hatch. And I wasn't sure the other 47 would work either! So even though I started feeling like going out and buying new discs too, once we both were out in the market, I changed my mind and thought I`d find a new piece of software that would accept my dvds..

So I found Burn on cds and DVDs from in one of the digit dvds. a Free software, which just shows an advertisement every time you exit it. Not really bothersome but could do without it too... then again, thats what you have to deal with in free softwares.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

canadian Visa medical test breifing

So I finally gave my tests for the visa,medical tests I mean. And I'm ready to write a hints and tips/guideline post about applying for a visa. I'm not sure though where I should start with. The initial application procedure is rather easy, its the medical tests that are more confusing and pose lots of questions.

As I just got done with the medical test, I think it'd be more appropriate if I just explain about that. The requirements for the medical test will be mentioned in the reply letter(one that comes with your passport) that you get few days after applying for a visa. It'll be accompanied by a section C form. Still, it'd be better if you know and keep them ready before hand. Most important is the negative of your photo. That might take some time because film procedure is generally slower and you might have difficulty finding someone who'll take your picture with a film camera in the age of digital. I was very frustrated and confused about why they needed this and made it a point to ask the people at the x-ray clinic. Its like, they put your photo negative and expose the x-ray film with it, resulting in a print of your photo positive on the x-ray film. They also put letter cut outs on the film to have your name printed on it. This way, its easy for embassy people to verify that its your x-ray. Neat huh? And you get the negative back after its done.

Then obviously, your passport size photos; the document mentions 5 but I required only 3..but you're better off carrying more. They stick one on each form. I was sent to two different clinics after the physical check-up by Dr. Tushar Medhekar. So three forms in all requiring 3photos. Maybe you'd need to go to different people for urine test and blood test..I dont know.

I've already mentioned the x-ray, and the blood and urine tests are also just the regular procedures, they take blood from your body for testing and you have to pee in a cup.. Yes they do give you your piracy, not like Fun with Dick and Jane.. Where the store clerk is standing right behind him. But peeing in a cup is REALLY difficult. Maybe more for a first timer. Specially keeping in mind that you want to keep the cup neat..because you`re handling it. I just wonder how difficult it`d be for the gals. The blood extraction procedure for me was a little funny too. She inserted the needle and pulled on the syringe, but nothing! slowly, slowly blood started to trickle in.. I could tell she was confused. I said why isn't the blood coming out(probably because there isn't any to spare) But just then the other nurse came and said "ok that`l be enough we only have to do hiv, tb, etc.." Then you`d have to call them back and inquire about the urine test results and if there`s an infection detected, you`d have to give another sample. DAMN!

I've left the Physical examination for last for a reason though..There`s a funny incident that happened there which I only told to certain friends and maybe they'll expect to see it here.. so boom! Bust goes your bubble. I ain't gonna mention that, but I will tell, if you want to get a tattoo of something silly on your fanny, wait till after the medical test. Yeah, you need to strip! I don't really know why, and I didn't bother asking the doctor either. Maybe they are just checking for any scars from surgeries etc. Or they need to see if you`re circumcised or not.. they check your weight and height and stuff.. and an eye test. Thats where I screwed up! I have glasses, .5 and .75 negative, but I forgot to take them there. So I read out c as O, both the times. Damn! I said when I found out the o actually had a very slim cut in the center. The doctor is also gonna ask you what course you`re gonna do in Canada and what u`re doing here.. like an interview but nothing to be tensed up about. He`ll also ask if you smoke or drink. and if you do, you damn well better own up to it. Because if they spot some irregularities in the x-ray and you sad you don't smoke, they might relate it to cancer or something. But if you smoke, that would be normal. I think its gotten too long and boring by now so I`ll stop already, I can see you begging me to.. hehe


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fails time and again!!!

I`ve been planing to go to mumbai for getting the medical checkup done since Friday! But in the end, it always gets postponed to the next day. I found out(when I read the medical test document) that I needed a negative of my passport size photo! C`mon!!! who the hell uses film cameras anymore these days huh?!!! Why cant they just up their standards and accept digital photos? stupids!!! So anyways, I didn't know if I would get it in time, so I didn't take an appointment for Saturday on Friday itself. Then when I called up the doctor on saturday at 10:30 am, I was told it only remained open till 12:30 on Saturdays. Damn!

So I`ve gotten an appointment of tomorrow, 10:45 am! That means I`d have to leave pune at 6 am! fuck thats early. And in this cold!! I think the doctors are gonna have to wear masks to save themselves from the body odor!! hehe.. wish me luck guys.

Also, I`ve been meaning to write a post about the visa application process and some helpful hints and some answers to the doubts I had in the beginning. But as you all know, I`m rather lazy.. if someone really needs, just ask and I`ll make it a point to do it asap.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Paying for premium features?

Hope you all noticed the deviant art "pastie" in the sidebar. I logged into the website today and found the funny message, happy birthday, happy easter, April fools or whatever you're celebrating, we have a gift for you. And just like that, I got a free one week trial. I had seen the subscription page of deviantart and know its very cheap..around rupees 3per day. I had given it a thought too..simply because of the extended stats feature and the ability to display my most popular drawings on my website/blog. I had even calculated the cost per day in rupees for flickr too and thought its not that expensive either.

But then I didn't think asking dad for it was a good idea. Would really be rather appropriate if I only subscribe once I actually made something..maybe off my pictures on stock photo sites.. But just yesterday, aniruddh bhaiya put forward the aspect of me working in Canada and earning around 20$per hour..then I was really looking forward to subscribing to them. And just then, I get this free subscription for a week! Now it'll be even harder to refrain myself. Lets see.

And please leave a comment on what one do you think is my best 'deviation' so far?


where is he?

Since we last checked in, a lot has changed with yash's life. He's totally enjoying his college(so far atleast) as expected, he's totally gung-ho about the new professor who came from northern illinois university sir jon ashman. I even heard him talking to his friends about how his method of teaching is so much better and the pune faculty know nothing at all compared to his knowledge. He recorded most of his lectures/presentations even!

And as you might know, he had applied for visa, and he virtually got through. This package from VFS came in on 22nd and he got back home and opened it "right after you(pranav) wish me luck" He was totally hysterical when he read he didnt need to go for the interview. It was damn funny.jumping around his room with his over-zealous face..screaming into the phone to pranav..

Now he's gonna have to go get a medical checkup. Thats what he's planned atleast, even I cant predict what he'll do next. But I can tell ya what he's thinking lying awake there on his bed..he missed a sleepover tonight..he didn't even miss one sleepover when his dad was over..he's thinkin what his friends are upto..wonderin if they're thinkin of him.. His mind is totally out of place because of this-him missing out on being with his friends because of the visa procedure. He cant even concentrate on what he's doing on the computer! He's started copying the need for speed carbon disk but made a big mistake. I wont tell him about it though, its his problem to figure out now. Hah! The dumbass.

one ending note though..can you guess who I am?

Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm amazed! I still..

don't believe I was riding the cycle for around 25minutes straight. I didnt think I had that much stamina in me. But I don't. All that was made possible by his amazing new bike, octane 2. With 21gears and all aluminium body, cost him around 7k! He's a genius, he knew the attention he'd grab at the barber's and everybody'd want to ride he took me along and my job was to do exactly what a chauffeur has to do when there's no parking available around. Drive it round the block. And I wouldn't be happier doing it. So happy in fact, that I got lost.. Now that was scary..but after few minutes of searching around, tracking back my trail, I got back to him.

I had thought all that cycling would make me hungry again, but it didn't.. Alas! For I couldn't have enough of the delicious prawns and fish that pranav's mom had cooked. My stomach was satisfied but I wasn't. That was one of the best seafood I've ever had. No fish smell in the fish! It was so tender.. I could eat that food blindfolded.. I know because there was a blackout in the middle of dinner time. Some air force drill.

Well we didn't want to waste any more time, like we did all day long..we listened to podcasts, watched family guy, read magazines, saw funny adverts and though less enjoyable than the rest, we also went out to get supplies on the cycle..damn the 'carrier' hurts! Pranav has a vast collection of was like he bought the whole book store! Was really hard to make up my mind what to read first. When I spotted maxim, it was hard to get my eyes off it.problem solved. Heh!

So when we started sketching, I wanted to try and draw one of the females in maxim but was highly risky, as we were in the hall, parents or his sis could walk in anytime. So I started sketching the game controller that he had, it was super frustrating! I just couldn't get its shape right. And if it hadn't been for the inspiring words of pranav, I'd just have given it up and maybe torn it to bits.. So with lots of distractions, breaks, inputs from pranav, I managed to complete it around 3:30am and was ready to visit dreamland.

Pranav on the other hand, was determined to finish his poster. It was coming along nicely. His sketches were even better than in the rough draft. When I woke up, he was already coloring it. With steadtler water color pencils. So beautiful and precise. Well I had to run back to home to get ready and go to college, not to mention picking up suju on the way. So I bid farewell and was on my way, thinking I'd definitely blog about yesterday.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The energy of Mumbai

I could feel it from the second I stepped down from the bus. My step wasn't as energetic in a long time. My head wasn't so firm in many months and my posture which I couldn't observe myself, but am sure was full of vibe.

I knew what I had to do and I knew where I'd be doing it. Even though dad was with me I didn't really need him. I was totally ignoring him, I felt independent. I was liberated! I wasn't dependent upon any cousin's bike to take me around.(don't tell me I could do the same thing in pune..pune's public transport sucks!there's a reason I'm a different person in mumbai than in pune.)

I could have gone whole day without food like I used to, in those days, had it not been for the pestering of dad.. Just then I saw the frankie stall on churchgate where I used to eat when I came to USEFI. And was surprised when dad asked me if I wanted to drink cold was only later that I realized that dad didn't know it was cold..he was expecting it to be hot-no he didn't read all those banners.

Now even after I reached andheri, I walked to richa's house and wasn't a bit tired! And another walk when I accompanied richa to pick up drishti from her dance class. I really wanted to spend all the time I could with her. Talking to her is very reassuring,relaxing,refreshing
..(wanted to add some more adjectives here but I'm afraid some people might call it going over the top..that would be a good chance for sumit to get back at me for calling his book a little over the top at some points)

I see I've swayed from the topic and its getting difficult to stick to it and make it any I'll just skip the part about me walking around dadar station for almost 20mins looking for the toilet (actually that was my secret plan to avoid nikku) and mention the last walk of the day, at night around 12:30..okay, technically the next day.. We walked from balewadi pune in the bad cold without any sweater or jacket for more than a km hoping that someone would be nice enough to give us a ride till sindh society.. Because there were no autos and arjun bhaiya wasn't picking up the phone, we'd have to hitch hike!

Lift please..someone?anyone?

inscrutable cancerians

You'd be forgiven to think that this self centered blogger's next post is about himself again. But it isn't so. My dad is also a crab. You'd expect me to know him well but not every crab knows every other cancerian well, because of the fact that cancerians inherently tend to be very i don't know if its the right word but.. They are little confused.i know i am,Richa isn't very sure about herself and her feelings either(sorry, correct me if I'm wrong and thats not the case)

This morning, among all the hustle in my room-basically me frantically doing the rounds juggling between my visa documents, and flickr, and Firefox spell check problem. Yes, I'm a multitasking machine!ok, LOL! Arjun bhaiya comes to ask me why am i going to mumbai. I'm like, didn't dad tell ya? And he says no he said he doesn't know.. When he's the one who's been yelling at me since morning that I should get my documents ready and get ready to go to mumbai for applying for the visa.

That left me with a smile on my face but feeling confused in my head. I was smiling because I feel its funny that dad didn't tell him but sent to me instead. Its like fooling him to believe he doesn't know about me and my schedule. Now that's the last thing I'd wanted because everybody in the house was already implying since 11th that I'm avoiding my dad and I am scared of him. Lets make it clear right here right now! One- I wasn't avoiding dad, that was just a coincidence that my plans coincided with his coming to pune! Two- I'm not sacred, I'm just not very comfortable with dad around..talking to him isn't exactly my thing.(expecting me to tell you why I was confused? If I knew it wouldn't really be confusing now would it?)

Then we got delayed in leaving for mumbai because dad kept pestering me to have breakfast even when I didnt want to. Then around 20more minutes because we didnt get a bus immediately. And he said, we wont make it in time before it closes. I was pretty sure it had to be open till 5pm atleast. In the bus again, he said it'll close at 3pm and we wont make it in time. He sounded pretty sure. Is it only me or do you too feel like asking him if you're so sure, why are we on this bus today?

Monday, November 06, 2006

An excuse

Arjun bhaiya!

Thats the excuse I`m getting to skip college, stay at home, neglect my chores, watch lots of cartoons and serials. Since he came back from akola, I haven't been getting free unrestricted access to the pulsar. Moreover, Montu bhaiya has taken the ct100 to urli kanchan. So I cant go anywhere.(scooty? that stupid scooterete wont even start!) Thats why I was late for the outdoor sketching on saturday and suju had to drop me to my house in the evening.

The other day it seemed suju was really pissed off because I said my coming there was uncertain. But I surprised her when I turned up at her house. That was because as soon as arjun bhaiya was back home, I asked him if I could take it and as soon as he said yes, I ran out without telling taiji that I`m not having lunch at home anymore. Because if I did, she`d have made me sit and eat and that would have meant that I`d have gotten delayed and maybe till then arjun bhaiya would change his mind about letting me use the bike and that would really really screw me up!

well, untill more interesting and funny things come up, I`ll just stop because I was just made to realize something by a friend and I`m thankfull for that.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why cant indians be terrorists

1. 8:45 am is too early for us to be up.

2. Still, we are always late, we would have missed all 4 flights.

3. Pretty people on the plane distract us.

4. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves.

5. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're actually there.

6. We talk with our hands, therefore we would have to put our weapons down.

7. We would ALL want to fly the plane ourselves.

8. We would argue and start a fight in the plane among ourselves and end up blowing our cover.

9. We can't keep a secret, we would have told everyone about our plan a week before doing it.

10. We would smoke in the toilet in spite of the no smoking sign and get thrown out of the flight.

11. With alcohol on the flight, we would get too drunk to execute the plot.

12.We have family in America/Britain and would decide to go all the way to meet them first. why waste a perfectly paid for trip.

13.We carry around so much luggage we forget which one the bomb is in.

14.We`d Come across an old friend and chat away.. and before you know it the plane has landed safely at its destination.

15.If we See a priest on the flight,we`d remember god and chicken out.

16.we`d have long and hard second thoughts about exploding into tiny bits way up in the sky and decide "NO we do not want to go out with a BANG after all!"

17. We would N0T wanna commit suicide for NO 0ne!!!

18. After looking at the nice suitcase and thinking of how our family can use a decent one we`d decide not to detonate the bomb but to steal the suitcase instead.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Night

My plan of watching the ant bully was totally ruined because it turns out Times of India misprinted the information in the pune times and there was no show of the ant bully at city pride kothrud. Now that was really annoying. Because pranav was hard to convince to go to the movie with me today. Don't even know if he`ll be ready to go the next time. But as we were already so close to sujata`s house and we weren't doing anything else, I decided that we should go pay her a visit.

Today at Sujata`s place, there was no one else besides her and now us. We had khichdi and again, because was really really hungry, I had to eat something I never liked before. Then it was off to the terrace where we had chats about almost everything from clouds to computers. Sumit had called suju up when we were at the terrace and I don't know sumit`s part of the story, but suju said he hung up soon after she said we both were there. No offense taken man. Did I mention we were discussing abt the clouds? I guess I did. Thats due to what pranav predicted that its gonna rain soon. And he was right. As soon a we got downstairs to leave, it started pouring.

I could wait but pranav had to leave..but he didn't know the way back so we waited for a while and as the rainfall subsided a little, we both went to show pranav the way upto he mainroad. Then we got back and what happened next is kind of a stupid silly secret. You can ask me directly if you want to know but I`m going to keep it under wraps for now so the general public doesn't know..

The Morning

How would you feel? what would your reaction be, if you were told by a trustable source that "Angelina Jolie" is taking a stroll in a park just a few hundred meters away, in your own colny!?

I`m sure most replied "I would run down to that park with my camera and autograph book and pen at the speed of light" ..or something similar. But I`m sure the answer is subject to change depending on the conditions you`re in. what if you were in a towel? what if you were totally stinking because you didn't have a bath in days! What if you are in a wheelchair, sick or because of a fracture?

Similarly, I didnt share arjun bhaiya`s enthusiasm this morning when he told me "she is taking a stroll in sindh society`s garden right now!" I had other things on my mindt....which I think would be great if I narrate from the beginning. from the beginning from the beginning...(going into a flashback) or do you rather like the sudden "zoom! swish! tada!" type?

I was supposed to leave for college but had to finish scanning the documents that had come from sheridan college Canada. Thats my acceptance letter with few details on the payment on fees etc. But the stupid scanner wasn't working so I had to uninstall it and start from scratch. but after two tries, I finally succeeded in installing the damn scanner and used the hp software to scan document pages one by one...BIG MISTAKE! I was also typing something else I faintly remember, The password to access the modem control page I believe. when the software finished scanning and popped up a question "do you want to scan another document?" with yes choice highlighted. And before I could notice, I pressed enter and the scan dialog box opened up again. (don't you just hate it when that happens? when the heck are they gonna get rid of that system? we control the machines not the other way round! they should sit quiet in the background until we take note of it!)

So I pressed the close button and it exited, but to my horror, the previous documents that I had scanned had not been saved yet! WTF? stupid software you #%^&$*#&! So, I decided I`d do it later on. And proceeded to search for the key that arjun bhaiya had placed on my table just yesterday. After few mins of looking everywhere that the key is(was?) supposed to be, I called Arjun bhaiya up. Now, at just 5 mins past 12 pm, class was gonna start in 25 minutes. And when I ask him about the key that I really really badly when you have to go pee really really you just have to go crap, you cant hold it in anymore.. he tells me about the awesomely gorgeous, world famous really sexy actress being in the sindh society park. and continues saying, tauji is gonna go see... I was loosing precious seconds. I had to be there, in college, not because college rules being so strict, but I was getting too impatient to meet my friends. I had missed meeting them yesterday too, and hadn't seen them in over 20 days!

I wasnt pissed i would like to make that clear that first. It was more like a dilemma. Why did she have to be there TODAY? RIGHT NOW? Can my college/friends wait? WHEN THE HECK IS HE GONNA GET ON WITH THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE DARN KEY! my cellphone balance is dropping and so on.. It was a state I don't think I have been able to aptly put into words..

But then just after expressing the option of him giving the key to me when he gets back home "in 10 minutes or so", he told me the location of the other key. While walking out, I gave one last thought to whether I wanna run to the park with my camera and an autograph book and pen, I decided to just go to college.

....doh! what a stupid decision!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy belated birthday mohini.

I just got out of my bed to type in this thought that just occurred. Yeah if I`m awake at this moment, I might as well make myself useful and complete some assignments but nah...

Life is just not worth living without friends. Its too boring and monotonous. With friends you have anecdotes, jokes, smiles and laughs. You have name calling, swearing, anger and fights. You have resentment, confession, sorrow and sadness. You have picking, preferences, favors and jealousy. Friendship brings all these emotions to our lives. Even if they seem negative, friends DO bring those and in the end we value those experiences. They make us who we are. Living alone is such a lifeless life(couldn't I think of anything better to say? actually its really there to make you smile. Didn't want you thinking I had gotten all serious and emotional and senti about this thing) I really feel bad I missed out on all the fun my friends might have had at mohini`s bash today.

Not gonna sit and sulk over that now, just gonna hope we meet in the afternoon and talk all about what happened. Yeah..

"so miss sujata, how did you feel when you found out yash had to drop out?"

"Oh it was just such a relief! I didn't want to go back to all that south park talk so soon anyways. Wish these holidays lasted longer!"

"and what do you have to say about it pranjali?"

"Now we can talk in Marathi without having to translate each and every damn sentence that we speak. Thats such a relief!"

"Sumit? what are your views on this?"

"No one`s gonna call me pongya tonight! And ever since I called him 'lil bro', he`s been acting like a damn baby! Well, I`m off the babysitting duty for now."

"what about you Mohini?"

"I`m on the top of the world you could say. I`m gonna save a lot of money because no yash to gobble up all the food!"

"That was special reporter lalu reporting out to ya, Over and out!"

Monday, October 30, 2006


Its times like this, when I feel that it would have really been better if I didnt have to put in a title for my blog. I cant think what would be appropriate for the way I feel and what I think is about to come next. Its the third day since I was told my admission was finalized. I`m supposed to be readying out my visa documents but I`m preoccupied with other things.

Day before yesterday I was supposed to leave for pune and before going I needed to finalize all the fittings for the renovated bathrooms. So I was out shopping with mom till 1 hour before my train. Then I finally reached home and hurriedly packed my suitcase and bag. But the reservation didnt confirm till the last moment and I had to come back home. I really wished I could get to pune as soon as possible but the ticket for bus that night was just exorbitant! well, I ended up staying here for two more days.

Yesterday, electricity was playing nasty all day. It would come and go over and over again. But the time it was away was more than the time it was available. Then in the evening, we had to go to a party at the city sports club. I had planned to format and reinstall windows on my computer but couldnt do it. iTunes was playing spoilsport. I tried to backup my library using its backup tool but it kept giving me error "your recorder or media is not fast enough" even when I had the speed set to 4x!

Now today I did prepare some documents required for my visa application and am gonna leave for pune at around 10 pm. I know this entry isnt even good enough to announce to my friends. Things havent been going good for anybody. I know I even felt for sumit that he`s running out of creative juices when I read his latest entry. So just for the record..this is me, signing out. see ya in pune.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally got the news!

Have shut down the pc because i wanted to be away from people (and also to) sleep but now i'm suddenly not that sleepy anymore. I have mixed state of mind. Lots of shit going on..dont know what exactly to "reflect" upon..

yes this entry is just as small as an sms.. You'd say length of my post has been gradually decreasing. That's because quality material to take inspiration from has been in short supply of late. And i'm tryin to generate interest by being mysterious. That way, people interact more and become contributors rather than just lurkers on the blog. Atleast thats what i hope for..

see where and how quickly my mind drifted away?good night people.

sent frm my E60

Chad`s world

This is the first time I`m trying a trackback url on some blog post that I really really liked. Its over at titled stupid google. He describes the really funny situation when his blog was discovered by his mom. Many bloggers are afraid of someone or the other reading their blog right? so go over and read what his experience was and other`s comments over it.

by the way, I dont give a shit what u think of the stuff I`ve said! so go f*** yourself! Ahem...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Huzaifa`a place

I was really looking forward to going to huzaifa`s place today,(no not really for the chicken, I had many other expectations too.) but for the overall experience. Hoped there`d be many people and would get to meet some old acquaintances I havent met in a while. And, I was gonna get my lost and pink panther and Schindler`s list dvd from abhishek.

In the morning, I had totally forgotten about the dvds and so didnt mention it when I was chatting with abhishek. If I had, he might have brought it, but even he forgot. By, the way, its his birthday today, happy birthday again abhishek. Mom was rather pleased on seeing me all bathed and dressed up and asked me where I was going in a very uncomfortable tone..(I`m not used to mom being all nice to me, and neither is she used to me being so 'propah'.

Abhishek had told me the way to huzaifa`s house was through one of the worst roads in akola. Still, I decided to take div`s wave because you never know..what if I have to come back early and abhishek has to say back or vice versa..Its always good and convenient to have your own mode of transport handy. So we rode to his house and it wasnt all that bad..perhaps because it was only 10am.

In his room, he has a nice home theater setup and obvious test drive was the fast and the furious tokyo drift movie.(pun intended) I can almost never get tired of watching that movie. Its soundtrack is whats got me hooked. And the songs as well as the effects sounded great on the little artis system. We even watched simpsons on it.

(its not complete but I want to go to sleep and if I post it tomorrow, its gonna make no sense.

Monday, October 23, 2006


  • to push or force one's way;
  • jostle or shove.
  • to be aggressive, esp. in business or other financial dealings.
  • to earn one's living by illicit or unethical means.

not in any of those sense. I mean hurry. I had to hurry out of my house at exactly 7 pm when we were supposed to be meeting online. The reason? My sheridan application procedure..Dad just announced that a snail mail arrived in pune from sheridan college asking me to send my 12th transcript, AGAIN. And I must do it right now!I apologized to suju and left immediately.

Once there, I talked to dad, whether the 2nd fax had arived yet.(because there was something wrong with the printer, the first fax didnt come out right) But it hadnt so I had time to wait. I instantly smsed div to sign out of the messenger, and I opened and signed into my yahoo id so that I could chat with sujata. Now the cool feature about meebo is that it saves your chat history online, kinda like google, so that wherever you open your id from, you can look up to the previous conversations. So I read suju`s messages, its ok, first things first and thought for a second there, should I chat now, or not? But I did. Typing away as fast as I could because I also had to type a new cover letter, stating my student id and also that I`m forwarding my hsc board certificate.

Then while doing that, another thing cropped up. I had seen this before, but didnt really care for it, but now dad wanted me to find a solution. The ms word would show silly glittery little color dots all around the cursor and the areas where text was entered. So now I had to go to the thinkdigit forum too. Quickly did a search for something like tht already being addressed to no success. Then I quickly typed my own topic and exited.

In a while, the fax from pune had arrived, luckily this time it was legible...mostly. So I faxed it, and all the rush, pumping adrenaline all calmed down. Now all thats left to do is wait, wait and wait. I`ll happily update you as soon as they say I`m in. Good night.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy diwali

I just want to wish happy diwali to you(not necessarily in any order of preference)

sumit - the reason I log into yahoo messenger

Sahil - The reason I hate fat people even more than I used to

sujata - The reason I dont hate all fat people anymore

pranjali - The reason I`m not called chotu in the group

Harsh - The reason why I dont feel bad about me being so skinny

Mohini - The reason I got over my fear of speaking marathi

Pranav - The reason I got rid of my hair

Shruti - The reason I started and then stopped giving missed calls

Sagar - The reason I have so many funny anecdotes to tell to my friends

Suraj - The reason I stopped thinking "man I have so many pimples"

Nikita - The reason I started thinking people can really improve for the better

Ruchi didi - The reason I used to pity harsh and later got jealous of harsh

Divya - The reason I enjoy being a "naughty boy"

Tina - The reason I didnt have to wear my school uniform pant outdoors when I stayed over at monu didi`s place on weekends(I used to wear HER jeans)

Monu didi - The reason I would look forward to coming to akola

Sonu didi - The reason I have sanika to play with

Sanika - The reason I got to go to bonsai(I really had a fantastic time there)

Anup - The reason I thank god("thank you god for NOT giving me parents like his")

Vickky - The reason I am afraid of atom bombs..

Greenmonster - The reason I get to be in touch with my mature side(for the brief moment when I`m reading her blog)

Abhishek - The reason I get bored and sometimes even annoyed of being online.

Mohit - The reason I am almost always about to tear my hair off

Vishal - The reason I started playing ragnarok

Samrat - The reason I miss the basketball court so much

Amit - The reason I got so many south park eps to watch

Naveen - The reason I never regretted being in mumbai

Richa - The reason I now feel much more comfortable with the opposite sex(I mean MY opposite sex..girls)

really sorry if I left someone out..its just because I couldnt recall ur name`s spelling at the moment or I couldnt think of anything to say for u.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Connections by Soul

I was just reading my friend Greenmonster`s blog chameleon in the shadow of the night. And her latest post was something I could really relate to.

I remembered this exchange of sms I had with my friend sumit a few days ago. Sumit had send me an sms apologizing for something I had totally forgotten about. And referred to me as lil bro. Thats when I had asked him what relation he thinks is more important, friends or "family"/siblings.. I narrated to him the case of my and my cousin harsh, whom I consider a friend because we`re so close despite the age difference and we share everything with each other and there`s no sibling rivalry and no "formalities" of respect etc,but still, as I`m the older one, he calls me yash bhaiya, thats it. And he said He`d consider his siblings more important than his (please note here,..) "guy friends".

But after reading greenmonster`s post, I found the right answer. No matter how I`m related to someone, If we make a connection "by soul", thats more important to acknowledge than any other relation out there!

Thanks green.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

No firecrackers tonight!

We usually go to buy our stock of firecrackers on the night of dhanteras, which is the first day of diwali puja. But tonight, we didnt go. Maybe dad would have taken us later, but I am feeling too sleepy for that. I`ve been sleeping late for 2 days at a strech now and its left me really tired tonight. we just did the puja and put the diyas in the gallery. That too was pretty late around 9pm.. Then I didnt even see the kids-my niece and nephew firing crackers next door so even I totally forgot about pestering dad to go get firecrackers.. well, lets just look at it this way: We helped keep the environment a little clean for one night. But dont expect that to happen the next 4 nights! I love my firecrackers! I would never want to give up this once in a year opportunity to fire to my heart`s contempt.

That makes This afternoon the most interesting part of the day! I was out with tina to give some sweets and gifts to anu didi`s and sonu didi`s house. I didnt enjoy much at anu didi`s "sasural". Its a boring place we both agreed. But sonu didi`s place was fun..because of the obvious reason that sonu didi was there and also sanika. I took a lot of pictures and videos of her and played a lot with her! And I didnt feel like leaving but we had to. Because tauji had to go someplace at 4 and we had to get back home in time for the driver to go have lunch and come back BEFORE 4.(was that rhyming? heck I dont really care)

After we got back home, I watched television! and thats a big deal because tata sky dth service was installed at er place just a day before! I could finally watch vh1 in akola and nickelodeon and cartoon network in english and all the channels that I always longed for but didnt get them here.. All that, in excellent quality picture and sound! And it costs just 200rs per month and 4k for set top box and installation. I wanna pester dad into getting that for this house too!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An sms to keep the blues away

I was really tired and irritated and gloomy. Mom had been yelling at me all day to do chores around the house and I needed a break but I didnt get it. I was just standing around like a zombie doing nothing which made mom even more angry! (This was like a cycle..) then she yells at me and that makes me even more pissed.

And I didnt see any light at the end of the tunnel. Seemed like my miseries will never end..because I wasnt ready to deal with that attitude of hers and she wouldnt take any of my "laziness".. She demanded that I clean up my room but I replied with a big NO! just then, I got an sms from a dear friend and everything changed.. I was feeling all better and I even said yes and did the next chore mom assigned to me without any hesitation. And for me, to do "chores" "WITHOUT HESITATION" is a big deal!!!

So, I`m analysing why this is so.. Pranav rarely smses me these days..even as a reply to my smses..This used to annoy and make me very uncomfortable in the beginning but I`m ok with it now..I`ve learnt to deal with it. But still, I always expect to see his name in the sender box. And there are many moments of disappointment but I`m still always optimistic.. Thus when that moment finally arrives, that my expectations are fulfilled, its something I cant describe.. even I dont have words for that.

what if sumit were to do the same thing? He is one person I know who ALWAYS helps me out in crisis..mainly my emotional ups and downs.. its like I`m always suffering from pms..(this is physically not possible that was just sarcasm) and still sumit hasn`t ever gotten frustrated and told me to "go fuck yourself"... he has the patience of a saint I tell ya! so if my only psychiatrist stops "treating" me, I`ll be in an institution before long.

This leaves me thinking, would it have a similar effect on my friends if I start replying to smses only once in a bluemoon..I should give them a chance to miss me huh? And surprise them with an sms once in a while.. But I couldnt do that. I cant be aloof.. my peeps are indispensable to me. The silent and aloof kind is not I`ll keep announcing daily events to everyone related to it and who would be interested, as long as I have balance in my cell. Because an sms is enough to keep the blues away.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And now I`m cool.

I knew I wasnt "a big pussy who doesnt have any guts in him" and so I did talk to pranav about this. wasnt as big a task as I had imagined and made it look like. It really helps when you have such an understanding friend as him.

I noticed mom was asleep and dad was in the office so I slipped out and went to the terrace and called him up. It all went so smooth. no hesitations or impulsive actions. was on the phone for like 20 minutes..I said to him I still dont have anything to say really I just want to keep listening to you like always. And he obliged. at then end of it all, I was much more relaxed and calm and happy.

It could have been the endorphins that were produced because of all the excersize that I got from walking around the terrace anxiously trying to reach his cell. His cell was engaged with someone else for quite some time before I got through to him and started chatting. Even then, I was moving aimlessly around to and fro. Well, it could also have been the fresh air..NO it was all him. Talking with him is what has always cured me. (It would be unfair to NOT mention sumit here... he`s the first one to see the obnoxious anxious, side of me and still stuck around and comforted me. And he`s the first one I reach out to in a time of crisis)

well, thats that. The main purpose of this entry wasnt to convey this to you.. it was to test a kinda glitch in the new template. This template shows the date on the top before the title of the post. But it also shows the timestamp at the bottom of the post WITH THE DATE. So what is the purpose of the date on the top I thought...Then I felt that maybe it doesnt appear above every appears above every post that was posted on a different date. i.e. if I post another entry today itself, it would only display the day and date once;on top of this entry and not before the next entry because it was also posted on the same date.(well, if u dont get it, never mind..its no big deal.


Stupid gamble.

Ok, so I`m on the phone with pranav and I just stopped speaking. I cant think of anything else to say. I recall the time I was talking with sujata..she said she cant think of anything to say to pranav anymore... its like they`ve drifted apart. Then I remember the time I told pranav about tha and he said even 'the others' dont know what to talk to pranav about..

That really scared me. Because I believe we had a special friendship. Not like between him and any of the other people discussed above. I really felt like we were gonna be "friends for ever" but then this happens and I`m thinking have we been distanced? how could this happen? We were so much alike and had gotten so close in such a short time..

so I hung up. I said something else is distracting me right now...and it was.. I had to sms my older bro, my psychiatrist, the great philosopher who has all the answers.

me:man I didnt think this would happen with me but it just did. Right now, I was talking with pranav and I couldnt think of what to say I hung up saying something`s distracting me..talked to suju..hate that I cant sms her anymore...

well the last part is unimportant..or is it? I had thought I`d also forward this sms to pranav...

surprised? My brain just urged me to do that. Lets see what he has to say to that.. what his reaction would be..but because it had to lok like it was sent to pranav by a mistake, I had to add that part which makes it clear that I was sending it to sumit but instead sent it to pranav.

I am pretty sure I`ll confess this to pranav before he gets to read this...if not, I`m just a big pussy who doesnt have any guts in him and is better off alone anyways.

as of now, pranav still hasnt responded and I cant even imagine whats going on in his head.

next sms I send is to bhaiya : hey dude I had deliberately sent that sms to pranav2..dunnowhats gonna happen now. but I just felt I should play this gamble.hmm this is interestin to blog about

which is exactly what I`m doing now..

he replied: its fine pal, sometims it happens like that, clogged thoughts u see. chuck it off from your mind as I always suggest you to. alrite? ;-)

me: but dude we always talked..thats something I really cherished and was proud of..

him: dont take enerything for granted boss. not even your own thoughts and feelings. and why are u thinking so extremely? it may be temporary. and you can call suju and know her instant reaction.

I havent called suju yet. I`m not gonna. dont want to ruin her vacation...

And if I cant trust my gut instincts/feelings, what CAN I trust? this is just so puzzling now.. I need to talk to someone in private to resolve this. But cant because everyone in the house is able to hear if I say anything even in the lowest volume necessary to carry out a phone conversation.
now my brains stopped functioning. I`m sitting here like a zombie typing away..I`m sweaty but dont want to move. somebody save me!

Monday, October 16, 2006

what a bash!

And it was a really tiring ordeal. drawing tattoos for kids AND grown ups! As soon as it was announced that I`m drawing tattoos, all the kids came rushing towards me in a matter of seconds. That was so intimidating at first..I wasnt ready for this kind of response. But now I couldnt retreat. I had to face the crowd and do my stuff. My first tatto in the party was shubhi. I quickly drew the cartoon character bloo with a red gift box in his hands on her arm. That time I hadnt even gotten a table to properly set up my colors and everything.. but that tattoo was pretty good too.

Then as soon as my table was set up, I was swiftly making tattoos of mickey,bugs bunny,little black smiley faces and everything on kids` hands/arms.. none wanted their face painted surprisingly..hehe.. well, "indore waale jijaji" wanted to get a tattoo on his cheek...LOL.. I had drawn a really sexy angel on my left forearm in the house that was admired and envied by everyone. He wanted THAT. but obviously, his wife wouldnt let him... so he asked me to draw an apple on his he can ask ladies if they want to taste the apple. ;) no need to mention he wasnt obliged...I couldnt have...LOL

The most annoying moment also needs to be mentioned here, when some bit** was treating me like a..well..someone who`s hired for the job..."now you mind your language bit** I`m not under anybody`s orders and I`ll do what I want because I volunteered for this and I have the right to NOT draw anything on your baby`s hand unless I want to! so you can just piss off" is what I felt like saying to her. And the high time was when someone else asked if I do this professionally..hmm...what if I had said yes to her? A nice big contract for some party? oh god no!!! Good thing I told her the truth.

But the tattos...(oh well I`m not discussing anything else here because this was all about the tattoos to me. I didnt have my digicam with me because I had forgotten its charger and data cable in pune and wasnt paying much attention to it since I came here. So for the first time after a long time since my digicam arrived, I was thoroughly enjoying the party then and there; as it was supposed to be enjoyed; without worrying about capturing the moments so I could look at them and enjoy the moments later...what an irony huh? Anyways, I didnt miss my camera at all. But I did get to take some pictures with monu didi`s nokia N70 cellphone that has a HUGE shutter lag! hate that darn thing!!!)

Lets get back to the tattoos shall we? I had started the tribal sun design on monu didi`s hand but she got up and left because the birthday cake was being cut. but then I completed that tattoo on another`s hand before hers...infact, her tattoo was left incomplete till the end of the I said I`ll draw u a nice one tomorrow or the day after when u`re leaving for durg.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tired and sleepy but got to update.

Happy birthday sanika for one last time before the day ends, may you get all the best things in life.

It was her cute chubby face that started my day this morning and I`m very happy for the very same reason. I`ve been eating like anything since I got here..A HUGE breakfast of samosas and kachoris at tina`s place and then again another round of snacks and cake at sonu didi`s house. I have probably mentioned to all my friends I`ve talked to through the day that sanika loved my present. The smiling and happy expression she gave was worth much more than anything I could ever get her. I bet jijaji thinks that each and every day, each and every time he sees her.well, everybody for that matter.

I`m trying harder to be in touch with my friends this time as I dont think I could deal with the same thing that happened last time happening again. But it probably wont. The bond that we have now after the exhibition is unbreakable. And I`ve learnt to deal with not being around pranav anymore(yeah finally)..I believe we`re still friends but I`ve let go of the tight possesiveness I`ve had of him in the past.good times ahead in store for me and everyone around me then..I dont know how many hours I`ve been on the phone today but the longest was with mohini..wuite unexpected..I didnt think I could hold a conversation with her for that long but I did...I narrated "the night at the railway station with a guy called sumit" and not gonna write that here because I`d verbally narrate it over and over again to anybody interested because I`ll always remember it no matter what!

I and div decided to go buy some hand made paper for making greetings. Wow! another stationery shopping spree! I bought same kind of papers that I had in pune and a new kind. I also looked for some good papers for printouts but none were available in a4 sizes...they said they could cut it into a4 for me..but I was doubtfull. so then we went and bought some 3d colours..I remember they produced excellent efect on many cards in pune. spent around 182 on that..but I dont care. I wanted to do something creative as soon as I got back home but I had to go with mom to pic electrical fittings for our bathrooms that are being I only had time to draw vicky a ghost tattoo..he liked it and I was happy I could do it.

well the task of picking the fittings with mom was darn boring and ardous..but what has to be done, has to be done! after that, dinner and now sitting in dad`s office again scanning a pc for viruses with avast antivirus. got enough time to complete my post I thought. so that was that..really.good night, sweet dreams.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A tribute


I am writing a disclaimer for the following reasons:

1.] It is the ‘IN’ thing as of now. Every other blogger writes a disclaimer these days for no apparent reason.

2.] It is to impress upon the reading audience that the author of this post is not as desperate for girls as he pretends to be.

3.] (ok now lets get serious) You have the right to remain happy and cheerful around me. Anything potentially depressing you say can and WILL be used in this blog.

All the lines I copied, (Courtesy: A 4 year engineering degree) have been duly credited to their respective authors in this post itself. Any inadvertent copying and imitation is unintentionally and subconsciously done. (You’ve read this line elsewhere in the newspapers, haven’t you?? But it’s ok in my case for the simplest reason that I am not getting 20 crores like Kaavya Vishwanathan as advance for writing this piece of junk.).

Any disgust or pity for me is to be kept to yourselves. I don’t need any of those. I have got enough of it.

6.] Before sahil (or anyone for that matter)
thinks of suing me, I will clarify that this is all a matter of jest and not directed towards anyone in particular. Except for ofcourse sahil and the people mentioned..

7.] Lastly, I must confess, I copied this whole concept from a-nutty-ket which is written by aniket patil and I really like reading to whatever he has to write there from time to time.

8.] Oh one more thig, lose any hopes you have, of me stopping to blog in the near future. Thats not happening no matter what u say :P


Thursday, October 12, 2006

when yash finally met sid

I knew it was going to be a blast because of what suju had already told me about her little brother siddharth. So I was eager to meet him since the day suju announced he'll be coming to pune. I was thinking what kinds of things i'd share with him and how I'd entertain him.

In the beginning, he was rather quiet and subdued. I dont know what was more fun, sid teasing suju or suju's expressions on getting irritated at that. That's when I said "I like him already!" (no that's not my dialogue..its been used in many movies already cars or fast and the furious tokyo drift) He's really good at irritating suju with little things. Ask suju.. Even she'll vouch that I was having the best time!

Then we played our drinking ritual game "I never" with sid. I have to admire, he understood the game faster than many other people in the group. He did have some i never's to say too and they were fun really..kinda childish but then he's only 12. We were getting tired of drinking so I decided to stop so I could save the rest for playing it with sumit alone.

Me and siddharth then watched some cartoons and music videos together. Dexter's lab and one man band and crazy frog video "we are the champions".. He wasn't interested in sponge bob square pants and I didnt want to let him see south park yet.
Then there was nothing to do so suju decided to take him home or for a movie.

That was that and sumit didnt take much interest in playing the game with me..darn i missed the chance of getting him to disclose some more secrets to me.. Shit!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

when stranded alone & no 1 to communicate with

It started raining heavily all of a sudden and washed away all my plans. I had to go to bonsai to buy a present for sanika's birthday. But it was already 8:30 when I was in front of pyramid at sena pati bapat road so I decided to do that first thing tomorrow.

The idea of taking pictures of lightening had facincted me since many days and I had noticed lightening in the sky continuing since quite some time. I didnt figure it'd start raining but it did. Yeah that was sudden and I didnt have a rain coat so I stopped under a tree and sent out 2sms to suju and reply.. In a while, the rain started getting heavier. I noticed people running inside this plot and saw a shade there..much better that those tree leaves. So I ran in too. By what I read on boards around there, it was the MSEB DISTRIBUTION CENTRE or something..

I sent div an sms hoping for a reply and thus something to do rather than just blankly stare at those other people's faces. But when she didnt reply either, I started typing this blog entry.. A little while later, I got a reply from suju saying its the reply to last 3 smses I had sent thats an innovative way to conserve balance. ;)

well I had been standing almost all day in the exhibition and my feet were really tired. So i looked around for a place to sit and found a row of chairs laid out under another tin roof. This was the first time i felt like thanking the MSEB people.. Well, sitting there, I didnt even notice how much time had passed and when it stopped raining, I left for home.

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disclosure time

Last night we were at suju's playing truth or dare when i was asked when was the last time i cried (i.e. Felt so sad that tears came out the eyes - for people with no heart who don't know what crying is) so i didnt have to give it another thought.. I recalled the sleep over at my place when I was upstairs in bed with sumit asleep and pranav talkin to me. That was the last time i had tears in my eyes..

though I didnt recall the conversation between us then, I do now. And I think I better disclose it because I think they should know the complete truth. I had asked pranav what he thinks about me because I know he never lies and that he can evaluate people and their personalities very easily. But I was damn scared. What if like a previous time, I cant handle the truth? What if he says some thing about me thats potentially hurtful? Something like i'm a bad friend or he doesnt like me as a friend..that I'm an ass hole, stupid, dick head.. So just thinking all this I started crying even before he started speaking. I was mentally preparing myself for the pandora's box that I seemed to have opened.

But what he did say about me was for me and me the oracle in matrix. That concerns no other. They wouldn't make much difference to anybody else.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

first day of diwali exhibition

Me & sumit got here too early. All the others didnt arrive untill around 10am. But then all the hustle-bustle started. Getting the lanterns from the library, tying string to hang them.. I was feeling very weak today so sumit did almost all the work while I stood there and ordered just like a typical irritating nagging boss.

when the gals finally arrived with the greetings, we or more appropriately they, set up the table. Sumit rode down to his place to get colours to make a poster and I continued taking photos of the greetings and chatting with monu didi.

I'm thinkin why did I remove my poster colours from my bag this morning. If I hadn't removed it from the bag, it would have saved some time and petrol. Well now the others are out and I'm all alone keeping a watch on the stall..well kind of..I've been typing this for a while now so I think I'd better stop.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The sweetest thing anybody ever said to me

Suju's worrying too much about me since yesterday. I remember her saying "I hope you don't think I'm tryin to create a distance between you and pranav" to me right after we left college. Well nobody could create a distance between us two except for maybe,.. "pranav" himself. Like lately, pranav's not replyin to my sms much and we haven't gone for a movie together since that unfateful night..

today suju was online and was definately pissed that i said i didnt like the visiting card design that she made. She wanted to tell me to bugger off but she again controlled herself because she knew i might put something like that in my blog(suju I really admire you if you're still reading it) then later she apologized via sms and said dont mind the chat.

I didnt mind it at all. I told suju you should relax about me already. But what I couldn't directly tell you, lemme tell you that now, - one of the main reasons why I would always stick with you is one simple sms. The one you sent me on 5th september around 9pm. Don't think I'd told anyone how strongly I feel about that sms but Since then I decided I'd never ditch you. Now if you dont remember what that sms was, and hoping I'd tell you, you're so wrong. ;)

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

mayday mayday : part 2

My (Friend)ship caught in severe turbulence.
(part one here)

6th october 1700hours : We were hanging out downstairs(in front of the college) and by we I mean our group (christened cheers) of sujata sumit mohini and pranjali(yeah yeah another parenthesis [rolling eyes]; sorry pranjali I wrote wrong name for you in one previous post..) when mayank came and told me pranav`s calling me upstairs. so I went. (I still havent found out what u think of my "one long sentence followed by another really short sentence" way of narrating.please comment.)

Upstairs he was siting with all he people he usually hangs out with now-a-days...dont want to waste my blog writing names...if u dont know already, you probably dont care. So I talked to him and as soon as I was dont with it, I walked straight to the last bench of the row right in front of the window so I could keep an eye on my buddies downstairs. those guys up front were having some discussion about khojagiri with celebrated khojagiri and not too keen on it either. So they went on blabbering on for what seemed like an eternity. shruti was kind enough to invite me to sit closer to them but I smiled and enied the offer. No one except shruti and pranav matter even a bit to me. I waited. Thinking that he`ll get up now and say lets leave but it was just taking so long- an eternity. And suju hadnt replied or anything to the sms I sent her so I was making a plae to throw down when she came.

(Sit tight now folks the story is just getting intense...right suju?)

Took me out, we sat on the stairs and started talking. She brought up this topic in a way I least expected and I was totally off preparation.(she HAD told me before she needed to talk to me abt something but it wasnt hint enough for me that i would be this) She told me rest of the group wasnt comfortable with pranav around.(nope thats not the shocking part. I did know kinda that they werent comfortable...just didnt realize it was that big of a problem..) suju made me realize tht the sleepover when pranav came was a big bore to the other 3. And asked me not to involve him with rest of group from now on.. cool enough so far.

But....she had to go and ask me why I like pranav so much. That was one of the most difficult questions I had been asked in a while. I didnt know where to start explaining her. I just said a simple " I like being with him" but she didnt accept that...she wanted something maybe more insightfull or more detailed... I couldnt think of what to say...I figured the chat me and sumit had would be good enough so I told her I would send her that because I had asked sumit to save that and email it to me... well, that was just a diversion. To buy me some time till when I could actually think of something to tell her. But dont think thats anytime soon. Even wouldnt want to talk to her about the chat. I dont think I`m ready to discuss that topic now...

6th october 1830 hours : even when I was going to pranav`s place, I couldnt get that out of my head. I was thinking...why It was so dificult for me to tell suju the reasons why I like should have been so obvious when I know him so much and we share so many interests and everything, why was it so cryptic? probably because some things have changd lately...I`m not good at adaptation/evolution...I cant deal with changes easily unlike some other people. And the worst thing to change is my mind. Maybe someime I might go ahead and say I can deal with changes pretty easily...thats just a changed state of mind. but this weather that has changed all of a sudden...


Mayday Mayday: part one


7th oct 2:30 am : pranav fell asleep while taking rest on the bed because his stomach started aching all of a sudden. Acute pain. I'll let him sleep. By what he's told me about his routine lately,(not sleeping at all and constantly working on assignments) I know he really needs it. So i'm gonna let him sleep. but what I`m more concerned with is whether it was some of the food he ate at my place.. My stomach is a dump for all junk food so it probably didnt affect me but his digestive system is completely different than mine so maybe something affected him and not me. Wonder if I should say this to taiji...

Tonight would have been more play instead of the "all work" kind that we seemed to be having so far. Ok sure we did do many other activities but the 'dhmaal' that would have happened if our group was here is unbeatable! The drinks that we could just go out and get..all the snacks - chips kurkure etc.. There was no boring moment though..hard to be bored when you are totally engrossed in doing some work. Like helping out a friend in need. There were only quiet moments. or concentrating moments...when no one said anyhing. (But atleast we didnt have to resort to stupidity like sumit`s silly questions)

Though I did feel like I`m being used by him because he started making the parrot for the 3d assignment, I overcame that feeling. Then I thought what if Sumit feels the same way when I ask him to complete my assignments? I made it a point to ask him that tomorrow. But I really enjoy the company of pranav and I wouldnt want to do anything to upset him and make him not want to be with me. which will be discussed in the second part.. so untill then...


Friday, October 06, 2006

This is my black box!

I have in my hands two boxes,
Which God gave me to hold.
He said, "Put all your sorrows in the black box,
And all your joys in the gold."
? ? ? ?
I heeded His words, and in the two boxes,
Both my joys and sorrows I stored,
But though the gold became heavier each day,
The black! was as light as before.

With curiosity, I opened the black,
I wanted to find out why,
And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole,
Which my sorrows had fallen out by.

I showed the hole to God, and mused,
"I wonder where my sorrows could be!"
He smiled a gentle smile and said,
"My child, they're all here with me.."

I asked God, why He gave me the boxes,
Why the gold and the black with the hole?
"My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings,
The black is for you to let go."

I just got this as a forward from an acquaintance and I could relate it to me. This blog is like my black box that "internet" gifted me. I put all my sorrows in here and though I dont see no hole, it seems to go away. Right now, I am not in the position to make a full fledged post about my day and my thoughts/feelings throught because pranav is here in my room and I wouldnt want to read it right here..I dont know what he`d think and what he`d say..I`m not prepared-like always.

aww look, if I had to have him around when he came to know these things I`d have told it to him myself verbally right then...

when a geek needs his internet,.. He needs his net.

I am so freakin tired of having to wait for what is one of the 3 necessities of my,house and internet access! And the wait is never easy or short. It always has to be a few hours! Sure we only have one broadband connection but HELLO DUMBASS.. Have you ever heard of internet connection sharing? Your laptop has two ways to connect with the modem and one way to connect to my pc..or the pc has two lan ports so it can be connected to modem AND laptop at the same time..a simple setup and I wont need to beg. But I guess he wants me to! But he's the last person on earth..well one of the last people on earth i would beg..

I can imagine myself stranded on an island somewhere like in the serial lost. And there are arjun,nikku,anu didi,'anup and family' and sahil and tushar and sandeep and sneha-not sneha jadhav (for those who dont know, these are another 3 ass holes from fc.) thats like 10 people who i'd never want to survive with..i'd either try to be rescued from that place real soon or i'd kill myself!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my house-an epitome of dis-orderliness

Well I had decided, kinda in my mind that i should refrain from blogging from mobile if everybody's gonna want to read the entry on my phone itself.(like it happened with the sleepover post) but I cant help but ponder-in public-about what happened in my house today. Arjun bhaiya and taiji were looking for the cable of the sony camera taiji brought from canada. He wanted to transfer photos of last night's party to if they dont manage to find it, we'll have to buy a card reader.

that was this morning, when i needed to urgently transfer some photos to my pc, I couldn't find MY camera's data cable. Turns out arjun used my data cable for his camera! And left me with the task of searching all over for what I always placed in its fixed place. That so pissed me off! Wasted few minutes of my morning.. Which I could have utilized for somethin else I'd actually like to chat with abhinav or browse around flickr..

But why doesnt someone in this house start placing things where they can find it and save me some trouble! I totally dont have a answer for that..

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Monday, October 02, 2006

And I have competition!!!

And what a one sided competition it is! So I`m gonna pull out my stat counters and advertise heavily! surf blog traffic exchange sites and leave links almost everywhere. Because I`m intimidated. I`m really not taking this lightly. There is another big player BACK in blogosphere after a long absense and he`s still strong! I`m talking ofcourse of my friend Sumit who goes by the alias "Abhinav" and blogs here.

Its not just random everyday thoughts and happenings/events like mine. He`s an excellent writer(script/story u decide) and poet and also a musician(although I doubth his blog has anything to do with music..) so why dont u visit his blog and let him know where you came from and that I`m all set to make a better blog than his.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

What do u hink I am? a kindergartner?

I was just doing my caligraphy assignment for 5 minutes when I realized, THIS IS BULLSHIT! We are being made to do stuff we were doing in kindergarten and 1-3rd grade! write a single alphabet over and over again many times. But right now we have more stuff to do that just that. We can do much more than just write letters so why dont you give us some REAL assignment than just writing the same letter over and over again into 3 pages?!!!

And all this for what? we`re only gonna get scored within 10 for this...can u imagine what one letter is worth? that ways, why would anyone care about getting a single letter correct? this is a vain assignment you hear me? this is BULLCRAP!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

mood swings and me

Sumit's left me feeling like shit..

Its all his fault.

He wouldn't give in to my idiotic demands which made me pester him and now I cant stop feeling guilty about it. I'm about to go to the dandiya in college but i'm not sure how i'll hang out with all those people thinking "Why did I have to be such a fuckin moron? Why couldn't I just have let that go? What came over me? Sumit's probably cursing me right now.".no he wouldn't do that..I know him better than that..he's too nice a guy to do that..and I'm just a little devil..

and there's this feelin of de-ja-vu that i've written this kind of thing before..

well lets just hope it gets published at this low bal.

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