Thursday, November 23, 2006

where is he?

Since we last checked in, a lot has changed with yash's life. He's totally enjoying his college(so far atleast) as expected, he's totally gung-ho about the new professor who came from northern illinois university sir jon ashman. I even heard him talking to his friends about how his method of teaching is so much better and the pune faculty know nothing at all compared to his knowledge. He recorded most of his lectures/presentations even!

And as you might know, he had applied for visa, and he virtually got through. This package from VFS came in on 22nd and he got back home and opened it "right after you(pranav) wish me luck" He was totally hysterical when he read he didnt need to go for the interview. It was damn funny.jumping around his room with his over-zealous face..screaming into the phone to pranav..

Now he's gonna have to go get a medical checkup. Thats what he's planned atleast, even I cant predict what he'll do next. But I can tell ya what he's thinking lying awake there on his bed..he missed a sleepover tonight..he didn't even miss one sleepover when his dad was over..he's thinkin what his friends are upto..wonderin if they're thinkin of him.. His mind is totally out of place because of this-him missing out on being with his friends because of the visa procedure. He cant even concentrate on what he's doing on the computer! He's started copying the need for speed carbon disk but made a big mistake. I wont tell him about it though, its his problem to figure out now. Hah! The dumbass.

one ending note though..can you guess who I am?

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