Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Beanbag Animation

I am very glad I did not post my flag animation here. While going through everyone's flag animation in class and hearing what Troy had to say to most of them about things they needed to fix, I inherently figured out that my animation was a piece of crap and will need to be fixed a LOT if I am to get a decent grade. I guess that's what you get when you finish your work last minute.

So I will be redoing the flag. In the mean time, I wanted to get going on the assignment I enjoy more, the Bean bag. I had shown my angry jab to Aradhana and she said it just seemed like he was poking or touching something. I decided to work some other actions into it. Like he may start off with a heavy exhale like a puff and go at the poor victim. Then he turns around in another grunt when he notices something that shocks him. That's where I am at. I cannot decide on which 'fear' emotion I want to work with. the duck? cower? retreat?

And actually just typing about this, I figured I might need more of a finger wagging than a jabbing action for my bean bag. I don't quite feel up for it tonight. My throat's got me down. So until next time folks!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bean Bag Animation

Pulled the first honest complete all nighter this quarter. Finished my flag animation, but here's something a little more intertaining (interesting+entertaining- that's my sleep deprived brain for you)
I call this Angry Jab. The first emotion my bean bag is going to act out. The entire animation has to be atleast 4 seconds with 3 distinct emotions. I mapped it out to anger the first second, then transition(shock) and 2nd emotion(fear) for the rest.

Gotta go catch the bus now.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

If I had seen this last night, I wouldn't have gone home.

The backstory goes something like this... I came to Montgomery hoping to get some kick-ass (my ass kicking) work done over the course of the night. I animated a few frames of the flag and shot it and it was extremely disappointing. Not just disappointing, it was actually terribly demotivating. I was not enjoying it at all. I knew very little to try to apply to the assignment I was working on. I had been there for only about two and a half hours. So I decided to plough through for a little bit more.

I switched gears and started working on the bean bag animation. I was enjoying this much more. But still the terribly stiff and jumpy flag was poking me in the back of my mind. So rather than dealing with it, I decided to go home. Caught the last Silver B bus back to the terrace and slept it off.

But this morning when I got here, the bad taste of the flag animation was long gone. I captured my keys and looked at my little bean bag guy aggressively jab, jump back and finally get sad. It was such an exciting moment for me that I could not Not share it with you all. And I just wish I didn't have to go to the class now so that I could continue working on this guy.