Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby's day out

Guess what guys, I finally went to Toronto all by myself (oh that reminds me, I still have to file the expenses from that day) I was really keen on attending life drawing class, but halfway through it, I wasn't at all keen on staying all through it. Because I didn't want it getting late and cold by the time I got back. So I walked out, and stood at the bus stop. It was much cooler than it was the past two days and I didn't have my gloves. I asked a guy standing there when was the next bus to the go train station. And he just pointed to the chart. There was something weird about that guy, all the while I was there, he didn't say a word.

The bus arrived after a few(really uncomfortable) minutes and a huge crowd had gathered around the bus stop by that time. But still, I did get a place to sit as most of them wanted to go on some other bus. I was reminded of my bus trips in mumbai with naveen. That was much more crowded and hot though. I tried my best to be looking out and keep track of the route so that I know where it goes through. I was really excited when I first caught glimpse of the go train and the go train station. The trains were not the usual box shape they are in India. they were like stretched hexagonal shape and had two levels. WOW! a double decker train! There were rows of bus stops and shelters(for people who need to wait...) outside the station. I was walking towards the station from where my bus stopped, and I saw a ticket vending machine. I thought I'd use my credit card to buy the ticket here instead of going inside and waiting in a queue and possibly having to use the limited cash that I had.

I looked at the instructions, First, it wanted me to select the station I wanted to go to. I looked at it for 'Toronto' but it wasn't there. Now for many, this may seem like a no brainer but I couldn't figure that the union station, the last station in the 'lakeshore east' line was where I wanted to go. I asked a local for help and she told me I needed to press union station. Then I looked up on the map joachim had given us, and saw that there was Go Transit written next to the Union TTC subway station. Damn I am dumb! Oh well, no time to be remorseful over it now, I have a train to catch. It was already on the platform, and these trains only run at an interval of one hour. So if I missed this one, I would be stuck for another hour and that would make my skipping THE OTHER HALF of life drawing class totally useless.

I crossed the first platform using the subway, (No jumping on the tracks like I sometimes did in Mumbai) and before getting on, I even asked a person whether this was going to Toronto just to reassure myself. I was kinda worried whether there were some compartments specially reserved for some particular kind of ticket or pass holders or a ladies only compartment like it is in India and maybe it was written in french here and I didn't pay attention to it... You know, imagining that 'everything that could possibly go wrong will probably go wrong' kind of thing. There was an announcement before the train left the station that the train was headed east etc. etc. I was like 'wow' I don't know many trains in India that have this kind of system. This makes the life of commuters so much easier!

I was taking a lot of pictures on the way, which you can see in my flickr gallery. All the while I was thinking if only pranav was here by my side, I wold have someone to share my experiences with. I missed all my friends so much on that day. And this is definitely not the only time I'm mentioning this. Then there was this girl who came in and sat in the seat in front of me. She never smiled one bit all the way to union station. Not like I was looking really scary or serious, I was really cheerful and happy all the way. But even when I looked at her and smiled, she wore the same creepy face. Not that this is something shocking, I have seen much weirder things before in India, but I'm just saying, this kind of thing happens here too!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So much to do and so little time to tell it all

Hey, no matter how much time you give me, there are certain people I could never directly tell what all I did. Like my parents for example, or other relatives, but there is one person I always manage to find time to talk to and tell what has been keeping me cold/warm/lazy/tired/busy/idle or anything else. But there has been just so much activity in the last two days that I couldn't even tell pranav. The last person I remember talking to before the whole thing began was suju. That was before class on monday. The class wasn't really very fruitful, and not at all exciting, so I'll just begin with the exciting part.

First stop, the cage! The book sale was on for the last time this sem. And possibly las time this year. So I had to grab some good books if I could. I went and looked around, liked a few books a little, but liked two books a lot! So I decided to buy how to draw manga "super deformed characters" and draw magazine. I wouldn't normally buy such an expensive magazine, but this one seemed really useful as it is not published as frequently and there are "best of draw" books based on the articles in these magazines.! They both added up to about 35 dollars and I said that I might be back for more. But even I didn't know whether the other books that I liked will get picked up by me or not.

Then I decided to walk outside and bask in the sun. It was a nice and warm day and I felt like writing an email to Pranav. So I sat down outside the c wing and even took off my jacket! But the smokers that were starting to gather around were too unbearable. So I put the jacket in my bag and walked back home. I even took the long way round the outside of the building. I wish tempratures would stay like this for ever! I will be praying to got for a long consistent summer. As I reached home, I saw brandon and eric and alex playing basketball outside. I hadn't played basketball for a while now so I thought this is a good opportunity to satisfy my craving for basketball and get to know the neighbours and Brandon a little better. I threw my backpack on the bed, ran down to get myself a coke and put on my shoes again and walked out. Put the coke can down and asked the guys if I could play with them. They were just shooting, not playing a game so it was fine. I do suck at shooting though.

But brandon is a great sports person. He played little league baseball, plays hockey and basketball. He was dunking pretty easily on this basket, but this is lower than the official nba standard. But he said he could almost dunk on the NBA ones too! Even alex could reach up and hang to the net. Alex eric and Shawn(I'm not pretty sure on whether shawn was there too that day or not...) went back home after a while and there were only me and brandon. He showed me a few tricks and I tried unsuccessfully to do them... LOL. We played till it started raining and then we went back in. Kevin was like "are the stars done playing?" I didn't feel like doing anything after all that, but I was too stinky to bear...even for myself. So I went and took a shower.

That was all the action for monday. Oh, I almost forgot.. I could have been run over by a car when the basketball went to the other side of the road and I ran to get it. But I'm fine. The next morning, I was damn busy trying to get the "ipod nano advert swirlies effect" using adobe photoshop. And I was pretty successful too. When I messaged phoebe to brag about it, she asked me if I could help her out with her film scaning and cleanup tonight. So I agreed. I had also gotten back an email from mel thanking me and saying that we could fix a time to meet up. So I decided I will go meet her in the 4th year lab when I go to work for phoebe. Just then Shawn called me out to play with them and I couldn't be more eager. So I went down and put on my shoes and ran out the house.

We played 21, once me against shawn, (needless to say I lost) Then me and shawn against Brandon and we lost again! That was my fault, I scored a basket at 20 when I was supposed to miss! Damn! Well, After that, Shawn suggested to play hockey so brandon got the net out and the hockey sticks for him and me. Shawn wanted to be the goalie. I had a really hard time dealing with the really long sticks and taking shots with it. I figure hockey isn't really a sport for me... but maybe I'm giving up too early. Oh well, After a while, Brandon left and shawn and I played soccer on his lawn. That was really tiring. And then I also had to go to college so decided to wrap it up early. I went and took a shower and headed for college.

It was nice and warm at that time and I had just played a lot of games so I was fine without my jacket. But I didn't expect the temperatures to drop to 9 degrees by 12 am. I had gotten really tired of scanning the documents so I decided to leave for home and I asked phoebe what temperature she thinks it is outside. And she says "don't worry you don't need a jacket" So I walked back home in nothing but my t shirt and jeans and I said to myself "I so fuckin do!!!" But actually, I was fine, I tucked my hands in my pocket and quickly walked back home despite the aching legs.. And went straight to bed.

Now this Morning I woke up around 6 am feeling really feverish. I know I shouldn't have attempted that feat I did last night. But nothing I could do abt it now. I went down in the dark, got a glass of water to drink and went back to sleep. I was having weird and scary halucinations unlike the nice dreams of celebrations and festivities I've been having since a few days. But after I woke up, I was feeling fine. So I think I'll be fine doing that again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Beautiful spring day

Today, the temperature outside was just perfect for outdoor activities! I was walking back home with my jacket zipped down and my gloves off for most part. I also wasn't wearing my usual woolen cap(because I couldn't find it), I was wearing my levi's baseball cap. I noticed two boys cycling in front of the house with skateboard ramps and stuff, I smiled as one of them tried to do a 'stunt' by riding up the ramp and almost falling. Reminded me of the time when I broke my bicycle doing such things on a dirt hill in front of my house.

In front of my house, shawn and a little kid were playing basketball. It was so funny seeing the little boy trying to score a basket with the ball more than one fourth his size. It was really heavy for him too. I asked shawn how he was doing and he said "good, you?" I said "I'm good too, who's the little guy?" He said he was his cousin who lived in the house next to us. On the porch, Brandon, Eric and another boy(who's name Kevin told me, but I don't remember now..) were playing poker. There was pink Floyd playing on the CD and a box of pizza and some cola cans. Looked like they have been having a picnic! I would have loved to join them too, but just that I wouldn't want to play with money. (Even though it was only 5 dollars)

Inside, kevin was sitting going through some documents about some medication. I asked Kevin what his plans for the rest of the day were, he said nothing, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind going to the post office to get the wacom tablet now. And he readily agreed! I was so happy, I don't know how will I ever be able to thank him enough for all the things he does for me. He's the best landlord anyone could ever ask for! He offered me his pizza as he was full so I took that. I was still hungry after that, so I decided to toast myself bread and use the new peanut butter that I had bought. I was still eating, when he just Said, ready when You are! I quickly finished my toast and ran upstairs to get my passport.

I Was jumping in my Seat all the way ! I Was just imagining Myself playing with the tablet, doing so many things I had dreamed of, like doodling something in flash, animating it. Painting something in corel painter x or doing some vector art or line art from photographs in photoshop. I had been dreaming of this since so long! There was the same rude creepy Indian guy on the counter whom I talked to on the phone, but this time, he didn't ask me for anything, he promptly took kevin's ID and signature and handed the HUGE box to us. I was wondering how come there's such a big box for such a small wacom tablet. Kevin said its probably bubble wrap or some kind of insulation/cushioning to protect the product.

I was so desperate for this that I started opening the box in the car itself! I first tried cutting through the tape with the seat belt hook, but it wasn't sharp enough. I knew I had a pen and a pencil in my pocket and immediately reached for it. I punctured holes in the tape so that I could later rip it all off in one smooth motion. I immediately remembered Bourne Identity scene where Matt damon is fighting the other spy with just a pen. As expected, the big box only had a lot of paper at the top, and the wacom tablet pack at the extreme bottom. I pulled that out, and started looking at it. I showed it to Kevin, telling that this was basically it. I read the whole box and everything and proceeded to open that package too, but Kevin said wait till you get home will you? LOL. I always need to be told that. haha.

That was when I finally stopped and put it back inside the big brown box. I will write about my experiences opening and running it on my tech blog.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Painting Class on the 15th

Lemme tell ya, nokia phones, plus silent mode, plus charging is equal to recipe for disaster. I'm not saying it means a calamity or catastrophe, just means that your important alarms will not 'go off' enough to alert you. The alarms won't actually ring when its in silent mode, it just vibrates. Even that's ok till you plug it into the wall to charge the battery hog! Now, even when your phone rings or alerts go off, your phone won't ring or vibrate, just blink. And when has just blinking led light been enough to wake up a fast asleep person at a time when there's already abundant daylight in the room? That's precisely what happened that morning and I was supposed to wake up at 8 am so that I could go and work on my painting assignment that is due at 11o clock.

But no points for guessing I overslept and woke up at 10:30 by (Pinu)divine intervention. I was totally bummer for a few minutes and then I came to my senses and realized that class actually starts at 11.(I would consider going in at 10 or atleast 10:30 so that I could gesso my canvas) And that I have around 25 minutes to get to the class and it won't matter if I didn't brush my teeth or have a bath. (but recalling the conversation I had with Freddy just a day before, I decided to quickly brush my teeth atleast.) And ran to the college somehow, I explained to the teacher that I would bring it in by Monday for sure because I only had to paste the rectangles on the illustration board now. Now, that I consider she actually let me off with a chance to submit it 4 days later, she isn't as much of a bitch as we say her to be at all!

We then tarted on our first in class colour assignment, it was an amazing experience. I remember what painting used to be like in India in my school days and in creative i college. Here, we had some mannequins and a little drapery, that we had to do using two contrast hues, Blue and orange. That's what gives the foreground a pop and the background more depth and makes a painting much more aesthetic. I wonder why it never seemed to strike or even work this well when we did contrast colour scheme '2d designs' in creative I. I had gotten the shape of the mannequin and the curves and bulges and depressions right on the first stroke itself. I didn't even use charcoal to sketch it in first. I got the skin tone right with the first color that I mixed and I even got the concept of painting drapery right for the first time in my life! I guess its all because its the birthday of 'u know who' today. I was really impressed with where my painting was going. And just for this reason, I didn't want to leave it before I was satisfied that I was done with it. Even though I hadn't had breakfast, and was up till 5 am in the morning, I wasn't tired a bit. Damn what has gotten into me?

By now, I didn't care about the grade she would give me on this one. I was so exhilarated with the way this painting had turned out that I wanted to give it a 200% effort. When the class ended, my painting was still without a background and I knew this wouldn't really take that long to do and it WILL make a huge impact on the way my painting looked. So I continued working with total concentration. I didn't even know martin was in the class working too until I turned around to go to the sink. The greatest satisfaction will be showing this to Pranav. But for that, I'll have to take a picture of it first huh!(Lately, landlord's camera has been hard to get hold of.) Well, After I FINALLY finished it, (I actually had to tell myself -"stop with it already!!") I went out and decided to go see the nurse at the health center before I went home.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

pranav Daure turns 20

It was just around 12am in India, and pranav had started getting calls from everybody wishing him a happy birthday. And right on the other side of the globe, my ideas and images class had just ended. I started trying to call pranav from my phone. I knew I didn't have much time because I had been using wi fi connection to stay online on skype and gtalk all the while I was in college and that had drained most of the battery. I tried it two times, but his number was busy. Then I lost signal in the cafeteria. I was running around trying to get back in range and when I finally did and called him the third time, it was STILL BUSY! Then my battery conked off! I decided to walk to laura's room so that I can make One call using and I did. I said we'd talk more someday after his birthday.

I then had my life drawing class and the model we had today was younger than all the other models we've had before. The exercises that we did were quite frustrating. Measuring the proportion of the body and trying to get an accurate drawing led to me giving up on every drawing when I realized that I had drawn the torso or legs too long. But what was revolutionary was that she(brenda) said we needed to figure out ourselves how many heads tall the model was. She said that none of the given/stated measurements of the length of the human body are always correct. So don't consider some book saying that 'the human body is 7 or 8 or 10 heads tall' as the gospel.

after the life drawing, freddy, peter and maurice came together to work on the painting assignment. It was just a big fuckin disaster and nothing else. Only maurice had gotten ONLY THREE colours and nobody else had brought a thing! I wasn't gonna let them use my paints again because on tuesday, almost all the stuff was mine. After wasting a couple more mins, maurice decided to walk 2 his locker and get the rest of his paints. But since I was the only one who had the required purple, I had to walk back to my locker anyways and get the tube and my brushes. And when we got back, found out that nobody had a pallete! Then freddy decided to run and get the pallete and that's when we finally started.

Still, it was not all good, there was too much work to be done and too many disturbances which I'd rather not discuss here.
sent frm my E60

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Found Rohin srivastava

I was searching for my old buddy rohin srivastava yesterday on and I found two links where reviews were written about boyzone and 5ive. The year was 2002 and the location was written nagpur India. very possibly him! I had my hopes all up thinking maybe I could contact him from the website. But stupid wouldn't let me comment on him or add him to my friends list without having purchased anything! How stupid is that! I was so disappointed. Then I searched and found another review of boyzone by rohin srivstava. hm... seems like he was a really big fan of the band in 2002. And similarly, no contact info on this website either. what the FUCK!!!

I even searched for his dad's name in vain. The amazing thing is, that I still remember his dad's name. He's one of the very few parents of my friends who's name I remember. And even after so many years. Its anil mohan srivastava by the way. Now if only I remembered the name of his sister. That would be so much better. I don't even know how much older she was than him and f any of my cousins knew her.

well, I've just got to live with the fact that I'm never gonna find him again. And people say its a small world!

Monday, March 12, 2007

When we're finally together

On saturday morning, I was visiting my friend's galleries on flickr, when I saw a holi picture on meghna's page. That picture made me really really sad. Why? Because I started wishing I was in pune for holi again, and I had just gotten out of that mindset few days ago! I guess it was on thursday, because I had so much fun at the residence and also talked to pranav, I forgot the holi tragedy. Well, that day, I was also talking to pranav on skype at the same time and the next thing I knew, my mind wandered off in a flashback.

That was a Holi day of my 7th grade. I was really excited about going to play holi with my friend "Rohin srivastava" whom I had met a couple of years ago and we had become really good friends. even though his house was pretty far away from my house(by akola's standards) I would cycle over to his house by myself to meet him and play with him. I never had a sleepover, but really wish I had had one. This was the first time I was going to go play holi with someone other than my cousins. I had packed up a couple of water balloons in my cargos and had a full tank of coloured water in my super soaker. I really enjoyed playing with him, and then went to my grandfather's house to play with my cousins. That is the only friend I have every REALLY played holi with and the only time. Because next year he left, he moved to someplace else and I never heard from him again.

And The next person I really wanted to play holi with outside my family is pranav! I was SO hoping we'd get to play together! I was overtaken by this feeling at that time, but I didn't say anything to pranav. I thought I was too cool to say this to him. So I stay quiet all the while until he suddenly went offline. Then I decided to tell him with an email, and started typing it out, but I was just halfway through, and he came online. So I coughed up the courage to say that, and talked to him about this in the least melodramatic way possible. And I know I couldn't stress it enough and make him see how I was feeling because I was too concerned with not loosing my 'cool'! I didn't want to get mushy with it and start crying or worse, make him cry. But I totally regret that decision now.

This morning while walking to college after talking to him on skype again, I was thinking, Damn! I am even going to miss his Birthday! I am going to miss having him at my birthday! I Don't know what kinda stinking birthday I am gonna have over here in canada! But I just wish Whoever it is, I hope he or she gives pranav a really good time on his birthday. Hope he has a blast, something special, He deserves the very best in life. And when I finally get to met him again, after a few months or years, I'll celebrate all those things with him! I'll throw him a birthday party, no two! play with colours, and make up for all the good times we've missed. Getting back to India and meeting him is on the top priority on my list from today!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Katie's room

I want to start off by mentioning something else... It turns out, it was a good thing that the post was lost because I couldn't help myself and wrote about it on deviantart journal, and someone commented that she was being too hard on me. But I think otherwise, and if that comment had been made here, she would have felt bad or hurt. Because I know she has the link to this blog(its in the signature of my gmail) and not my deviantart page. I'm really looking forward to working with her again.

And now back to the hot topics of yesterday! Katie had 'cleaned' up her room in order to have me over. She didn't want me seeing her dirty room. And after seeing her room, I can imagine why. The residence looks like a hotel. The hallways are carpeted, the walls are clean painted nicely, the doors are nicely polished and have a number plate on them. It's very nicely lit and you can't say this is a 'hostel'...that is... until you enter the student's territory. The room was pretty small, just like the guy at the security desk had told us on my first day in college. Or maybe it was just all the stuff that was making it seem small. she had her own television and play-station, loads of dvds-movies or games. And a table at the other end with her laptop, phone and the usual stuff. There was a small bookshelf lined up with what I thought were dvd cases, but turned out to be manga comics/graphic novels. I am really taken aback by the fan following of manga here. The bed was really comfy, and the window let in enough light. If it were to be opened that is. Katie kept it closed most of the time though.

We talked, read manga for a while, I tried out Katie's tablet and had ginger ale for the first time. Hmm... so THAT's what it tastes like... heh, then katie and laura cooked chicken fingers for us all, and then decided to kill time by watching a movie. wait a second... I think we had fingers WHILE watching the movie... anyways, both were good. Lemme see you raise your hands, al the people who have seen "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" say 'I' heh, thought so. I had never heard of it before either. well, After the movie, we all wanted to get busy doing our homework but deciding where to work was a bit confusing. Katie's room didn't have much 'table' space for all four of us, and the pit was too far to walk and obviously not as comfy. So jake decided to bring back drawing boards so that we could work on the bed. He had to get his stuff anyways, so walking all the way to his place wasn't a deal.

But soon, I got really hungry. I suggested we get a pizza, but nobody else agreed at first. Katie went and made some popcorn, and that was finished off real soon! Then at 7:30 I decided to go and get a pizza myself. I walked out, gave a call to Pranav, told him what I was upto, talked about when he was coming online next, and fixed a date and hung up. By this time, I was already inside Gino's and the guy heard me talking in hindi. I expected him to say something about that, but e didn't. I had heard him talking in hindi to the other person who works there and I had the feeling he's Indian. When I gave the order for the pizza, he asked my name and made a comment about yash chopra and prem chopra... I asked him 'you know those ppl?' and he said 'whoever watches hindi movies knows them' Nothing more. I was getting really hungry by the time the pizza was ready and so I ran back to the room with the pizza also because I didn't want to be out in the cold for long.

I asked laura to take a few pictures of us having the pizza because I wanted to show them to harsh. He has always been a fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles style of pizza, the kind that bends down a lot. We were watching csi on the telly by that time and after the pizza was over, we three-me, katie and jake returned to our work while laura waited for her chicken fingers to get done. I think she ended up kinda overcooking them...LOL. we talked about the Indian food I had at the restaurant at holi, and the kind of butter chicken her mom cooks and Tandoori chicken, it was fun. I want to learn how they cooked those chicken fingers and what kind of chicken I'll need to pick up from the store for that. I can have it like french fries with some ketchup or the jeeraman masala that I got from India. Really, I should have them come over and taste some snacks I have but I feel too scared, they might get sick or something..

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost a whole darn post

I was just trying to update my blog, had typed up a pretty long post for monday, the night I got to help phoebe in her movie, was lost in the digital world because minefield, the beta of firefox 3 crashed! DAMN I'M so pissed! What in the world! well, I don't think I'll ever be typing a new entry for that again! but just some things I want to convey, hey phoebe, I updated my blog template, and have added new things. I also updated my other blog template, the previous one was from the stone age really. And I am planning to get a tablet soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy holi

I was really nostalgic today, I wished I was back in India somehow, just for today so that I could play holi with my family and friends. So that I could enjoy the nice warm weather there. But that was not to be. So I just went ahead to calling people and wishing them happy holi. I also decided to call up the indian contacts I had here in North america. I called up naniji, anju mausi and jay mamaji and left them all messages. Naniji and anju mausi even called back and we talked for a long time. I Had called up abhinav bhaiya and he said he might come over today with a movie "the guru" and we could then go to some Indian restaurant for dinner. I was very excited when I head that. Abhinav bhaiya is a great guy and its fun to hang out with him. On my first day in canada itself he had said "Consider me as your bro." Also, Pranav had come online but he didn't have skype installed on the pc or maybe he didn't have a mic or whatever, so I had to type to him and he didn't say much.

I Played with the xbox 360 downstairs in the basement for a while. Burnout revenge was the most awesome burnout game to day. And while I was downstairs, my laptop was on upstairs and I was online. Abhinav bhaiya had sent me a message asking me to call him. I came back up, saw it, and went down to call him but just then, the phone rang. He said he would come over around 3 and then we could either watch the movie first and then go for dinner or vice versa. I was kinda getting impatient for him to arrive. I really needed to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to have abhinav bhaiya waiting at the door... because brandon wasn't home. He arrived when we were watching the movie. I introduced the two, and he didn't stick around, he had a lot of homework to do. And while the movie was still going on, his mom probably came and gave him a pizza??!!!

Well, today was one day I wasn't tempted by a pizza because I knew I was gonna get to eat exotic Indian food. I quickly took down the driving directions to both the prospective places, Bombay bhel and Coriander green. Abhinav had already been to Bombay bhel before so I thought we should go to coriander green so its a new experience for both of us. The drive was unusually long, and I thought we had gotten lost or took a wrong turn because we were on the same road for pretty long.. But Abhinav's great sense of direction finally got us to the restaurant. And the aroma that was in the air there was heavenly! The music was some hindi ghazals I believe and there was even a fireplace. I noticed that the waitress opened a laptop to do something on it for a while and then shut it. So I figured I could send the email I had typed for pranav when I was watching the movie. The house internet connection is just very annoying.

The dinner was really expensive for sure, I only know of one time that I actually had more expensive food, but I didn't really pay for it then. It was the day my flight had gotten cancelled. I was staying in the hotel... ring a bell? If not, you can always go back in the archives to read about that exciting experience. Now, back to the present...or the more recent past. I was really tempted by tandoori and biryani, but rice is comparatively easy to cook and eating tandoori chicken can get messy. So we order butter chicken and dal makhani. With butter naan, kulcha paratha and roti. The water was served in a really weird way. There was a piece of cucumber in it with straw. Come on! Drink water with a straw?!!! That's just plain silly. The waiter was the kind you'd expect from an Indian restaurant...well, a stereotypical Indian restraunt. He just came and plunked the food on the table, didn't serve and even forgot to give us serving spoons! Damn, I'd hate to tip this place!

But I didn't pay the bill, Abhinav bhaiya did, so he did tip the people. It was not like leaving a few coins, he made a increment to his credit card invoice and signed it. Now that's something new! But its not like I didn't want to pay. I had offered to pay but he said he'll take it. I didn't even have cash so that I could give him my half of the money. It was coming to around 25 dollars! Didn't I tell ya EXPENSIVE? Man, I don't know how I can thank him enough for all that he's doing for me. While exiting, I pocketed a handful of "meethi saunf". wow! On the road, we kinda got lost a little, but after a while, we were back on trafalgar road. The baby's day out was gonna end soon. I really wished I could read his mind like officer parkman in 'Heroes'.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why am I unhappy?

I should have been filled with a sense of achievement and conquest but I am miserable. Part because of the weariness and my inability to walk back to home in the snowfall and part because I don't have my best friends to share the news with. I had called pranav up right after leaving the "G" wing in a state of excitement and happiness. I was gonna say to him "you come online today, now or else I'm never talking to you again" Turns out he's in the annual party of the college. And he's having such a great time that he obviously never had with me. So I listen to him describing the event and the happenings until disturbance started creeping in. He was unable to hear me. So I hung up and went online.

Divya was online and mom was probably around her... I figured because she was asking over and over again whether I had eaten anything. So I even told div to tell mom went offline or else I'm really gonna go offline. Then I didn't show much interest in divya's story about the white colour tube that spuirted out paint when it was opened. BAH! feeling my spirits getting lower, I tried to call up Samrat(funny my fingers had typed pranav again instead of samrat) But samrat's phone was not accessible, Like the many times before this. I was running out of balance on my phone making these stupid calls so I decided to just stop and sucker it up for a while. I was totally confused between going home and sleeping and staying to pick op my portfolio. My dear dear portfolio. But I had to get a little shut eye because I had not slept in 27 hours. And by now, I've been awake for a total of 30 hours straight. So even though I wasn't able to explore the reason me being unhappy, I'll try and go to sleep on the bench in front of the pit.