Monday, January 29, 2007

boring but productive weekend

I admit I did spend a lot more time on the pc this week than before but that's just because I didn't have any calling card and I wanted to communicate with that asshole pranav. So I asked him to come online by sending sms using one of the free sms services on the web and I even asked abhinav to text him! I would just wait there hoping he'd come online this time but he didnt show up. Not once! Then I would end up getting involved with something else or chatting with somebody else.

But I still worked on my bug to the point that it only needs two more legs(according to the image I have.) I also did two drawings of the run lola assignment and then drew the cartoon characters in the portfolio requirements sheet. Man I'm not gonna finish even the required portfolio pieces! Then sat cleaning my "drawings" the best of which is due to be submitted this week. They are then gonna be graded and I am hoping for atleast a B this time.
The first grade we found out(because our first assignment to be graded was the "monumental" drawing I did in wednesday's class) was a C+ in thursday's painting class. Not enough man, Not enough! Well, keeping that in mind I could be doing more practice sketches right now instead of blogging but I just don't feel like it.
sent frm my E60 because I didn't want the landlord to see me using his computer again. After I get my own laptop, I can do my business at any time discreetly! Maybe I'll stop or atleast cut down mobile blogging.

better late than never

This one is about the gym. The basketball courts and my experience of being there and playing for the first time. That was on the 24th. I hadn't really planned to go there to play basketball, I just happened to get there 30minutes before the information session was supposed to start. So to kill time, I inquired abt getting a ball from the college and shooting a few baskets for practice.

Luckily, I was required to give only one student ID card in exchange for the ball. (In fergusson, they required two student's id cards.) So even a loner like me can take benefits of the facilities. I haven't ever been very good at shooting baskets. I don't know if its my pathetic aim or insufficient upper body strength. I really wish there was some quick way to strengthen my arms. Well, after embarrassing myself in front of the few people there were for around 15minutes, I noticed some of my classmates come there so I decided to sit and check my email. Wonderfully, my phone picked up the wifi network even so far from the other college buildings, in the gym!

The facilities there are amazing! Everything is electronically controlled! I saw them setting up for the info session, they plugged in the wooden panels that were actually the seats folded up! Powered on and out came the whole setup. If you've never seen something like this before, you'll probably need to see it to understand what I'm tryin to say. The baskets were hung from the ceiling and could be retracted when not needed or brought down to play- all at the touch of a button! And need I mention the spanking wooden floor?

This floor could also be attached a net to serve as a volleyball court. The other side of the building has some squash rooms and yoga/aerobics rooms and oh, also, the changing rooms. Upstairs was a cardio and weight training room. I dont think I'll go there anytime soon. I enquired about table tennis table but they didn't have it. Well you can't have everything! In the future I'll find out more about it because I intend to go there as often as I get time. Its a nice way to get warmed up in the cold weather!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

my favourite chip flavours

I have been a chip lover since as long as I can remember. That passion really took flight during my creative i college days when I'd buy a pack every day and share with my pals. Though other's preferences did have an impact on what flavour I bought, I liked both the american style cream and onion and the spanish tomato tango. Those were my favourites and I naturally assumed that I'd get those flavors over in canada too. But it isn't so. None of the indian flavors are available here. Infact, even the thickness, texture of lays here is different.

The first pack of chips I had was from a vending machine in college, bacon flavour. Really 'bacon'y and salty. I had tasted bacon before and I thought the chips were just ok. Then when we went to the supermarket, I was on the lookout for my favourite flavors but when I didnt spot them, I decided to go in for pringles chips. They were cheaper here than they were in India and was really sure they'd be the same. And I was right! Well, actually I cant be very sure because I had never had barbecue or ketchup flavour pringles in India.

I would have those chips in the living room while watching television.. And thus even Mr. Kelly found out what a chip fanatic I was. The bbq flavour is something I just cant describe. Not really very appealing actually, its just very new for me. The ketchup flavour is well, ketchupy heh.. Lemme tell you Its not like the tomato tango if you're thinking, even I had thought so at first. Its just a little sweet and sour.

Then this week, I picked up big bags of lays chips spicy curry and dill pickle. I was wondering how the curry flavour would be like.. Hoped it'd be like indian masala but it was something totally different. The chips were thin! Not like the thicker lined ones in India. Still, eatable, but not very savory to say the least.

I knew I'd like dill pickle because I like the flavour of the pickle here. For the ignorant, pickle here is just a cucumber(most commonly) in vinegar and salt, garlic lemon etc. There are also other pickled vegetables available though but lets not divert from our topic. So the chips taste very much like pickles and those are my favourite for the time being.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I learn something new everyday

This new piece of info wasn't delivered in any class..but I was in the college when I found out about it. In the college cafeteria to be precise. I was eating my burger and simultaneously using my phone to visit wikipedia at that time.

I had been listening to these adverts of Harvey`s Angus burger on the radio. It said its back but for a limited time only. I had also known my college had a Harvey`s outlet in the cafeteria. Infact, just the other day I had even noticed a big banner in the cafeteria of the Angus burger! So today when I was feeling really hungry, I thought this is the time to try it out. The queue was really long and I had to wait there with the newsprint pad in my hand for a lot of time before I could actually place my order. then for the payment they said they don't take credit cards so I had to give them my TD bank card. well, after that, I had to wait still longer as they were busy serving the 3 people before me. But finally my turn came and I was asked what I wanted on my burger. Now that`s a difficult decision to make.. I can never pick what I want and what I don't want on my burger so I went with everything(but there was still no onion on my burger).

When I finally sat down and unwrapped my burger and took a bite out of it, I was really impressed by the taste of the beef in it. That point my curiosity reached its high point. I just had to find out what "angus" meant. I took out my phone and searched angus on I was returned a link of wikipedia in the results and I went there. Thats when I found the complete history on Angus breed of cattle(they originated from Scotland) and the associations. This is specially bred for being "beef"ed so they are not your usual holy cow kind that ya`ll worship and stuff, so its fine to eat them... OK!OK! I was just kidding. now stop looking at me like that! If you don't want to eat cows because they`re holy, go ahead, but frankly, I don't care! Now Angus breed is divided into two Black and red. The red kind has a recessive gene and in some places is treated differently. Also found out that Macdonald's and Burger king both have angus beef burgers. Wow! I could never have imagined a breed of cattle for making beef was so popular/hyped. Amazing huh? Maybe next time I`m in the cafeteria or at any other burger place, I`ll confidently order a Angus burger knowing that this beef is going to taste better!

My canada cell

As soon as I got back from college, I tore open the package and read all the literature that had come with my new FIDO SIM card. Then popped the sim into my phone and went down to call them and activate my phone. First I had dialled the 611number but It was pretty confusing. So I called the 1888 number from the landline and when it asked me to enter my fido phone number, I punched it in and was taken to the same shitty computerized menu! I wanted to talk to a representative because none of those options were what I wanted to do! It was so irritating! So next time I didn't enter my number and went straight to the customer representative. You think my worries were over? No! The mayhem had just begun.

I wanted to get this prepaid card turned to a monthly plan. As that would mean cheaper rates and hence me using my phone more freely than I would have otherwise. Also, the convenience of being able to pay the bill with my credit card once a month rather than having to go buy a recharge voucher every now and then. The unlimited incoming monthly plans started from 30dollars a month. Then they went up with the amount of minutes there were allowed. That seemed simple enough.. But then she started tellin me abt the other charges that they levied. And that the first bill will be more than the charges add up to because of some reason and it all started going over my head. Well thats their main intention said Mr. Kelly. They make the bills so confusing that no one understands it and cant challenge them. Its not just canadians but indian operators do the same too. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The first time I made scrambled eggs

Well, they were not that bad for a first timer.. I just added salt and pepper over it while I was eating because otherwise it was rather bland. I think last time I had used peanut butter on the bread, thats why I could eat the scrambled eggs without any spices. Also, Mr. kelly had added some milk to it. well, anyways, next time, I think I`ll add salt to the egg yolk while I`m beating it. And if I have some onions,tomatoes and chillies, I`ll add them to make indian style bhurji.

For this time, even simple scrambled eggs seemed daunting. First, I timidly tried breaking both the eggs properly.. ok Success! I had put both the eggs directly into the frying pan and not used a bowl to beat them. So I had to be gentle to not scratch or scrape off the non-stick coating. Then this electrical stoves are beyond me! when I use them at high, they get really really hot real soon. And if I put them at medium, they take an eternity to warm up! damn! well, After a long wait, it finally started cooking the eggs and I gently scrambled it up to prevent it from becoming an omlet! TADA!!!

That was that. Just get out there with my toasted bread and start eating.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lazy tuesdays

I came to the college from my house around 1pm.. Am not sure if I'm right.. maybe earlier, maybe later. I had gotten fed up of being at home and Mr. Kelly had left the house too, so there was no way i was getting a ride down to the mall to buy new shoes. I decided to walk down in my old torn shoes itself. Today, I wasn't that intimidated by the thought of my toes becoming all wet. Just didnt seem like that big a deal because I had walked to college and back home in snow on monday and sunday too! Besides, I had a plan to get my shoes dried up in case they did get wet.

I wasted my time in the library using the open access computer to check my mails, upload pictures and print out another copy of my schedule. God! Its really important to label your documents before you give the print command because there are many more students who want printouts and their documents are many pages long! So in all that pile of papers coming out from the printer, its really difficult to find your document if you are not actually there beforehand to pick it up.

After that I went to the students union building to have a slice of pizza but that outlet was closed already. So I went to the cafeteria to try the "pizza pizza" outlet. They had a small sized pizza for 3.99 and free spices to put on yours. I put a lot of oregano leaves on mine and also picked up a garlic cream dip. After I paid for that at the cash counter, I sat down and finally took a (much needed) bite out of a delicious pizza. If I hadn't had this, the memory of the awful taste of the frozen pizza would have haunted me for even longer. Which I couldn't tolerate.

One ending note though, recently I've been posting a LOT! And its only intended for people really interested in knowing how my lifestyle here really is and what I'm busy doing all day. I know pranav's definately interested and even my parents would like to know this. Others.. I'm not sure about. So reader discretion is advised. ;)
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Monday, January 15, 2007

What I should have bought on the 1st day itself

The day abhinav bhaiya took me for shopping, I hadn't experienced canada and I didnt know what I'd really need. Also because being new to him, I wasn't as free about voicing my questions as I would have been with someone close. So when we went shopping, I stupidly picked up a pair of leather gloves! Thats the first wrong decision! What I really needed were mittens for wearing over my existing pair of gloves. But I was a little intimidated by the cost and also by the feeling that it'd be considerede stupid by others. And when I talked to Mr. Kelly, I found out that even the $100 mittens he had bought for sking weren't very effective in keeping the hands warm. Over the week, what I've found is that when I'm wearing those gloves and keep my hands outside the jacket, the gloves get really cold and then even my fingers get freezing cold. So the gloves do nothing to keep them warm. But when I've put my hands in my pocket, they're comfortably warm. And even if I removed them for some task, I'd put them back in my jacket pocket and they get warm in a few mins.

Next, I really should have bought new sneakers. And sneakers that DONT HAVE NET OR CLOTH in them. Any impermeable material will do be it plastic polymer or leather or any new shit. Just that its stitching or gluing should not let up like my current shoes did. Once the front part starts coming off, it creates a big gap for snow and water to get in from. And that would make your socks wet really fast. I was told reebok and nike sneakers start from around 35 dollars and can go upto well, anything. but I'd look in the range of say 60-70 dollars. I realized this when I had to go to the college after a snowfall. My toes had gotten totally numb in the walk to sheridan. Well, no use whining over it now, just got to find time to go to some good mall soon.

Next on the list is "wind pants"! I had never seen or heard that such a thing ever existed, but I did wonder many times what one does to prevent cold winds hitting ur legs and u feeling chilly down there. So, yesterday when I had walked out to 'enjoy' the snowfall, my jeans got a little wet. I told this to Mr. Kelly and he handed me his old wind pants. He`s a great guy. so the next time when I was getting ready to walk out, I took them off the hook and checked it out. Its kind of like a raincoat pant from the outside, but on the inside, it has another lining to it so that it keeps feet snug and warm. That is one thing no one had told me about before. I wish they had.

so if you read my blog carefully before you come out here, you know what u can get. and like Abhinav bhaiya told me, its all a one time investment. dont hesitate to get the best ones u can afford.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

one macbook pro please

I was up at around 5 this morning and called up sam but his cell was turned off or engaged. Then tried monu didi and talked for quite a while. Then since I had some more balance, I finally decided to call up pranav. I asked him to come online in about half an hour and hung up. Brushed my teeth and made coffee.

He came a little late because cafe's around had closed down. I wish he'd get internet at his home already. Because after just a few mins, the power went off. I had so many things to talk to him about! But maybe next time.

So when I finally came downstairs, it was bright enough to see outside. And I saw the beautiful white snow covering everything the eye could see. I felt like I should go out snowboarding. But the thought of the inadequate warm clothes I have held me back. I was even planning to go to the college but my legs get so cold walking outside, that I decided not to. Infact, even my shoes are cloth which will get wet easily. Then I'd have nothing else to wear!

So I was just sitting in the living room watching tv and snacking on stuff till 10 am. When Mr. Kelly finally woke up, we both drove down to canada computers to check out apple mac book and macbook pro. The model that would suit me best was indeed the pro and the lowest end model cost 2199 dollars. I asked about students discount, but they said only apple owned stores could offer me student's discount they were just resellers. I didnt want to go wandering for apple store, it would just be wasting time. Besides, I can also get the discount if I purchased it online via the apple website.

We also looked at some other malls for a sim card but that system just doesnt go here. You WILL have to buy a cellphone too, with a connection now that's just bull crap! Why waste a perfectly good piece of equipment? This is one of the reasons the developed countries are making so much waste. Now i'll try to buy a sim card off ebay because I have no idea where the flea market is around here.
Wish me luck!
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What a hangover really is

Last night was pub night at the cage-that's the name of this place in our college club where you can get alcohol and smoke and play pool, foos ball or other arcade games. The place is really cool, very active and exciting. And more so when there's an event. I had come here before with freddy before a class, and just sat there while he had beers. Now that day was a different situation.. We were there for a few mins only. But last night, i had to spend atleast a few hours there enjoying with them.

And I didnt want to look like an oddball there, so I had to grab a beer too. Abhinav bhaiya had told me abt his friend who would just sit with one beer throught the night. I thought i'd do that too, but because I would get a little thirsty, I finished my first one fast. Then came the next and for some reason i finished it even faster. The speed at which I gulped down the beers gradually went on increasing and before I knew it, I was totally high! There's very little I can clearly recall after that, but I am sure I had loads of fun.

So this morning when I woke up, my head was feeling like its going to explode! I tried to get back to sleep but that rarely happens even when my head is NOT filled with pneumatic drills! I had never before been in such a situation. Now i'm thinking of this one drug that I had seen a commercial of. It was supposed to be taken before you go drinking and you wont have a hangover. I had heard before that coffee was a good remedy to relieve a hangover so I thought of going down but as soon as I got out of my bed and started walking, my head started spinning. I was feeling too weak to walk even. Gotta just lay here in my agony untill mr. Kelly wakes up or I feel better.

So, I suppose thats what I'll post after the first time I get drunk. And will also be able to describe the feeling of hangover better once I really experience it. Untill then, even I'm guessing what a hangover really is.
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Friday, January 12, 2007


Today was our 2d and the re-scheduled 3d class. The 2d class was not at all like the stupid 2d class we did back in creative I college. This class by john parker had a lot to do with illustration and related techniques and design ideas. Pretty interesting also because he was very professional about it. We had to first do thumbnails of our concepts and then get his approval and do the final work on a illustration board that also had to be a very presentable manner. He showed us many works of students from the previous intake to give us an idea of what we would be doing. He then immediately gave us our first assignment. Thats due by 2nd feb.

After the class, me and freddy went first to get his photo id and then to the student union to pick up our student handbooks. Downstairs was the pizza place he had told me abt a few days ago and I was so tempted to get a slice after seeing them. So I finally got a slice for 3dollars thats about 120rupees! It was a delicious peperoni mushroom and green pepper pizza! So awesome that I'd go there over and over again if only I could kill my conscience. Then we went to the cage and freddy got a beer and we both sat down with these two other guys from our class peter and... I dont know the name.. After the beer he asked us if we'd like to go out for a smoke and freddy said yes. So we were out in the cold, I was wearing freddy's jacket as mine was in the locker. After that, we came back inside and he had another beer while I sat there worryin "I dont wanna be late for the class"

I was in the class on time allright and also stood up on the stool and shouted (boy did that take some guts on my part) "Does anybody have a digicam?" and found out that emelie had brought hers to the class today itself! So I took maybe just one picture in the class before I had to give it back to her for some reason I dont remember. She took my email and said she'd mail them to me. I think I'm gettin good with the girls.. (For more reasons than whats mentioned above actually)

In this class we had to make a sculpture with reed using expressive lines. Was a very exciting project and it was fun watching what others came up with. Some were pretty darn good. I dont know what others thought of my snail, but I know I didnt put in enough effort into seemed finished too soon and I didnt want to do anything else. Before leaving class, I did get emelie to take a picture of it so maybe I'll get to show you people. Still, I've brought the thing home with me, lets see how long I get to keep it.
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first painting class

Our timetable has been scheduled and re scheduled over and over twice in the past 3days. First the 3d class was moved to friday and then the painting class was moved ahead and substituted with the life drawing class. But thats not bothering me as much as two other things-my finances and my friends. I dont feel like eating outside when I read the prices! Why in a developed country where everything is so abundant, is the food so overpriced? Even someone like me has to look for financial support in order to be able to have two decent meals at the restaurants inside or outside the school. So I went looking for a job. I had read a hiring now sign at Mr. Subs yesterday so I went there right away, after completing my class.

It was a little awkward at first going up and asking for a job, but I overcome the initial hesitation and pop the guestion to the attendant. She was quick to reply we needed someone to work from 3to closing time on mondays tuesdays and thursdays. DRATS! Why monday? I could have gotten the job and hopefully atleast 15dollars an hour if it hadn't been for the monday's class that started at dot 3pm! I asked if they had some other time vacant but she said thats all they needed. So i'd have to apply elsewhere and see if luck favours me next time.

Untill then, I have all the time I want for my drawing and computing,internet,downloading,chatting emailing and stuff. But what use is that time while my mind is wandering somewhere else...
See what I mean? I've totally drifted away from the main topic of my post already. I wanted to tell ya about the painting class this morning. So lets begin already.

we were provided with acrylic colours in our kit so I had anticipated a different approach but still I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. The basics were explained pretty well. We first went over our equipment/materials and the use speciality was very well explained. I found out why my metal painting knives wont be useful with acrylic paint. We started with a grey scale again. I didnt bring my colours but she was ready to let me use her stuff. Thats one thing I'd never seen before in any of my classes. Because all the stuff is just so expensive and not everybody can afford them. So thats all I suppose..

Guess its pretty overdue for publishing so i'm just gonna send it.
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pringles chips

I went shopping in a canadian mall a day(or two) before and I bought stuff worth $40 (canadian). Thats worth 1600 rupees. 1kg bananas for 60 rupees. But pringles were cheaper than they are in india. One pack for 60 rupees while in india they're for 100 rupees! So I got barbecue and ketchup flavour. The taste is really unique. And thats something I'm gonna be buying more and more of. I could practically survive off them. But gonna miss the coca cola. Because coke and other cold drinks are much expensive here. But maybe someday I'll finally give in and buy a bunch of them from the store in bulk so its cheaper. There was also a "deli" where you could taste and buy all kinds of meat. I bought some smoked turkey. But gonna try something else next time. And there's so much variety in everything its mind boggling. How I wish I was richer so I could buy one of everything there. Well, maybe a little more next time.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007


This class taken by "Brenda" is our life drawing class. And I know this is going to go really fast. And I'm gonna have to give this class my 100percent for sure. Well, not like I'm not giving others my full effort, just that this one's even MORE important. Its the first classThis week we in whichare given a home work. Two homework assignments actually. First we have to make a self portrait design for a card in the deck. We could pick any one from the diamonds and clubs. I picked the ace of clubs. I talked to many others and they said they gave up the ace because they didnt want to grab attention towards themselves. And, the ace design has to be really really good too. Well, I'm up to the challenge and I already have a picture in my head of what my card is going to look like.

The other assignment is just as unique too. I've never done anything like it before! We have to do a "blind contour drawing. Yeah I figured you didnt understand it. What this basically is, is drawing a portrait or a figure by not looking at your drawing paper. And you cant even pick up your pencil or conte or whatever you're using from the paper: it has to be one continuous line drawing. Pretty tough huh? But its a accepted fact that its not going to end up looking beautiful or nearly resemble the person you're drawing. This is just to get your hand eye co-ordination better. But I actually have one problem with doing this assignment. I dont have a big enough drawing board in the house for supporting the page that we're supposed to use here. Well, anyways, I'll have to manage somehow.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jetlag kicks in

Just yesterday, I was talkin to abhinav bhaiya, that I didnt feel jetlagged at all and slept pretty well. He was quick to point out that its just the excitement of first day that you're not feeling sleepy today. Tomorrow you might feel it. And he was right(obviously)! I didnt sleep for long tonight, been waking up over and over again. Plus, I think that I slept nicely last night because of the exhaustion from the tiring flight.

Its possibly, because of the cold, my room had gotten really chilly in the night. when I got out and looked at the vent, it was totally cold and not blowing any air. The heating seemed to be turned off. To add to that, my bed's right next to the window. Few dreams also contributed to me waking up twice. Once I was wet with a lot of perspiration I was feelin really hot. But if I removed the blanket from over me, the outside air would give me the shivers. The other dream had me excited in a different way and left me wet somewhere else.(you readin it sam?)

Then my dude Mohit had to call me up at 4:30am! Thats around 3pm by indian time. I had woken up, and I wasn't groggy but I didn't recieve his call for some other reason. I'm charged 75rupees per minute for an incoming call while I'm on international roaming. But he probably doesnt know that and so, was bound to talk on and on. I gotta get that bank account opened fast because only then can I get a cellular connection here.

well, I've been typing this since a while now, but now I got to go get ready for college as its 6:20 am. But before going, I just want to say, Its been an experience stayin up in such cold letting my mind run loose, thinking about anything and everything.

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day after the flight

I want to start blogging already but I dont have a local sim yet(I wonder how much the networks charge for data calls here) and can only rely on wireless networks to publish from my cellphone. There's wireless internet access in the hotel I'm staying at but its username and password protected. I found out about complimentary internet access in the business centre of the hotel and got down there. But I didnt know how long I would take and since my cellphone was dead, only place to reach me was the phone in my room. So I just quickly replied to 2emails and composed a new one to anju mausi and left.

After I had a bath, I came downstairs to get myself a calling card. I needed to contact few people. Talking to dad was a waste, and embarrassing. He said he couldn't hear me and I had to yell out loud while I was standing out in the lobby. Then I called up Pranav. He sounded unexpectedly happy. Even said he was out celebrating. He's definately relieved to get rid of me.

I'll still haven't managed to get my cellphone charged completely so i'm sitting here by the outlet typing it all out
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Drug ballad

So, rick got us number of a gal who could provide me with a good place to stay. Called her, but she was at work. Said we could talk to her after 5. Well, we thanked him a lot for that and he decided to do us another favour and took us to the top of the building in the machine room.

"None of the other students ever get to come over here."
Lucky me. Thats the advantage of having desi people all around.
"Grab a chair for yourself"
Then he went and opened the exit, we put our chairs around and sat down. Mike(the fat black guy) went out and so did abhinav bhaiya. Then rick takes out a small bag of weed from his jacket. Oh god! What the fuck do I do now?

First trip to college.

Fuck everything else, I'm damn excited about the fact that I'm IN MY COLLEGE FINALLY! And better still, its got an open wi-fi hotspot. So I can just keep typing and posting checking my email using my phone.

The campus is HUGE! We were totally lost searching for the main help desk. We were gonna look into residence as I haven't found a place to stay yet. But everything is closed on a sunday so we could only talk to the security people. And thankfully both of them were indians.

ricky was really helpful and called up a few people to enquire about places to stay for me. I cant keep typing for long here, got to work on finding a residence

Friday, January 05, 2007

stupid english essay

My diwali holidays started with a sinking feeling about the inevitability of me failing to complete my assignments. The holidays are a chance, the ONE CHANCE yes have to forget our worries and college chores and rejoice day after day like there are no worries in the world. But even that dream was shot dead when the teachers announced the damned list.

My journey to my home town was not only accompanied by my heavy luggage inclusive of all my art material,stationery, but also a heavy mind filled with worries of how I'll manage to complete all that. But all those vanished, vaporized in the scorching heat of my hometown air. Sweet sunshine. Sweet home of mine. I relaxed..rather, lied around the house lazily almost all the time.

But it wasn't all futile fruitless fumbling around the house/channel surfing/browsing the web. I got immense pleasure, had loads of fun going out and meeting friends and relatives. Drinking,(strictly no alcohol if that's what you were thinking) Eating out,partying or just chatting away.

The best night was of sanika's birthday party. My proposal of painting tattos on children..actually any guest was much appreciated and encouraged. It was eventually a big success. So much that I got to eat only after all the kid guests left. Kids can be very demanding at times but it was my serendipity that I got through the night alive. And the praises that I got will never be forgotten.

A new start

I dont know yet if this is going to be my last post or the previous one already is. As I have nothing on my mind now and dont know when I'll finish and publish it. It is also highly possible that this is my LAST blog post in a few months untill I settle down in canada and get my own laptop.. Because even though my phone has wi-fi, I'm not sure of any wi-fi hotspots in canada and cellular service is exorbitant!

I just reached the hotel, and my parents and aniruddh bhaiya are following my trail. Dad's asked me to try and get a single room for myself so that they can come in and visit. But with so much overbooking and resulting delays, even assigning rooms would be difficult.

No Fuck no! Not another queue. Now what do I do here? My legs are killing me! Well lets listen to other people's conversations.. I know its not very polite, but its entertaining.. Vikas and some other guy in front talking abt this one guy who was waiting in line since 7:50 and is still in the queue with us for getting a room. Poor fella.

Chicks from the chicago flight are talkin right behind me. Total u.s. accent but indian looks. The one with a baseball cap almost looks like richa. They were told it snowed there so the flight was delayed but the other gal says, it snows all the time but american flights never get delayed. But we all know That's not the real reason behind the delay. Those assholes over booked the flights. One of the gals even said that its illegal to over book flights. Still, in India, you can get away with it.

Well, luckily I got my room and the best part is that there's no room mate to share it with. yippie! Well, gotta run to get the breakfast now before they close down. Blog later.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

the special hugs part two

Continued from where I left off,-
Pranav came to my house once again in the evening around 5 like the 23rd, and even had pizza with us. All thanks to arjun bhaiya, I couldn't convince him to come to the kitchen even. Well, I always knew I'm not very good at convincing people to do stuff they dont want to. That was the last time I was gonna get to eat indian pizza before I left for canada. But I'm drifting away now, lets get back to topic.

That was the night I was going back to akola, yet again, and this time, it was more certain than before that we weren't gonna get to meet again. I knew that and I WAS going to give him one last hug yet again, right after I kept my bag in the car. And arjun bhaiya just had to prompt me before I could do it.
"Are you going to meet him again?"
"Then give him one last goodbye hug na"
"I AM gonna give him a hug. Just lemme put my bags in the car"

Then I gave him one hug and started to run back but he pulled me back and gave one more bone crushing hug. Arjun bhaiya prompted again
"ok thats enough"
And I let go and turned back to head towards the car but he held my hand tightly. Didnt let me loose for a few secs..

I did hug montu bhaiya too before getting into the auto but that's totally omitable.

Next phase of my trip was Nagpur. I knew I had to hug harsh when we meet just like the first time. And I did do that, but harsh wasn't expecting it and I wasn't expecting harsh to be so much taller than me that I couldn't even put my arm over his shoulder. He had to jean forward for a better grip. BUT WAIT! I forgot to mention, rahul came to pick me up at the station and he was the first one I hugged in nagpur and HE was the first one I hugged goodbye. I was on the bed sleepy when Suraj was leaving for college on the 2nd. He bent down over the bed to hug me. I hoped we'd meet again after he comes back from college but I left early. I had hugged Nikita the day before itself. Harsh had dropped me to haldirams and we hugged in the middle of the road. He was still on the bike and that didnt help in reducing the effect of his height..

Then there was nobody to HUG in akola I thought but huz came over to my house unannounced and nothing could have been more touching. We spent about two hours talking about all sorts of things. But he was going to leave me after a handshake but I wasn't gonna let him. I hugged him tightly and he made pretend cryin noises. That made the very sad moment a little funnier. I wasn't gonna go to everybody's house in akola to meet everyone(dont ask why). But mom/dad had planned it all up to take me to the darn temple anyways and also to other relative's houses. I just shook with tina, and purva(purva, golu bhaiya and tauji taiji had come to the bus stop to see me off). When I visited tonu, I had to TELL him to gimme a hug. Golu bhaiya gave a nice warm soft squishy hug.

Aww why am I even writing it now?the mood is all gone now after the DELAYING of my flight by 24 whole hours!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The special hugs

I really have no idea how to go about this blog entry, but I just want to say how special a feeling it is when you hug someone you're really close to. The time stops and you let everything go. Its like instant nirvana. Nothing else is on your mind you dont give a crap about the rest of the world.And the first memory I have of this realization is with harsh.

I dont remember how old I was. But I'm sure It was in the summer vacation, as always, that we went to seoni to visit them, but it felt like it had been a really long time since I saw harsh this time. And for the same obvious reason, I was very very impatient to see him. As soon as I got to the house in seoni, I looked all over the place, but couldn't find him. I asked mamiji and found out he was at his friend's house.

Luckily, I knew this friend and his house which was just a short walk down the street. I literally ran down my house, along the street and up his house. Asked "Aunty Harsh kaha hai?" (where is Harsh?) and walked into the room, called out- 'Harsh!' No awkwardness, no shame, not even thinking that I'm in someone else's house and stretched my arms out wide. Harsh came to me and we hugged. Embraced each other as tightly as we could and just stay still in that position for what seemed like an eternity. I wont even be able to describe to you in person, what it looks like in my head when I reminiss about that moment.

Now, a catalogue of all the hugs I got as I wished every one last goodbyes before leaving for canada. First one was at my place on the 23rd. I was gonna leave for akola and it had been confirmed that I was gonna come again but pranav wasn't sure whether he'd be here. Though he did meet me again and yet again, it was a really precious moment.

And when I came back to pune on 27th, I was hopin we'd go watch happy feet this time. The plan materialized and We met at inox and he crushed me with his powerful grip. He was with me the whole day and he even came over to my place,stayed for the night and left in the mornin. Then, there was yet another hug from him. I haven't got words to describe how it felt.. Or Maybe its just writer's block. I've got more to mention now, but will save them for part two.

P.S. Happy new year ya'll.