Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jetlag kicks in

Just yesterday, I was talkin to abhinav bhaiya, that I didnt feel jetlagged at all and slept pretty well. He was quick to point out that its just the excitement of first day that you're not feeling sleepy today. Tomorrow you might feel it. And he was right(obviously)! I didnt sleep for long tonight, been waking up over and over again. Plus, I think that I slept nicely last night because of the exhaustion from the tiring flight.

Its possibly, because of the cold, my room had gotten really chilly in the night. when I got out and looked at the vent, it was totally cold and not blowing any air. The heating seemed to be turned off. To add to that, my bed's right next to the window. Few dreams also contributed to me waking up twice. Once I was wet with a lot of perspiration I was feelin really hot. But if I removed the blanket from over me, the outside air would give me the shivers. The other dream had me excited in a different way and left me wet somewhere else.(you readin it sam?)

Then my dude Mohit had to call me up at 4:30am! Thats around 3pm by indian time. I had woken up, and I wasn't groggy but I didn't recieve his call for some other reason. I'm charged 75rupees per minute for an incoming call while I'm on international roaming. But he probably doesnt know that and so, was bound to talk on and on. I gotta get that bank account opened fast because only then can I get a cellular connection here.

well, I've been typing this since a while now, but now I got to go get ready for college as its 6:20 am. But before going, I just want to say, Its been an experience stayin up in such cold letting my mind run loose, thinking about anything and everything.

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