Thursday, January 04, 2007

the special hugs part two

Continued from where I left off,-
Pranav came to my house once again in the evening around 5 like the 23rd, and even had pizza with us. All thanks to arjun bhaiya, I couldn't convince him to come to the kitchen even. Well, I always knew I'm not very good at convincing people to do stuff they dont want to. That was the last time I was gonna get to eat indian pizza before I left for canada. But I'm drifting away now, lets get back to topic.

That was the night I was going back to akola, yet again, and this time, it was more certain than before that we weren't gonna get to meet again. I knew that and I WAS going to give him one last hug yet again, right after I kept my bag in the car. And arjun bhaiya just had to prompt me before I could do it.
"Are you going to meet him again?"
"Then give him one last goodbye hug na"
"I AM gonna give him a hug. Just lemme put my bags in the car"

Then I gave him one hug and started to run back but he pulled me back and gave one more bone crushing hug. Arjun bhaiya prompted again
"ok thats enough"
And I let go and turned back to head towards the car but he held my hand tightly. Didnt let me loose for a few secs..

I did hug montu bhaiya too before getting into the auto but that's totally omitable.

Next phase of my trip was Nagpur. I knew I had to hug harsh when we meet just like the first time. And I did do that, but harsh wasn't expecting it and I wasn't expecting harsh to be so much taller than me that I couldn't even put my arm over his shoulder. He had to jean forward for a better grip. BUT WAIT! I forgot to mention, rahul came to pick me up at the station and he was the first one I hugged in nagpur and HE was the first one I hugged goodbye. I was on the bed sleepy when Suraj was leaving for college on the 2nd. He bent down over the bed to hug me. I hoped we'd meet again after he comes back from college but I left early. I had hugged Nikita the day before itself. Harsh had dropped me to haldirams and we hugged in the middle of the road. He was still on the bike and that didnt help in reducing the effect of his height..

Then there was nobody to HUG in akola I thought but huz came over to my house unannounced and nothing could have been more touching. We spent about two hours talking about all sorts of things. But he was going to leave me after a handshake but I wasn't gonna let him. I hugged him tightly and he made pretend cryin noises. That made the very sad moment a little funnier. I wasn't gonna go to everybody's house in akola to meet everyone(dont ask why). But mom/dad had planned it all up to take me to the darn temple anyways and also to other relative's houses. I just shook with tina, and purva(purva, golu bhaiya and tauji taiji had come to the bus stop to see me off). When I visited tonu, I had to TELL him to gimme a hug. Golu bhaiya gave a nice warm soft squishy hug.

Aww why am I even writing it now?the mood is all gone now after the DELAYING of my flight by 24 whole hours!

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