Monday, January 29, 2007

better late than never

This one is about the gym. The basketball courts and my experience of being there and playing for the first time. That was on the 24th. I hadn't really planned to go there to play basketball, I just happened to get there 30minutes before the information session was supposed to start. So to kill time, I inquired abt getting a ball from the college and shooting a few baskets for practice.

Luckily, I was required to give only one student ID card in exchange for the ball. (In fergusson, they required two student's id cards.) So even a loner like me can take benefits of the facilities. I haven't ever been very good at shooting baskets. I don't know if its my pathetic aim or insufficient upper body strength. I really wish there was some quick way to strengthen my arms. Well, after embarrassing myself in front of the few people there were for around 15minutes, I noticed some of my classmates come there so I decided to sit and check my email. Wonderfully, my phone picked up the wifi network even so far from the other college buildings, in the gym!

The facilities there are amazing! Everything is electronically controlled! I saw them setting up for the info session, they plugged in the wooden panels that were actually the seats folded up! Powered on and out came the whole setup. If you've never seen something like this before, you'll probably need to see it to understand what I'm tryin to say. The baskets were hung from the ceiling and could be retracted when not needed or brought down to play- all at the touch of a button! And need I mention the spanking wooden floor?

This floor could also be attached a net to serve as a volleyball court. The other side of the building has some squash rooms and yoga/aerobics rooms and oh, also, the changing rooms. Upstairs was a cardio and weight training room. I dont think I'll go there anytime soon. I enquired about table tennis table but they didn't have it. Well you can't have everything! In the future I'll find out more about it because I intend to go there as often as I get time. Its a nice way to get warmed up in the cold weather!

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