Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lazy tuesdays

I came to the college from my house around 1pm.. Am not sure if I'm right.. maybe earlier, maybe later. I had gotten fed up of being at home and Mr. Kelly had left the house too, so there was no way i was getting a ride down to the mall to buy new shoes. I decided to walk down in my old torn shoes itself. Today, I wasn't that intimidated by the thought of my toes becoming all wet. Just didnt seem like that big a deal because I had walked to college and back home in snow on monday and sunday too! Besides, I had a plan to get my shoes dried up in case they did get wet.

I wasted my time in the library using the open access computer to check my mails, upload pictures and print out another copy of my schedule. God! Its really important to label your documents before you give the print command because there are many more students who want printouts and their documents are many pages long! So in all that pile of papers coming out from the printer, its really difficult to find your document if you are not actually there beforehand to pick it up.

After that I went to the students union building to have a slice of pizza but that outlet was closed already. So I went to the cafeteria to try the "pizza pizza" outlet. They had a small sized pizza for 3.99 and free spices to put on yours. I put a lot of oregano leaves on mine and also picked up a garlic cream dip. After I paid for that at the cash counter, I sat down and finally took a (much needed) bite out of a delicious pizza. If I hadn't had this, the memory of the awful taste of the frozen pizza would have haunted me for even longer. Which I couldn't tolerate.

One ending note though, recently I've been posting a LOT! And its only intended for people really interested in knowing how my lifestyle here really is and what I'm busy doing all day. I know pranav's definately interested and even my parents would like to know this. Others.. I'm not sure about. So reader discretion is advised. ;)
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