Thursday, December 28, 2006

My dearest collection

I have over 38 movies on over 20 dvds with me that I got over the internet, from friends or just by copying the dvds that I had rented from dvd express. I have about 4, of my photographs and 4 music dvds. Then there are at least 8 dvds with cartoons like south park, family guy, simpsons, rugrats and dexter's lab. Plus downloaded softwares and video tutorials.

I have amassed them over the year since we got broadband in our house. I would sit up over the night from 2am to 8 during the free hours to download as much as I could. Then when we got the unlimited connection, I would check back all day to see how far each download had progressed. The speeds we get here aren't even half of what broadband users in the developed countries of the world were using.

Now I have over 200 GB of data that I want to carry with me to canada. Even though arjun bhaiya constantly keeps sayin I could easily re-download all this in a very short time, I know many of these items are very rare. I might not find active torrents of them later on. Then there's the threat of the anti-piracy police. I had asked manish bhaiya and aniruddh bhaiya and both agreed taking it there shouldn't be a problem. But montu bhaiya and anu didi are coaxing me to leave all that gold behind. How could I let go of my precious?

So i'm callin out to all you people who have carried discs over international flights specifically to canada, to help me out of this dilemma. What is a safe number of discs to carry and what should I label them? How should I conceal them? I dont have much time to pack now, so quick replies would be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

school reunion night

With another entry incomplete in the drafts, the total count has reached to 2 and still, I cant help writing another one. Thats because this re-union is a bag of so many mixed feelings, this is one thing I just HAVE to have a record of in my diary.

When I first heard about this event going to take place, I was apprehensive and not very keen on going. Because such events always seemed to be(from what I've seen in movies) for the most successful of people, the popularest people during school days will still get all the attention and the nerds will be teased by the bullies yet again(this turned out to be only true in reel life as I didnt see anyone being ripped on). I obviously ain't the very successful kind, and let alone popularity, I was also bullied by many.

But just about 2minutes after I arrived there, I realized how big a mistake I would have made had I denied the invitation to the party. Because I met one of my best pals in mount carmel whom I had lost complete contact with after I moved to pune. Rahul Hartalkar. What an awesome chap he was and still is.

The program was very cheesy at best, same old hosts, same rude audience. The regular introduction round. Which was plagued by many "microphone not working" problems. Some games were fun, and the rewards included kit kats. Chits were drawn from bowls to select the players and Random people were called up front for distributing the prizes. And then there was voting for Mr. and Mrs. 'Unify'- thats what the event was called. And as the final announcement was made- a request for 10more bucks from each attendee as the expenses had exceeded the collection by around 1k, and the money collected, we all went to the lawn for the real party.

The biggest disappointment was here, as the music sucked big time! I really wish they'd informed us before hand that we had to get good music for ourselves. I would have gotten my dvd of nice rockin music. And I wouldn't have to bother about others in the party not likin my taste because most of these people having lived in places like pune and nagpur(I'm sure thats where most of 'em are) had started liking the same genere of music too. Rahul was talkin to me about linkin park's numb!

But music's not the only thing we share our likings in. Even the movies I and he likes are similar. We both bashed dhoom2 while we admired movies like no man's land, miami vice and even the animated cars. I was surprised to discover we have so much in common. No wonder he was my best friend in school days. And at this point, I'd like to point out to my previous entry "confession...".

Friday, December 22, 2006

Kill Me

I`m a bad person.

I was having such a nice day. I enjoyed each and every moment of it so much that I didnt even get time for posting a blog entry until just now. Well, technically, its been more than one day, but it never really seemed like two different days. We slept at 2 am I guess and woke up again at 6:30 am and continued out chatting. (I hadn't ever talked to him so much and got to know him way better throughout the day than I ever did before. I had even talked to him about this subject - how many friends did I know really well. That was when I realized I had never known any of my friends as good as I know some now. Thats because back then I wasn't even mature enough to think about all this. And like Sam, even I think too much. Thats what lead me to writing this entry.) Then went to see Kabul Express, we were a little late though, but I had seen it before so it was ok. I told him the parts that we missed. Then I dropped him off at shivajinagar and that was the end of the fabulous day with Sam. Then went and gave the exam. What happened after that, I`ll regret for many days to come.

Today I disappointed both pranav and Abhinav even after thinking I would somehow manage both. I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter I had to fall to loose it all, but in the end, it doesn't even matter. I called up samrat to know if he`s sure whether there was x box 360 in the cafe on F.C. road but even he was not sure. I knew that simply playing game together won't be enough. Abhinav wanted me to come to his house but with Pranav wanting to use the pc at my home to connect his hdd and delete the pesky antivirus, it was going to be difficult. NO! actually it was impossible.

I called up Aniruddh bhaiya to find out if I had the time. hoping that maybe something will come up and I`ll be able to go with my friends. But he said that we`d go for shopping as soon as I got back home so I had to leave. I just stood there with a miserable look on my face. I didn't know how I could tell both of them that I had to go. I just did it anyhow. Abhinav seemed to take it very well. He said he was expecting this to happen. He left. I was left with Pranav gazing into my eyes. His usual blank stare. As if trying to read my mind(and I`m sure he was successful at that). So I couldn't have said anything more to him. I just spoke out in the "sorry"est tone I could "kill me, I`m a bad person" and he smiled and said "sach mein?" And frankly, I wouldn't have minded if he really did.

Monday, December 18, 2006

first blogger beta mobile post

I really wish they had implemented html tags in emails.. Bold, underline, italics and other formatting is necessary for giving the proper impact to whatever you want to convey. But you cant always have everything can you?

Another thought, after I get to canada, i'll be registered with one of the major cell phone service providers in north america, and then I might finally be able to register my mobile device on yahoo and be able to post any technology related content on my 360 blog from my cellphone. Ofcourse, as I've heard that cellular service abroad is very expensive, and wi-fi hotspots are abundant, I'll be using those to connect online.

Just talked to dad and he says I need to plan my trip considering I'll be leaving on 2nd of jan itself. So as pranav doesnt seem to be ready to come to akola, i'll go alone on 23rd and then go to nagpur as and when possible but I'm definately staying there for new years. And then I'll have to rush to pune, grab my stuff and reach mumbai airport. Hope everything goes as planned.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

And once again

I know that I'll sleep easy. I'll have sweet dreams tonight and wake up fresher than ever tomorrow morning. Its been just one of days that feel right.

Despite being late to college and missing the presentation, I have a sense of achievement because the sketch of my jeans was just simply amazing(obviously speaking by my standards) I got back home and just sat there looking at it wondering, did I really do that? And just for that, I'm going to buy myself a fixative.

I finished two of my animations in time and also figured out my way around flash..a bit.. And have put up my query online on deviantart as no one in class could tell how it could be done. Lets hope I get an answer soon.if you know flash, visit my journal on deviantart to know what my problem is.

Its about time I went to sleep so good night folks. Lights out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the death of yash gupta

Its not the first time I'm doing a death theme blog entry, I've done so in the past too. That one was like my unofficial will in case I died of bird flu, but this one is inspired from the south park episode eric cartman. So if you haven't seen it, you might as well skip this(now that I know sumit wont be reading this,I can write whatever I want to say about him)

Case 1: I would send smses to many of my friends but out of them, pranav was the one whom I sent most often. He replied to me initially, but slowly, it went from less often to almost never. Like .5% of the times. Now as you know, eric cartman's friends want to get rid of him for eating all the chicken skin. So they decide to start ignoring him because even when they're not nice to him, he thrives on their ripping on him. And thats the kind of thing pranav's doin with me, my messages. Even if he'd flick me off its ok, I can live with that.

Case 2: When sumit gets annoyed, he just stops talking. He is just so good at ignoring me. And even dying or being dead cant hurt as much as that does. He could beat me lifeless and that wouldn't hurt as much as it does when he doesnt talk to me. But it always seems like I bring his wrath upon me. No one knows how many times I've resolved to try and be more tolerable around him but that just seems impossible for me. Guess would be just best for everyone if I really died.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

stop staring

You ever had this experience that you are just looking around in a public place when someone catches your eye and you keep looking back there over and over again? Not talking about cases when she's pretty,drop dead gorgeous and sexy, its cases where someone is just so darn ugly or downright weird that are intriguing. One such case happened with me at vaishali this morning.

Aniruddh bhaiya pointed out this uncle standing there waiting for a table. He had very very very hairy (and I mean every "very" that I put in there) ears. It was fun for a few seconds, Aniruddh bhaiya made some jokes about it and I laughed and he was done with it. But for me, it just kept getting worse. I know Its gross but just cant help looking there over and over again. I was getting worried about how I could eat after this. Reminded me of the dexter's lab episode where dexter's thoughts are heard by everyone and he sees the lunch lady with a gross mole on her cheek.. I was in exactly the same situation.

And this topic of staring people came up again when we noticed people staring at us. Obviously not for some such gross reason,(I hope) they were waiting for a table and were just looking for when we'd get done.. Maybe their strategy was to make us uncomfortable or self conscious so that we'd stop eating and get the hell out. But that wasn't going to happen. You cant stop ME! NEVER!

Friday, December 01, 2006

alien sighting in pune

I never thought i'd witness an alien abduction but then again, who'd ever expect such things to happen to him? They are all always sudden,unexpected,etc. So this night I am at pranav's place again, I was invited over for dinner(or was I?). And I really enjoyed it, specially because I was already pretty hungry after all the dancing. Then I really needed to go to bed and let my muscles rest.

I had already gotten into the blanket and wished pranav good night but he recieved a really funny sms that he wanted to share with me. That being done, I went back under the blanket(not because I was sacred of the dark but because that's how I always sleep.) But just a few seconds later bright light filled the room for a second and there was a weird sound. I looked out of my blanket and pranav wasn't in his place.

I was totally stunned! What the hell just happened I tried to think with my weary little brain. The immediate conclusion, he was abducted by aliens. Aliens? In India? Right here in lohgaon! Freaky! I just got back and snuggled up inside the blanket. My only protection. (hmm isn't today world aids day? So you can consider that the social message of the day)

Too sacred to look out and with already aching muscles, I couldn't sleep anymore. My sleep had disappeared. I just lay there thinking about what would be the consequences.. To lighten up my mood I thought about the first episode of south park. Guess it worked.. I was slowly coming to my senses..

I start putting the pieces together. The light could have been a bulb in the other room.. The sound was probably a creaking door. And just maybe, that sneaky guy just walked out without making any noise at all.. Like he flew away.. And Just Then pranav walks back into the room and lies down back on the couch. False alarm people, go back to sleep. Good night.