Thursday, December 07, 2006

And once again

I know that I'll sleep easy. I'll have sweet dreams tonight and wake up fresher than ever tomorrow morning. Its been just one of days that feel right.

Despite being late to college and missing the presentation, I have a sense of achievement because the sketch of my jeans was just simply amazing(obviously speaking by my standards) I got back home and just sat there looking at it wondering, did I really do that? And just for that, I'm going to buy myself a fixative.

I finished two of my animations in time and also figured out my way around flash..a bit.. And have put up my query online on deviantart as no one in class could tell how it could be done. Lets hope I get an answer soon.if you know flash, visit my journal on deviantart to know what my problem is.

Its about time I went to sleep so good night folks. Lights out.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you had a most successful day!