Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the death of yash gupta

Its not the first time I'm doing a death theme blog entry, I've done so in the past too. That one was like my unofficial will in case I died of bird flu, but this one is inspired from the south park episode eric cartman. So if you haven't seen it, you might as well skip this(now that I know sumit wont be reading this,I can write whatever I want to say about him)

Case 1: I would send smses to many of my friends but out of them, pranav was the one whom I sent most often. He replied to me initially, but slowly, it went from less often to almost never. Like .5% of the times. Now as you know, eric cartman's friends want to get rid of him for eating all the chicken skin. So they decide to start ignoring him because even when they're not nice to him, he thrives on their ripping on him. And thats the kind of thing pranav's doin with me, my messages. Even if he'd flick me off its ok, I can live with that.

Case 2: When sumit gets annoyed, he just stops talking. He is just so good at ignoring me. And even dying or being dead cant hurt as much as that does. He could beat me lifeless and that wouldn't hurt as much as it does when he doesnt talk to me. But it always seems like I bring his wrath upon me. No one knows how many times I've resolved to try and be more tolerable around him but that just seems impossible for me. Guess would be just best for everyone if I really died.

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