Thursday, May 29, 2008

Angry rant again

I just broke the news to my dad. I recieved the revised score, but I didn't make it in. I missed admission by 0.7 which seems small, but I think its huge. He was outside, in a bank, and couldn't talk to him much because there was a lot of noise. I asked him to call me back, and will hopefully talk about returning to Canada.

But the news kinda ruined my day. Wait, it wasn't the news but what happened after I read the email. I guess I was reminded how pissed I am about certain things that were the way they were. Maybe even some things that were happening with me today. Ah, what the fuck! I should just stop beating around the bush and come to the point. I've never been scared about coming to the point and discussing any topic on my blog.

While biking, I said to myself,I had a fight with Pranav. But it wasn't really a fight. All just because I was too much of a chicken to tell him how I really felt and what I was really thinking. Its his nature to start blabbering and voicing his opinions and not caring about what the other person thinks. And because I care too much about what he thinks, I just listened. I should have just grown some balls and said to him,

"you never helped me out when I was working on this thing, all alone. And thus, you are not in a position to beat me up about my portfolio and my drawings. I did my best given the circumstances. I couldn't have told you to pick me over your own studies, but it would have been nice if you cared to ask and look and respond. People have different styles of working, personal preferences. So while you worked all alone, ignoring everyone around you, improving and getting all awesome in the process, I was stuck in a rut, lonely, longing for someone to work with and help me out.

In the end, things did kind of work out, between me and sujata, and she helped me a ton with my drawings and that was one of the happiest working time I can remember. I am so grateful and indebted to sujata, that I would sincerely listen to anything she has to say and humbly follow her each and every advice. Because she was there for me even in the tough times. Unlike you, pranav who just rubs my nose in the pile o shit that I'm already in."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Visiting seoni part 1

Its really been long since I updated this blog. And I have an excuse. I was visiting my relatives in seoni. Its a small place in Madhya pradesh about 130Km away from Nagpur. I hadn't even bought my ticket to nagpur up until one hour before the bus was supposed to depart. If I hadn't gotten that last seat, the whole plan would have been screwed. But, I arrived in Nagpur just fine, the next day and called up harsh to come pick me up. We were in nagpur that evening, and left for Seoni at around 10 pm. The bus ride was awful. By the time we reached seoni, about 3 hours later, I was really tired. But we were determined we were going to go play sports early next morning with mamaji.

Mamaji plays Lawn tennis these days. He's also awesome at badminton and table tennis. Suraj wanted to play Lawn tennis, so we left him with mamaji. Harsh and me went to the officer's club to play some table tennis and badminton. I drove the car for that short distance, and was pretty comfortable with it. What can I say, I'm a natural! Harsh is really good at table tennis too, but he was a little rusty. Thus I could beat him a few times. It was really a lot of fun. Then Mamaji and Suraj arrived, and then it was badminton time. By the end, I was really hungry and couldn't get home fast enough. One awesome breakfast later, we were upstairs watching how I met your mother.

We had plans for the evening as well. Harsh and Suraj took short naps in the daytime. For lunch, I cooked okra. We decided to go for boating at dalsagar. Its a small lake, with a small island in the center. And get ready for this, The trees on that island are inhabited by large number of bats! Harsh told me the tale of 'the time everything on the island went white!' And I had it figured it had to be because of bird droppings. haha. I took photos of bats in flight as they flew right above us, and skimmed the water. I will be uploading those on flickr soon. Also, with the help of my tripod, I got some pictures of the lake after sundown that everyone REALLY liked.

Then, we went to Center point for dinner. No wait, that was after the really boring and annoying and useless round of clothes shopping at koutons. Every time I visit my nanaji, naniji in seoni, they buy us new clothes. It was really exciting for us when we were kids. But now, I really wasn't into it. I felt I didn't really need any new clothes, and was never going to find anything that fits. And when I say no, it means NO. Mamaji tried hard to persuade me into 'looking for clothes' but I didn't. I guess mom ended up buying something for dad.

Center point hotel was a little disappointing that night. The food had too much chilli in it. And I having lost my tolerance for heat, couldn't eat much. I did try to take some pictures of star trails, but the stars didn't look as bright, probably because the gardens were very well lit. Anyways, we came back, and I had a craving for 'barf ka gola' but unlike always, tonight, there was nobody around our house. Back home, suraj was determined to finish season one of how I met your mother tonight. So he watched on, as I fell asleep.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sleepover at abhinav's

Okay, now, I am not sure, how many of you readers remember this, but I could never get it out of my head. And so, when I was finally on my way to Abhinav's place, I was really hoping that this would make up for my stupidity more than a year ago.

I just needed some alone time to think about this post and some peace and quiet to type it up. And so, this morning, with my fresh mind, and while pranav's sleeping, I am aiming to finish this blog post and publish it. Its already a day late, and I'd rather not delay it any further. so here goes!

I think the last time I travelled in a pune bus was before december 2006. I loved riding the pulsar and would never get tired of it. Actually, now, I kinda miss the pulsar. But anyways, the bus ride wasn't too bad. I caught one from near suwarnanagri, where pranav's flat is, in bibewadi. I was surprised to see the fancy new ticketing system they had now. A machine that would print out your start point, your destination, the distance, the fare and the total on a bright white paper. And it was really fast. Cool!

I was supposed to get down at Swargate, but I was busy texting someone and missed the stop. Then I got down on Tilak road, and walked back to swargate. I hadn't had any breakfast so I needed to put something in my system. I had a glass of neera, after AGES! Well, even I'm not really sure what the drink is made of, but kinda tastes like coconut. I had a hard time finding a bus to nigdi, but all was good, and I started my 24 km bus ride. I was kinda frustrated by the diesel smoke and thought I should have rather gone by the train.

I got down at tilak Chowk after Akurdi and Abhinav came to pick me up. We had a glass of sugarcane juice and went to his home. I met his grandparents, and his pets. Golu looked bigger than I expected. Then we played some games on his computer. Having a joystick really rocks! He had a lot of digit and chip magazines lying around. I flipped through those, I remember the time when I used to buy each and every issue of those mags.

He kept asking me over and over again, "tu bore to nahi ho raha na?" (Are you getting bored?) It was really funny. I told him to not think about it. I was having a great time. And if something bored me, he'd find out. lol. We started watching a martial arts movie while we had lunch. I don't remember what it was called, there was jet li in it. Since it was in chinese and japanese, we had to watch it with subtitles.

The food was really good. But I couldn't figure out what the one vegetable preparation was. And lunch made me really sleepy. Add to that the fact that I hadn't slept much the previous night. So I said to him, I'll take a nap. And we went to the room with the beds, and I fooled around, and I wasn't sleepy anymore... for a little bit. Then, I was sleepy again! So I said, lets just do it. "Wake me up in one hour." I woke up two hours later, at 7. It was already kinda dark outside. I was feeling so stupid for sleeping through the evening time when we could have gone out and done something fun.

Then we started the movie, 'The kingdom'. I hadn't seen it before, but the movie is AWESOME! If you haven't seen it, you have GOT TO! In the middle of the movie, we decided to go out to get dinner. And that's when the funniest incident of the night happened. I was waiting for him outside the house, when I suddenly feel something touch my ass. I turn around, scared, and see its only Jimmy (his dog). I cool down, but then he puts his face up in my crotch! I walk back, turn around again, and call out for abhinav. And jimmy just grabs a hold of my leg with both his front limbs and looked like he was trying to hump me.

I was freaked out now. I move forward a little, Abhinav walks out, Jimmy has let go by now. I say to him, "do you know what your dog was just doing?" And Suddenly, Jimmy grabs hold of me, tighter than before, and this time, really starts humping! And he just wouldn't get off! Fuck! I could feel his claws scratching my foot. It took quite a bit of yelling to get him off. I wasn't going to struggle/fight with my leg for the sake of its safety. And when it was all over, I asked, "Hey, have you ever seen the south park episode of sparky the gay dog?"1

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post I typed a few days ago

The argument with pranav, I left unfinished because I was getting late
for class. But I was still thinking about it when I was driving and I
came up with something pretty damn good.

Even if we're drawing just match boxes, there's no reason for people
who know, to dumb down and draw it all wrong. Draw it correct AND work
on drawing it beautiful.

And that's just one of the many things that's wrong with the education
system here. For this post, education system only refers to the
animation field. Take the topic of life drawing for instance. Stupid
fucking dolls (i can't remember how to spell mannequin or the word
just isn't in the t9 dictionary.) can't be posed in a natural human
position. They can never convey the right sense of weight or strain,
force etc.

Don't even get me started on caricatures. I was told to do some
caricatures and bring them in. And after ma'm looked at them and
instructing me, she didn't really show much caricaturing.. What she
was doing was just slight simplification of faces, the kind that would
lend itself to character designing for animation. Good caricatures are
a totally different field.

Lastly, I admit I'm no awesome artist, my hand need lots of work but
I'm not dumb or ignorant or uninformed. And I don't take too kindly to
people treating me like a fool.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Messed up day

I had the weirdest things happen to me today. From messaging a school friend, only to find out that he died over a year ago, to meeting sujata's mom for the first time since we started dating. Both were super awkward.. I can't say which one was more. But the first one was definitely more sad.

On the brighter side, I moved most of my stuff in at pranav's flat, and will be living here from now on. Today, anup was really getting on my nerves, so I'd say, it wasn't a day too soon. Even the internet connection was installed today, so I'm really satisfied.

And just before I went to bed, I got to talk to mickey. It had been ages! But he said he was just typing a reply to the email. Pranav, never checks his email. he always has an excuse, but actually, for Pranav, communication is not important. He only cares about his studies. And when he told me that, I wished there was something I could do to teach him a lesson. Life is not just about 'you', there are other people, who's lives you affect too.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I am so sorry to Karthik that I didn't post a new entry the last time I was tagged. But this time, I won't miss it. So here goes:

Last movie I saw in the theater?
Iron man

What book am I reading these days?
none, Honestly, but I would like to read Failing forward

Favorite Board game?
Clue, A game I played with my friend Rohin a long time ago called 'Who dares'

Favorite magazine?
I like a lot of mags, but don't know which one I'd call my favorite.

Favorite smells?
Hmm, that's an interesting one. I love the smell of the earth when it rains for the first time after a long summer. If they came out with a perfume that smelled like that, I'd be ready to pay them a fortune.

Favorite sounds?
I don't really think about sounds much... But I'd say my fav sound is sound of laughter of people closest to me.

Worst feeling in the world?
I don't think many would disagree with me on this, guilt is by far the worst feeling you can experience. Also add loneliness and separation.

First thing I think of when I wake?
It changes every day, but mostly, its that I meet or talk to a friend today.

Favorite fast food place?

Future child's name?
Harsh/pranav/Ankita/Sujata/Nikita (there seems to be a pattern of sound in the girl names, all end with 'ta')

If I had a lot of money, I'd...
make sure my family and friends never run into money related problems.

Do I drive fast?
Hell yeah!

Do I sleep with a stuffed animal?
Are you kidding me? I fuckin don't!

Storms - cool or scary?
'Scary cool'

What was my first car?
I haven't owned a car!

Favorite drink? 
its a tough call between Cold coffee and coke

If I had the time, I would...
work-out and improve my body.

Do I eat the stems on broccoli?
I haven't had enough broccoli to form an opinion

If I could dye my hair any other color, I would
Dye it a very low value, low key blue

Name all the places I've lived..
Oh boy, I love this one...Akola, Pune, Mumbai, Oakville

Favorite sports to watch?
Extreme sports

Nice thing about the person who sent me this?
He is very down to earth.

What's under my bed?
Under some, there's a storage compartment that holds all kinds of things. with others, there's nothing.

Would I like to be born as myself again?
yes, that would be fine.

Morning Person or night Owl?
Both, actually. at different times though.

Over easy or sunny side up?
Over easy

Favorite place to relax?
Anywhere with a perfect 24 degrees temperature.

Favorite pie?
We don't get much pies where I live. But when I was in oakville, I liked lemon meringue pie.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry and chocolate

of all the people I have tagged...
wait, I have tagged none.