Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gmail just wouldnt open!!!

In my previous post you saw, I was very excited about running the graphics card successfully and downloading stuff on the broadband! The graphics card didnt turn out all cheers for anyone. I feel even disappointed than Arjun bhaiya. Sure he`s more annoyed and tired than disappointed. But you must read the rest of that story here.
Arjun bhaiya also deflated my excitement about broadband when he told me that in just 18 days of installation of broadband, he had used almost all of his download limit! The limit is 1.8gb and he`s used almost 1.7! He`s been downloading a lot of stuff lately! He had edonkey installed on his pc and also limewire p2p clients. He`s also been downloading many softwares from download.com and "HIGH BITRATE SONGS". Now I do believe even if u have excellent quality speakers like jbl, and a broadband connection, theres no point in downloading a song of size 8.5 mb! He said that he`d wait for the night only to download large files(Larger than 50mb) He`d download all the other smaller files during the daytime itself. That, and constantly updating all the softwares and windows was the reason why all the bandwidth got used up so soon!
And thats why, I have to wait till 2 a.m. to start downloading my files...cartoons, e-books, songs, and if I feel lucky, even some movie clips/videos.
I am two hours away from starting to download stuff all night! I just hope I find more non-rapidshare links to download at the time when rapidshare asks me to wait.


I`m in pune

I arrived in pune this morning, a little late than expected. Krishna bhaiya told me that the bus wouldnt start for about one hour last night in the middle of nowhere. Thats what probably caused the delay. But still, the bus was very shitty too. I had nothing to worry about in the morning since I had already asked back my 250 rupees from krishna bhaiya last night when the bus halted at a dhaba.
When I arrived at home, Zeus started getting excited and arjun bhaiya also came out in the balcony and asked gorakh kaka if I was here yet...He figured I was because of zeus`s barking. I was a little hungry but still, I just went straight up to arjun bhaiya`s room to see my graphics card/broadband....

Saturday, February 18, 2006


If You havent visited my "the fun portal" blog yet, please do because I have posted some more sketches... Along with some analysis of my drawing techniques and errors/mistakes. Of course, you are also free to post comments on these sketches on this or "The Fun portal" blog
And here is one of the sketches that I posted there


Friday, February 17, 2006

I`m Getting a ("cant tell anyone" says mom)

Ruchi didi, I already knew what u felt about relatives when we talked the other day about where you`re going to stay in bangalore... But with me, its not so intense. The marriage that I was talking aout was of a really REALLY distant cousin "bhaiya". And that was just one side of the coin.
And now, I`m about to tell you the things that I really benefitted from. I met Nisha didi who`s going to be married in april and Ritesh bhaiya will be coming from the USA for it. So, I figured since I already had researched on a digital camera, I might as well ask him to get it for me. (oops! mom said I cant tell anyone "something" might go wrong...You dont know, its a family thing...and dont ask me! Even I`m not sure why) Ok, so he was more than happy to talk to me about it just like Manish bhaiya did, and he had the same concern too. That I`m just asking for this camera because it has 6 megapixel. And that I dont know that 6 megapixel is more than necessary. But after we talked and I could explain it to him that even I wished Fujifilm had a model with all the same specs except, such a high maximum resolution that I`d hardly use, he agreed to buy it. He asked me for the amazon.com link to the camera and said he`d look at ebay too for the perfect bargain. Thank god that`s left to him, because I am not very sure about "bidding at ebay" or calculating how much its going to cost along with the shipping and all...
So you see, knowing more people around the world just helps you. Even more if they happen to be your relatives/distant relatives. You can always start getting to know each other and become more like friends.
And I remembered, I never really wished Nisha didi even after I came to know that she was engaged...
Congratulations on your engagement, and I wish you a grand marriage and a happy married life(now I wonder if the latter two were different)


Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Whole week sucks!

I thought it was just a day of being yelled and screamed at but it turns out this WHOLE week is going to be miserable with much more agonizing stuff than I had ever thought before.
This realization dawned on me today, when after returning from the barber`s I had a accident at second the very same place! ok, why don't I just go in the order in which things took place instead of going into a flashback?
I decided to leave for "paradise" the place where I used to get my hair cut before I moved to pune. On the way there, I was driving at around 25-30kmph when a stupid son of a bitch A$$-h0le @#$*# %#^# and what not, started going to the right without indicating or looking back to see if anyone was coming. I couldn't have predicted where that IDIOT would go next so I pulled on the brakes and SLIPPED! I just don't believe this! Now I thought that from the next time on, I wont stop for anything and just collide head on! That way its not only me who gets hurt! But I didn't stick around and decided to just get the haircut done with.
But then, when I was coming back,(in a hurry because me and divya had to go take the wave to the service centre because it wasn't giving the average they had promised in the manual/promos) ahem...When I was coming back, at the same place, another stupid son of a bitch A$$-h0le @#$*# %#^# and what not walked onto the road from behind a car and even though I had decided not to, the immediate reflex was to pull on the brakes as hard as my fingers could and AGAIN, I slipped on the muddy road! How the hell can this happen two times at such short intervals at the same god-damn place?
Unless, it was just bad luck week....


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This valentines day so Totally sucked!!!

I had to run to the cafe where I had downloaded Some episodes of the simpsons and an episode of American dad to see if he still had it but he had deleted it already and I had to download them all over again from sparky`s to see them. Talk about tough luck, uncle was busy doing some work on the administrator computer (with a limited-user account) so he couldnt transfer the files to my Ipod and while I was waiting for him to finish that, I decided to help two ladies register online.
Now It wasnt easy in the beginning since I didnt know the exact address where they had to register for noni(dont ask me! all I could figure out is that its some herbal medicinal thingy). But after I got to the website, it was like any other registration and we breezed through it. I had even started the download of two simpson episodes in the background...haha. But when the payment options appeared, registration came to a halt! they didnt know that when you are registering online, you have to have a credit card/check/dd. So I decided to just transfer my files and leave since it was almost 3 p.m.
After I finished my lunch, I watched the episodes that I had downloaded and at around 5:45, I shut it down and decided to watch TV.After The simpsons, Friends, Sienfield I finally found something intresting on.
Discovery channel was showing "Valentines Day Special" it covered everything related to love and sex in the past! What they showed about the sex lifes of people in the past really shocked me.(ok ok i admit! some of it even turned me on). But it was dinner time already and divya also came to the drawing room so I couldnt have watched it while she was present there. So That was over too. Even in the night, nothing great happened. I was just surfing technorati.com so that I could find some blogs that dealt with sketching so that I could get some inspiration or get some people to comment on my blog. And then, I even thought of posting this entry on my blog but was feeling too sleepy.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Thumbnails get noticed

Almost every time when I want the files that I downloaded from siffy to be transferred to my ipod, people notice the thumbnails of my sketches in my ipod and ask if I made them and praise it. Thus I figured that I should also post thumbnails on the blog too. I was very stupid not to post the thumbnails in my fun portal blog but photobucket dosent have thumbnail facility. Hence, I uploaded them at imageshack.us and will show the thumbnails right now.

this photo was on the back cover of my "figure study made easy" book.

this is pankaj mamaji`s son anshul.
And here is the real photo from which i tried to draw him.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

this is from some baby picture i downloaded from the net.


I`m Just glad to be back home safely

I don't like going to wedding receptions of some distant relative I hardly remember. What makes it worse is that its too crowded(and I still don't know many people there). Everybody is just there so that he can step over your foot, drop his sweat on you or at least shove you around. The stage part is still very safe compared to the dinner buffet area where everyone is also trying to drop food all over your clothes. I anyways was very bored and not-hungry so I pleaded with mom to let me go back home. After relenting a little she finally did let me leave! Thanks!
But just as I was about to leave, after bringing water for divya, I went to throw the plastic glass in the trash, plates half-filled with food tumbled from the pile in an over-filled bin splattering the gravy of chole around. I had a close shave! I escaped getting DIRTY by a few centimeters! I thanked god and without any further delay, ran for the exit!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hmm I wonder how i missed it.

Many thanks to Just mohit who pointed out that rick with which i can post an entry before a certain post i already made. I tink now i`ll post the back from durg part 2 that i wanted. But the problem is that it will get pushed to the back pages or the archives and not display on the front pages... but again, thanks.

I killed It

I didnt want to part so soon. Me and Harsh were together for only one whole day and now mom said we had to leave for Akola. Both tried everything from demanding to pleading to whining to make mom let me stay for just ONE more day.
But none of that worked and we were told to shut up and finish our lunch. Thats when I figured, The longer we take to finish our lunch the longer we can sit together. Then Harsh agreed to have another chapati but was feeling full just after he ate half of it. I managed to finish another one but I was all out of space too. So I had no choice but to get ready to leave. But before leaving I thought we could see another episode of south park but half way through it mamaji came and we had to shut down my laptop and leave. I was really unhappy already but things were about to get worse.
When we halted at nagpur, I knew suraj and nikita would be at tutions and so didnt want to go up for such a short duration I`d rather be down in the car listening o music. That was when The tragedy happened. I was totally unaware of its position and I wanted to relax a little so I adjusted my back rest to go down all the way! I was just lying there listening to music. Then mamiji mummy and divya came down and I restored the back rest to its normal position. got out touched mamiji`s feet and got back in and anil started to drive.
But just a little farther away from home, Mom shouted and started scholding me! and that was when I realised that When I had reclined the back rest, the plant that was placed behind my seat was bent and broken....I felt so sorry for the poor thing!
But fear not, in the night when we arrived back home, we removed it and examined the plant and found that it just might live! Lets wait and watch. Everybody pray for the little-plant-mom-brought-from-jabalpur. Wish it a long and flowering life!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Posting from monu didi`s house

Its been three days since i made any post to my blog. And now it matters much because i`m nearing 50 posts on both my blogs. But because there is no internet connection at home, I came over to monu didi`s place last night. But we were having too much fun playing worms armageddon for me to go up and post an entry then and there. But after everybody decided it was enough at around 12 am, I came up and connected to the net and started downloading firefox browser. I use the firefox and greasemonkey method to tag posts on my "fun portal" blog so i couldnt post without it. Thats why i also wanted to download the portable version of firefox browser to carry around in my ipod. But after finishing the big download, I found out that it was firefox v1.0 DAMN! it was around 2:30 by now so I had even thought of making a post with the title "good luck and good night" but again the browser crashed and I decided enough was enough. Well I`m sitting here waiting for it(v1.5) to be downloaded again and thinking, what should my 50th post be like?

Friday, February 03, 2006

No Comments....This is so disheartening

You know, its funny how the only comments I got on my fun portal blog were on the post in which I complained about no comments. Even on this blog, I expected to get some comments on the TOEFL post but still none! Oly ruchi didi used to read my blog but these days even she is busy with the preparations of her interview. In fact, she`s so busy she hasnt even been posting in her blog. Then there was karthik but he`s in his hometown too it seems.Apparently, he has no net access there as his blog hasnt been updated yet. So I`ll just laugh it up and go to sleep now.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

TOEFL scores

I`m back from mumbai and the first thing I want to do is post my TOEFL range.
so, here it is 247-297
People are telling me its great! well, after all I was the first person out of the test center. But I think I made a lot of silly mistakes in the reading section as the raw score for it is only 29. well anyways lets just hope its enough to get me to college. Wish me luck.