Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hmm I wonder how i missed it.

Many thanks to Just mohit who pointed out that rick with which i can post an entry before a certain post i already made. I tink now i`ll post the back from durg part 2 that i wanted. But the problem is that it will get pushed to the back pages or the archives and not display on the front pages... but again, thanks.


  1. yash give the durg 2 post the same date, but 1 hour earlier time stamp than durg 1. Then it'll usually remain on the same page as durg 1.


    Oh, and btw, nice of you to write. Will be posting on a variety of topics soon.

  2. I`m not sure of this but i have seen many people reply to comments on their blog like we do in forums...
    so thanks mohit!