Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This valentines day so Totally sucked!!!

I had to run to the cafe where I had downloaded Some episodes of the simpsons and an episode of American dad to see if he still had it but he had deleted it already and I had to download them all over again from sparky`s to see them. Talk about tough luck, uncle was busy doing some work on the administrator computer (with a limited-user account) so he couldnt transfer the files to my Ipod and while I was waiting for him to finish that, I decided to help two ladies register online.
Now It wasnt easy in the beginning since I didnt know the exact address where they had to register for noni(dont ask me! all I could figure out is that its some herbal medicinal thingy). But after I got to the website, it was like any other registration and we breezed through it. I had even started the download of two simpson episodes in the background...haha. But when the payment options appeared, registration came to a halt! they didnt know that when you are registering online, you have to have a credit card/check/dd. So I decided to just transfer my files and leave since it was almost 3 p.m.
After I finished my lunch, I watched the episodes that I had downloaded and at around 5:45, I shut it down and decided to watch TV.After The simpsons, Friends, Sienfield I finally found something intresting on.
Discovery channel was showing "Valentines Day Special" it covered everything related to love and sex in the past! What they showed about the sex lifes of people in the past really shocked me.(ok ok i admit! some of it even turned me on). But it was dinner time already and divya also came to the drawing room so I couldnt have watched it while she was present there. So That was over too. Even in the night, nothing great happened. I was just surfing so that I could find some blogs that dealt with sketching so that I could get some inspiration or get some people to comment on my blog. And then, I even thought of posting this entry on my blog but was feeling too sleepy.

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