Friday, February 17, 2006

I`m Getting a ("cant tell anyone" says mom)

Ruchi didi, I already knew what u felt about relatives when we talked the other day about where you`re going to stay in bangalore... But with me, its not so intense. The marriage that I was talking aout was of a really REALLY distant cousin "bhaiya". And that was just one side of the coin.
And now, I`m about to tell you the things that I really benefitted from. I met Nisha didi who`s going to be married in april and Ritesh bhaiya will be coming from the USA for it. So, I figured since I already had researched on a digital camera, I might as well ask him to get it for me. (oops! mom said I cant tell anyone "something" might go wrong...You dont know, its a family thing...and dont ask me! Even I`m not sure why) Ok, so he was more than happy to talk to me about it just like Manish bhaiya did, and he had the same concern too. That I`m just asking for this camera because it has 6 megapixel. And that I dont know that 6 megapixel is more than necessary. But after we talked and I could explain it to him that even I wished Fujifilm had a model with all the same specs except, such a high maximum resolution that I`d hardly use, he agreed to buy it. He asked me for the link to the camera and said he`d look at ebay too for the perfect bargain. Thank god that`s left to him, because I am not very sure about "bidding at ebay" or calculating how much its going to cost along with the shipping and all...
So you see, knowing more people around the world just helps you. Even more if they happen to be your relatives/distant relatives. You can always start getting to know each other and become more like friends.
And I remembered, I never really wished Nisha didi even after I came to know that she was engaged...
Congratulations on your engagement, and I wish you a grand marriage and a happy married life(now I wonder if the latter two were different)


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  1. I agree, Yash. You can never have too many friends or contacts. If you ever need anything North of Watford, look me up xxx