Saturday, February 11, 2006

I killed It

I didnt want to part so soon. Me and Harsh were together for only one whole day and now mom said we had to leave for Akola. Both tried everything from demanding to pleading to whining to make mom let me stay for just ONE more day.
But none of that worked and we were told to shut up and finish our lunch. Thats when I figured, The longer we take to finish our lunch the longer we can sit together. Then Harsh agreed to have another chapati but was feeling full just after he ate half of it. I managed to finish another one but I was all out of space too. So I had no choice but to get ready to leave. But before leaving I thought we could see another episode of south park but half way through it mamaji came and we had to shut down my laptop and leave. I was really unhappy already but things were about to get worse.
When we halted at nagpur, I knew suraj and nikita would be at tutions and so didnt want to go up for such a short duration I`d rather be down in the car listening o music. That was when The tragedy happened. I was totally unaware of its position and I wanted to relax a little so I adjusted my back rest to go down all the way! I was just lying there listening to music. Then mamiji mummy and divya came down and I restored the back rest to its normal position. got out touched mamiji`s feet and got back in and anil started to drive.
But just a little farther away from home, Mom shouted and started scholding me! and that was when I realised that When I had reclined the back rest, the plant that was placed behind my seat was bent and broken....I felt so sorry for the poor thing!
But fear not, in the night when we arrived back home, we removed it and examined the plant and found that it just might live! Lets wait and watch. Everybody pray for the little-plant-mom-brought-from-jabalpur. Wish it a long and flowering life!