Tuesday, November 29, 2005

!0 Days Huh

Okay, should i start with whats latest or with what happened first?I think i`ll just tell you whats latest.
I Just found out this tutorial about making a sketch effect out of a photo.(Not the charcoal and chalk effect in photoshop)The Photo of his son that the tutorial writer used came out finished with a very good effect.So i decided to do the same for Gudiya`s picture.I did it in GIMP thats what the tutorial was for.So, what do u think of the results?
Then, i`d like to ask you all to wish me luck because my passport has finally arrived and i`ll be giving the exam on 3rd.And i admit that this time my preparation is not as good as it was the first time.But i cant do anything about it because all of my books are in mumbai.I`m doing all that i can from the kaplan cd and the collegeboard online questions.
So, when i was in Nagpur to get my passport,i saw suraj`s I-pod Nano.(that lucky bastard!)and was very impessed.Now i cant wait to get my own ipod with a screen.In order to prepare for it, i even downloaded the album art for all the songs i have.I think i`ll stop here and publish it.

done using GIMP

Saturday, November 19, 2005

30 gigs finally!

Yes!I have finally made a 30 gigs account yashrg@30gigs.com today.I`m so happy.Would`ve been happier if i got the south park dvd.
well, anyways I watched the latest version of harry potter today,harry potter and the goblet of fire.And, whats better is that i was with friends of arjun bhaiya`s.All of whom had already read the novel.So, I was filled in on all the details that they left out in the movie.It was really good.And as obvious, better than the previous harry potter movies.well thats it for today,I`ll see if i can get the DVD tomorrow.If not, i`d rather not go to Akola!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

How easy is it for other people to find u on the net?

Last night after i got back home(when neither of my friends showed up)i was thinking,how many public profiles do i have on the internet.How many trails i have left of my existance,my location,my family,my life...and i counted them all and it turned out that i have 6!
1.the yahoo profile.
2.the webpage i made on geocities.com a long while back.
3.my profile on orkut.
4.my profile on blogge.
5.my profile on ragnaboards forum.
6.my profile on digit forum.

Now i wonder what if i was actually working in some big company and it ws too important to not let anybody know about me,my life how difficult it would have actually been.But since i dont have any such threats now,i`m going on without a worry.(Yes i dont even worry about what my family will think of my comments my thoughts because they dont go online!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

No power and i`m Bored to death

1705 17/11/05
hello all.you must be wondering why i put the time and date there even though blogspot.com automaatically puts a time and date when you publish a post.Well, thats exactly why.It dosent display the time it was written it just says when it was published.And, i`m writing this at my home in pune and theres no internet connection.I will only be able to post this when i next get to the internet cafe. So,why am i writing this at home?Am i so desperate to update my blog?Yes,i`m desperate.But not desperate to update my blog(although i must say its become quite a part of my life just like ruchi didi said,)But i`m VERY VERY Bored and i want to do something fun.All the movies and videos on my laptop,i`ve seen them.The power just went out so i cant watch anything on tv or my cusin`s pc.Arjun is out on the bike so i cant go anywhere,and me and my friends are meeting at 7 so theres no reason to be talking to any of them over the phone now.
I could just go and take a bath but its too cold here in pune.awww what the heck!I`ll just go have a bath for the sake of it.

Send Me a 30gigs invite please

hi all,
i have been reading about 30 gigs.com since a long time but today i finally decided to get me an account.So i`m asking for an invite.Mail me at yash_unique@yahoo.com.I believe people in IT or engineering circles would have a lot of invites.
The website can send attachments of upto 100mb.Very good for sharing videos of serials or movies.i wanted to send someone a south park episode but for that i have to divide the episode in 8 rar archives to be able to e-mail it to him.
And, i`d also like to know what u think of my tag.especially u ruchi didi.

One more thing, i`m finally in pune.I had a very bad day yesterday,but i`m not in a mood to go through it again so my diary wont have any details of it.

i`m tagged and i dont have anybody else to tag

Seven things i want to do before i die,
Have my name in the credits of a big animated movie!(ofcourse as a lead animator)
have sex(i got the inspiration of this one from ruchika`s blog!)
Ride the fastedt Bike and Car!(i hope that counts as two)
Be the proud owner of one of the fastest computers that exist.
Meet some of the stars i like(Eminem,50 cent,Shakira,Beyonce etc...)

Seven things i can do
Stay awake playing games the whole night(and still be awake at 10 am to start playin again)
Keep the whole day without talking to anybody(Boy what a loner i am)
Remember all the lyrics from any of eminem`s songs
Model an Audi tt on 3dsmax
Master any gadget available in the market today(without reading the manual and within minutes!)
Hey i can Talk about sex without getting embarassed too.
Be Mature at times.

Seven things i say most
Lets watch xyz movie(where xyz=any animated movie)
Dammit(yes i stopped saying the f word and also advice my peers not to)
Did you....?
Shut Up!

Seven things i cant do
Befriend a girl on my own.
Make a fully animated character(yet.mind that.and its about to change soon)
Get peirced ot tattooed
Get Fatter.(Point to be noted here,i`ll stay skinny all my life.DONT GO ASKING ME QUESTIONS LIKE "DON`T U EAT?")
Sing like eminem
think of any more things to put in this column

seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
beautiful face.
easy going behaviour(thats very difficult to find.girls will almost always be girls)
Similarities she shares with me.
Artistic skills
all the things she likes in me...
The sex

Seven celebrity crushes
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie
Halle Berry
Priety Zinta
okay thats it.

Seven people i want to tag
well, if they had a blog, i`d love to know all this from
arjun bhaiya

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I know i wont.

This evening when i talked to dad about upgrading my pc, after lots of discussion, he told me "you will get the upgrades u want but u`re gonna have to stop spending so much time on the internet."

I was totally ready.I couldnt have asked for more.I actually believed for that moment that i`m actually going to be relieved of that old-granddaddy-of-pc`s.But It is just a dream.i know my dad,and he`s not gonna get me an upgrade.You know why?Because he has brought a ticket to pune for me.I`m leaving at 7pm on 14th.I cant possibly get it upgraded so soon...Because this is akola!!!! No one in akola would even have the parts that i want!or the proficiency to set it up!

I just have one more thing to ask of god now,WHY ME? WHY ME?

Still stuck in akola

Yes.I was supposed to leave for pune on 11th. But dad had insisted on me going out to buy the ticket for myself but i was too lazy to do that.Then yesterday,i went to check if the tickets were available but they werent.guess i`ll be staying here for a bit longer.

So, today i was just too frustrated with my stupid slow desktop and asked dad to buy me an upgrade.He wantsme to get the pricing for the config that i want.I am doing that,Just not in a way he expected.He just wants to get me out of the house.But i`m not going out and asking any local dealer the quotes.Because noone here sells amd.i tried that last time too but since no one in the whole of akola was able to give me the price, i got the prices from a shop in pune.But after all that trouble, nothing happened.
Do u have any idea how embarassing it is to go into the same shops over and over again to enquire the cost while still not buying one thing from them?so i`ll do the whole research of which mobo fits my requirements on the net.AHEM...its about time i get back to doing THAT!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

its birthday party time

yes, today is the birthday of one of my cousins, Ankita. whom we call monu.happy birthdy to her.
I will be going to a family birthday party after a long time.Since i moved to pune for studying,i dont think i have attended a single person`s birthday in akola.Boy i really miss those partys.
We used to have such a lot of fun till late in the night.and almost every time, someone or everyones face was filled with the cake.yes u read it right the "face".But i wonder what i should gift her.any of u have any ideas,then please post a comment or e-mail me.she`s 22 years old.her dad or lets say her figure itself dosent allow her to wear tees and jeans,so i cant gift her some tee.Well she did want a cd with some songs so i`ll write her a cd but that dosentcount as a gift.

okay u guys think it over while i get ready to do other chores.

The photos are up!

Well I finally got the job of the day done right now.But it was not easy.after i got the photos from sonu didi`s place, there was no electricity at home.so couldnt possibly run my pc.Sure i had the laptop but no website would open on it.Yes!The net was connected and everything but it simply wouldnt access the net.Not yahoo messenger not msn messenger not opera not mozilla not even internet explorer would access the net!I checked out every god damn setting in every corner of the system but couldnt get it to work.
So having accepted defeat i sat down doing some modelling.was making the grill for my car-audi tt.and thats when the most irritating thing happened.Dad Comes into my room and says Mom`s been calling me since a while.So i Go out to listen to her and she wants me to help her with putting 3 yes i repeat THREE visiting cards in the "visiting cards album" after i put them in and wait to see if theres some "IMPORTANT"work that i had to help out with, dad says u can go do your work again!
GOD DAMMIT WTF?You just had to disturb me didnt you?why i didnt do any of my animation work here before this was because i knew this would happen and would piss me off!But today i had no other choice.Why am i stuck in such an atmosphere?WHY WHY WHY...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Okay now that i`m cooled down,When the electricity finally came i once again checked the settings on the laptop with those on my pc and continued to upload the photos (from my pc that is, i dont want to even try connecting the laptop again.....
so for all who want to see all the photos of my neice,go to

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have a life too

Cartoons are a very big part of my life,well...Any animator would say that but I have a life beyond that too.and so, I have put up a different blog.I will definitely try to keep the both separate.
so, lets give u a preview of what i`ll be writing here.
I might Just keep this Blog as a diary of all the intresting things i do and keep the unintresting and boring things out.

For today, i had to help my little sister divya out with scanning and copying some of her documents she needs for her NIFD(national institute of fashion design) submission.Then i just sat updating the template of the blog that i created yesterday, http://cartoonsne1.blogspot.com it was a time consuming job since i had forgotten about html.but with a litle trial and error, that was fixed.but now the gif dosent match with anything else on my blog.I still have one important job to do though.get my baby neice`s photos and send them to my cousins.i might as well put up some here for everyone to see.
here she is trying to crawl.... so soon!