Thursday, November 17, 2005

No power and i`m Bored to death

1705 17/11/05
hello must be wondering why i put the time and date there even though automaatically puts a time and date when you publish a post.Well, thats exactly why.It dosent display the time it was written it just says when it was published.And, i`m writing this at my home in pune and theres no internet connection.I will only be able to post this when i next get to the internet cafe. So,why am i writing this at home?Am i so desperate to update my blog?Yes,i`m desperate.But not desperate to update my blog(although i must say its become quite a part of my life just like ruchi didi said,)But i`m VERY VERY Bored and i want to do something fun.All the movies and videos on my laptop,i`ve seen them.The power just went out so i cant watch anything on tv or my cusin`s pc.Arjun is out on the bike so i cant go anywhere,and me and my friends are meeting at 7 so theres no reason to be talking to any of them over the phone now.
I could just go and take a bath but its too cold here in pune.awww what the heck!I`ll just go have a bath for the sake of it.

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