Wednesday, November 09, 2005

its birthday party time

yes, today is the birthday of one of my cousins, Ankita. whom we call monu.happy birthdy to her.
I will be going to a family birthday party after a long time.Since i moved to pune for studying,i dont think i have attended a single person`s birthday in akola.Boy i really miss those partys.
We used to have such a lot of fun till late in the night.and almost every time, someone or everyones face was filled with the cake.yes u read it right the "face".But i wonder what i should gift her.any of u have any ideas,then please post a comment or e-mail me.she`s 22 years old.her dad or lets say her figure itself dosent allow her to wear tees and jeans,so i cant gift her some tee.Well she did want a cd with some songs so i`ll write her a cd but that dosentcount as a gift.

okay u guys think it over while i get ready to do other chores.

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