Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still stuck in akola

Yes.I was supposed to leave for pune on 11th. But dad had insisted on me going out to buy the ticket for myself but i was too lazy to do that.Then yesterday,i went to check if the tickets were available but they werent.guess i`ll be staying here for a bit longer.

So, today i was just too frustrated with my stupid slow desktop and asked dad to buy me an upgrade.He wantsme to get the pricing for the config that i want.I am doing that,Just not in a way he expected.He just wants to get me out of the house.But i`m not going out and asking any local dealer the quotes.Because noone here sells amd.i tried that last time too but since no one in the whole of akola was able to give me the price, i got the prices from a shop in pune.But after all that trouble, nothing happened.
Do u have any idea how embarassing it is to go into the same shops over and over again to enquire the cost while still not buying one thing from them?so i`ll do the whole research of which mobo fits my requirements on the net.AHEM...its about time i get back to doing THAT!

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