Thursday, November 17, 2005

i`m tagged and i dont have anybody else to tag

Seven things i want to do before i die,
Have my name in the credits of a big animated movie!(ofcourse as a lead animator)
have sex(i got the inspiration of this one from ruchika`s blog!)
Ride the fastedt Bike and Car!(i hope that counts as two)
Be the proud owner of one of the fastest computers that exist.
Meet some of the stars i like(Eminem,50 cent,Shakira,Beyonce etc...)

Seven things i can do
Stay awake playing games the whole night(and still be awake at 10 am to start playin again)
Keep the whole day without talking to anybody(Boy what a loner i am)
Remember all the lyrics from any of eminem`s songs
Model an Audi tt on 3dsmax
Master any gadget available in the market today(without reading the manual and within minutes!)
Hey i can Talk about sex without getting embarassed too.
Be Mature at times.

Seven things i say most
Lets watch xyz movie(where xyz=any animated movie)
Dammit(yes i stopped saying the f word and also advice my peers not to)
Did you....?
Shut Up!

Seven things i cant do
Befriend a girl on my own.
Make a fully animated character(yet.mind that.and its about to change soon)
Get peirced ot tattooed
Get Fatter.(Point to be noted here,i`ll stay skinny all my life.DONT GO ASKING ME QUESTIONS LIKE "DON`T U EAT?")
Sing like eminem
think of any more things to put in this column

seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
beautiful face.
easy going behaviour(thats very difficult to find.girls will almost always be girls)
Similarities she shares with me.
Artistic skills
all the things she likes in me...
The sex

Seven celebrity crushes
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie
Halle Berry
Priety Zinta
okay thats it.

Seven people i want to tag
well, if they had a blog, i`d love to know all this from
arjun bhaiya

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