Saturday, November 19, 2005

30 gigs finally!

Yes!I have finally made a 30 gigs account today.I`m so happy.Would`ve been happier if i got the south park dvd.
well, anyways I watched the latest version of harry potter today,harry potter and the goblet of fire.And, whats better is that i was with friends of arjun bhaiya`s.All of whom had already read the novel.So, I was filled in on all the details that they left out in the movie.It was really good.And as obvious, better than the previous harry potter movies.well thats it for today,I`ll see if i can get the DVD tomorrow.If not, i`d rather not go to Akola!!!

1 comment:

  1. hi yash!
    even i m gonna watch tht movie tomorrow in a new multiplex "Red Launch"...heard the movie is good...even i ve read tht book...