Friday, November 18, 2005

How easy is it for other people to find u on the net?

Last night after i got back home(when neither of my friends showed up)i was thinking,how many public profiles do i have on the internet.How many trails i have left of my existance,my location,my family,my life...and i counted them all and it turned out that i have 6!
1.the yahoo profile.
2.the webpage i made on a long while back. profile on orkut. profile on blogge. profile on ragnaboards forum. profile on digit forum.

Now i wonder what if i was actually working in some big company and it ws too important to not let anybody know about me,my life how difficult it would have actually been.But since i dont have any such threats now,i`m going on without a worry.(Yes i dont even worry about what my family will think of my comments my thoughts because they dont go online!

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