Sunday, November 13, 2005

I know i wont.

This evening when i talked to dad about upgrading my pc, after lots of discussion, he told me "you will get the upgrades u want but u`re gonna have to stop spending so much time on the internet."

I was totally ready.I couldnt have asked for more.I actually believed for that moment that i`m actually going to be relieved of that old-granddaddy-of-pc`s.But It is just a dream.i know my dad,and he`s not gonna get me an upgrade.You know why?Because he has brought a ticket to pune for me.I`m leaving at 7pm on 14th.I cant possibly get it upgraded so soon...Because this is akola!!!! No one in akola would even have the parts that i want!or the proficiency to set it up!

I just have one more thing to ask of god now,WHY ME? WHY ME?


  1. well i guess u shud thank God for watever hez given u n i blive u r a much luckier person than others