Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Smell Of Fresh Paint

Some people like it, some dont. But I have no choice..I have to inhale it. But I`m not complaining. I am really enjoying being in this room up at this hour blogging.
By the way, This is Aniruddh bhaiya`s room, painting it was just over this afternoon. I really like it because the walls are clear of any cupboard. And the furniture makes it look like a room from one of those big hotels I see on Discovery travel and Living. There is absolutely no clutter on the table because the only thing in this room are me, my laptop and the 2 cords connecting the power and the Internet connection. This gives it an even more...I dunno...I just like it-clean and minimalist.
All the storage units are in the dressing room. The bathroom is very colourfull(well its only blue and white but if you`re comparing it to the rest of the house`s bathrooms you can call it that). The wash basin is pretty low so you have to bend to use it-kinda gives you the feeling of being very tall. Then there`s the bath tub for when you`re scared you might dirty the "ITALIAN MARBLE FLOOR". Its my understanding that the bathtub wont catch stains as easily as taiji says the marble does.
Exactly opposite to the dressing and bath is the balcony. 3 Big doors with clear glass running through almost 2/3rds of it will make sure that I know when the day breaks. Theres a similar balcony in arjun bhaiya`s room and even after having that big fat curtain, light just pours in. I wish there was some way to make the room dark even if its bright outside (for those lazy afternoon naps)
(or the early morning sleep after being up blogging for so long...I hope you get the hint)


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blog etiquetts

Rocks In My Dryer: Blog Etiquette: "Joe Goodwin said: 'Do respond to people that comment on your blog. It lets them know you are interested in their opinions and encourages repeat visits.'

Would you respond individually via email or on their blog, or would you respond in a comment on your own blog? Or both?".....

This is from the comments on a blog by shannon. I was looking forward to writing about blog etiquette and so did a search on it just now. I always used to feel there has to be some code followed by the bloggers who get so many comments each day (or they just had many relatives). But I on the other hand, dont recieve many visitors or comments. I visited blogs on blog explosion(yes I`m a member...I just havent put up the blog explosion logo yet after I changed my template.) And I did leave a comment on as many as I could. But not all of the people responded. Some people would make it a point to come visit my blog and comment on my posts and thank me for visiting. Others, contrarily, didnt even bother. Theres this great blog I visit often, Are we there yet. It has some really funny videos. I post a comment on all the videos that I like.
That brings me to another point. If you really wanna show that you care and like reading that blog, you must not only post a comment on the first post, but also on the others that you like. That lets them know that you didnt just glance through the first post and move on...you gave time scrolling to the bottom and reading the previous posts too. So, dont ignore your host and your visitor. If you are an owner yourself, respond to people who have responded to you. And visitors, make it a point to let the person know that you have read and liked the post by leaving a comment even if its as small as "I found it funny" or "good article"


Friday, March 24, 2006

He must be so pissed off!

Taiji had told me to let him sleep. And I was thinking to myself, alright; no splashing his face with cold water every 5 minutes. I wont try to molest him tonight, I wont pu on blaring loud music and I will definately not turn on all the lights in the room tonight. That ought to be enough to let im sleep. But I was so wrong.
So he comes to the room after having painstakingly watched television till 12:30 am, tired and sleepy. All he wants to do now is "go to sleep early" so that he can wake up tomorrow for his tuitions. But the Mean self-centered being that I am, I plan on using the laptop till atleast 1:30 am so that I can download some more torrent files and schedule some downloads for the night before I go to sleep.
But he was not so tired that he couldnt even pick a fight with me, so he said up. "Go to sleep immediately" I`m definately not the one to be intimidated by him so I continue what I was doing. Now, he says that he`ll call up my dad to make me go to sleep. I agree and me and my dad have a nice hearty chat indeed after many days.(dad sounded rather grumpy and sleepy today.) So after having talked to dad, I decided to/had to cut it short. So at 12:50 I told him I`ll go to sleep in half hour. But considering that He had the upper hand(hand with a cellphone that is), I had to go to close the lid and go to bed.
A few minutes later, our dog Zeus started barking. Right now I`m thinking "My! he must be very pissed off right now". Indeed he is. Its 1:06 am and he`s still awake. He walks out to the dog and everybody knows how much he hates Zeus. The dog is quiet but he still isnt back in for another 2-3 minutes....I wonder what he`s doing there. I feel pity for zeus the speechless animal who has to bear silently, everything that is dont to him. Now he comes back in and I try to pretend that I`m asleep and be as quiet as possible in order to not piss him off even more.
Then after 25 anxious minutes I finally hear him snoring and am relieved. Then within 5 minutes I fall asleep too. It was indeed an adventurous night I cant wait to write about so here it is, at 7:30 in the morning.


Monday, March 20, 2006

How dumb do you have to be to believe someone would do that?!

Yesterday, I realised the answer for this was, "you have to be as dumb as arjun bhaiya". I was so pissed off at him when he said that he believes its possible that I could have dipped the laptop in water to cool it up. And not a waterproof toughbook my dell inspiron 600m. and why? because the dvd drive was having some problems reading a particular disc. now what is the relation between dvd drive not reading a particular disc and immersing it in water? infact, if it was immersed in water it would not have been working at all. And I`m just wondering what is his iq level to think that a person as old as me would be stupid enough to immerse it in water? For heavens sake man this is an electronic gadget. i wouldnt pour water over it even if it was on fire!!!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feedblitz Subscriptions

Hi people, I just found out that few people have subscribed to the e-mail feed. but their subscriptions are not yet confirmed. The problem is that, the e-mail that comes from feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com is probably blocked by your mail service or anti-spam filters. So, add this e-mail address to your contacts/allowed list so that you recieve the confirmation e-mail and then the feeds... thanks.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Love Hate Relationship With Mumbai

I had to leave for mumbai this morning to check out an institute DASA(funny acronym huh? it stands for Digital asia school of animation) Probably the latest in the lot of animation institutes opening up everywhere...So, when I was in the car on the expressway, I thought of how much I liked being in Mumbai and then about How much I`d hate having to live there again...
Its probably now new, definately not the first time you`re hearing it either...Everybody says they have a Love-Hate relationship with the city. And the love is mostly because of emotional reasons rather than the belief that its a great city...Its NOT a great city...its an OK city...maybe a little better than ok...but thats it!
I really hate crowd...but you cant escape that even in Akola where the roads are narrow as gullys and the gullys are so thin I dunno what to call them...But, in Mumbai, its excessive. Then the fact that there are huge distances to cover withought the availability of sufficiently fast transportation. The surroundings are filthy(in the suburban areas....I havent seen one place in south mumbai as nearly as dirty as the place in andheri where I used to stay)

But I only like Mumbai because its taught me a lot. There were animation related confrences and meets so often there that attending them all was difficult with my busy schedule(while I was studying for SAT and TOEFL). The first time I made friends with people who had same intrests..And even those "boring" roomies doing c.a. were quite fun when we used to play cards together, watch movies, porn, watch me work on 3ds max....I am still in touch with mukesh but been a while since I called Tarun. And I just dont know how to talk to ankit and sankalp now...Its odd because they were the best people around me and I had totally stopped talking to them both. Now how to start again is a difficult question for me. Ankit took very good care of me like a bro. He always used to take me along with him and sankalp when they were going out to eat..since none of my friends were in that pat of the city, I would have been all alone if it werent for them two.
But still, Like I said, I wouldnt want to go there again untill I know all those problems have been resolved-which is next to impossible!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Hello visitors,
After thinking over it for a long time, I finally put up a feedblitz registration link in the sidebar so u can just enter your e-mail and subscribe to my blog`s feeds. Then there will be no need for you to visit my blog to read what I say. You`ll only have to come to my page once in a while to comment on them. And please comment on anything you can relate to. Thanks a million!!!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

If I die after eating chicken...

Yesterday, I had delicious tandoori chicken and chicken biryani from "blue nile"for dinner. The meal was wholesome and I totally stuffed myself. Not for one moment did I think that I might catch bird flu because I know that bird flu hasnt spread in pune and bird flu virus cannot survive at tempratures above 70 degrees.
So I was totally cool with it but tauji wasnt. I think all adults have a habit of over reacting. He was furious that we had chicken. He wanted us to "stay safe" and dont eat chicken for 10-15 days.
I however hadnt had chicken for a long time now...because I was in akola....I dont eat chicken in Akola. Not like I`m afraid my parents would find out or anything like that...my parents know I eat non-veg. Its just that I dont trust the hygene there...forget bird flu, I`m afraid I might catch a regular/common/normal disease if i eat at those places..
But still, I was scared when in the afternoon, my stomach went all upset and I felt Diarreah had hit me for some reason...It could be because i hadnt had chicken for a long time, my stomach couldnt cope with the stomachfull amount all of a sudden...
But now I`m fine, but I`d still like to say what I had thought of(albeit as a joke...never really believed i was gonna die)

If I die, give my laptop to Harsh