Saturday, March 04, 2006

If I die after eating chicken...

Yesterday, I had delicious tandoori chicken and chicken biryani from "blue nile"for dinner. The meal was wholesome and I totally stuffed myself. Not for one moment did I think that I might catch bird flu because I know that bird flu hasnt spread in pune and bird flu virus cannot survive at tempratures above 70 degrees.
So I was totally cool with it but tauji wasnt. I think all adults have a habit of over reacting. He was furious that we had chicken. He wanted us to "stay safe" and dont eat chicken for 10-15 days.
I however hadnt had chicken for a long time now...because I was in akola....I dont eat chicken in Akola. Not like I`m afraid my parents would find out or anything like parents know I eat non-veg. Its just that I dont trust the hygene there...forget bird flu, I`m afraid I might catch a regular/common/normal disease if i eat at those places..
But still, I was scared when in the afternoon, my stomach went all upset and I felt Diarreah had hit me for some reason...It could be because i hadnt had chicken for a long time, my stomach couldnt cope with the stomachfull amount all of a sudden...
But now I`m fine, but I`d still like to say what I had thought of(albeit as a joke...never really believed i was gonna die)

If I die, give my laptop to Harsh

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