Friday, March 24, 2006

He must be so pissed off!

Taiji had told me to let him sleep. And I was thinking to myself, alright; no splashing his face with cold water every 5 minutes. I wont try to molest him tonight, I wont pu on blaring loud music and I will definately not turn on all the lights in the room tonight. That ought to be enough to let im sleep. But I was so wrong.
So he comes to the room after having painstakingly watched television till 12:30 am, tired and sleepy. All he wants to do now is "go to sleep early" so that he can wake up tomorrow for his tuitions. But the Mean self-centered being that I am, I plan on using the laptop till atleast 1:30 am so that I can download some more torrent files and schedule some downloads for the night before I go to sleep.
But he was not so tired that he couldnt even pick a fight with me, so he said up. "Go to sleep immediately" I`m definately not the one to be intimidated by him so I continue what I was doing. Now, he says that he`ll call up my dad to make me go to sleep. I agree and me and my dad have a nice hearty chat indeed after many days.(dad sounded rather grumpy and sleepy today.) So after having talked to dad, I decided to/had to cut it short. So at 12:50 I told him I`ll go to sleep in half hour. But considering that He had the upper hand(hand with a cellphone that is), I had to go to close the lid and go to bed.
A few minutes later, our dog Zeus started barking. Right now I`m thinking "My! he must be very pissed off right now". Indeed he is. Its 1:06 am and he`s still awake. He walks out to the dog and everybody knows how much he hates Zeus. The dog is quiet but he still isnt back in for another 2-3 minutes....I wonder what he`s doing there. I feel pity for zeus the speechless animal who has to bear silently, everything that is dont to him. Now he comes back in and I try to pretend that I`m asleep and be as quiet as possible in order to not piss him off even more.
Then after 25 anxious minutes I finally hear him snoring and am relieved. Then within 5 minutes I fall asleep too. It was indeed an adventurous night I cant wait to write about so here it is, at 7:30 in the morning.


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