Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Smell Of Fresh Paint

Some people like it, some dont. But I have no choice..I have to inhale it. But I`m not complaining. I am really enjoying being in this room up at this hour blogging.
By the way, This is Aniruddh bhaiya`s room, painting it was just over this afternoon. I really like it because the walls are clear of any cupboard. And the furniture makes it look like a room from one of those big hotels I see on Discovery travel and Living. There is absolutely no clutter on the table because the only thing in this room are me, my laptop and the 2 cords connecting the power and the Internet connection. This gives it an even more...I dunno...I just like it-clean and minimalist.
All the storage units are in the dressing room. The bathroom is very colourfull(well its only blue and white but if you`re comparing it to the rest of the house`s bathrooms you can call it that). The wash basin is pretty low so you have to bend to use it-kinda gives you the feeling of being very tall. Then there`s the bath tub for when you`re scared you might dirty the "ITALIAN MARBLE FLOOR". Its my understanding that the bathtub wont catch stains as easily as taiji says the marble does.
Exactly opposite to the dressing and bath is the balcony. 3 Big doors with clear glass running through almost 2/3rds of it will make sure that I know when the day breaks. Theres a similar balcony in arjun bhaiya`s room and even after having that big fat curtain, light just pours in. I wish there was some way to make the room dark even if its bright outside (for those lazy afternoon naps)
(or the early morning sleep after being up blogging for so long...I hope you get the hint)



  1. It worked! Great.

    The only problem for me, using an old, unsupported browser (Mozilla 1.3.1) in Mac OS 9 (also old and now unsupported) is that the headers (? 'hanging on until I'm gone' etc - all those sentences) are now covering the text. The text scrolls underneath them.

    I'll check in IE, though...

    Argh! In IE 5.1 it is worse - the formatting is completely screwed up. But like I said, these are OLD browsers, and it's likely most people are using something more recent.(I can use OSX and a newer browser, but then my computer slows down to a crawl, because it's too old to handle it, really.)

    You might want to ask people with more updated machines to check the page in different browsers, to make sure everything's OK. My setup is odd enough that it's not very reliable as an indicator of what others will be seeing. (Which is why I don't change my template much - I never know if what I'm seeing is what others are seeing.)

    I need a new computer. :-(

  2. Seriously, you wil lose a lot of traffic using this irritating template... overlays suk...

  3. I realize that, and i had changed the background image to a lighter grey tone yesterday. but its back to the old layout again...why i dont know.