Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Love Hate Relationship With Mumbai

I had to leave for mumbai this morning to check out an institute DASA(funny acronym huh? it stands for Digital asia school of animation) Probably the latest in the lot of animation institutes opening up everywhere...So, when I was in the car on the expressway, I thought of how much I liked being in Mumbai and then about How much I`d hate having to live there again...
Its probably now new, definately not the first time you`re hearing it either...Everybody says they have a Love-Hate relationship with the city. And the love is mostly because of emotional reasons rather than the belief that its a great city...Its NOT a great city...its an OK city...maybe a little better than ok...but thats it!
I really hate crowd...but you cant escape that even in Akola where the roads are narrow as gullys and the gullys are so thin I dunno what to call them...But, in Mumbai, its excessive. Then the fact that there are huge distances to cover withought the availability of sufficiently fast transportation. The surroundings are filthy(in the suburban areas....I havent seen one place in south mumbai as nearly as dirty as the place in andheri where I used to stay)

But I only like Mumbai because its taught me a lot. There were animation related confrences and meets so often there that attending them all was difficult with my busy schedule(while I was studying for SAT and TOEFL). The first time I made friends with people who had same intrests..And even those "boring" roomies doing c.a. were quite fun when we used to play cards together, watch movies, porn, watch me work on 3ds max....I am still in touch with mukesh but been a while since I called Tarun. And I just dont know how to talk to ankit and sankalp now...Its odd because they were the best people around me and I had totally stopped talking to them both. Now how to start again is a difficult question for me. Ankit took very good care of me like a bro. He always used to take me along with him and sankalp when they were going out to eat..since none of my friends were in that pat of the city, I would have been all alone if it werent for them two.
But still, Like I said, I wouldnt want to go there again untill I know all those problems have been resolved-which is next to impossible!

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