Monday, March 20, 2006

How dumb do you have to be to believe someone would do that?!

Yesterday, I realised the answer for this was, "you have to be as dumb as arjun bhaiya". I was so pissed off at him when he said that he believes its possible that I could have dipped the laptop in water to cool it up. And not a waterproof toughbook my dell inspiron 600m. and why? because the dvd drive was having some problems reading a particular disc. now what is the relation between dvd drive not reading a particular disc and immersing it in water? infact, if it was immersed in water it would not have been working at all. And I`m just wondering what is his iq level to think that a person as old as me would be stupid enough to immerse it in water? For heavens sake man this is an electronic gadget. i wouldnt pour water over it even if it was on fire!!!


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