Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blog etiquetts

Rocks In My Dryer: Blog Etiquette: "Joe Goodwin said: 'Do respond to people that comment on your blog. It lets them know you are interested in their opinions and encourages repeat visits.'

Would you respond individually via email or on their blog, or would you respond in a comment on your own blog? Or both?".....

This is from the comments on a blog by shannon. I was looking forward to writing about blog etiquette and so did a search on it just now. I always used to feel there has to be some code followed by the bloggers who get so many comments each day (or they just had many relatives). But I on the other hand, dont recieve many visitors or comments. I visited blogs on blog explosion(yes I`m a member...I just havent put up the blog explosion logo yet after I changed my template.) And I did leave a comment on as many as I could. But not all of the people responded. Some people would make it a point to come visit my blog and comment on my posts and thank me for visiting. Others, contrarily, didnt even bother. Theres this great blog I visit often, Are we there yet. It has some really funny videos. I post a comment on all the videos that I like.
That brings me to another point. If you really wanna show that you care and like reading that blog, you must not only post a comment on the first post, but also on the others that you like. That lets them know that you didnt just glance through the first post and move gave time scrolling to the bottom and reading the previous posts too. So, dont ignore your host and your visitor. If you are an owner yourself, respond to people who have responded to you. And visitors, make it a point to let the person know that you have read and liked the post by leaving a comment even if its as small as "I found it funny" or "good article"



  1. One thing I'd add to this - if you leave a comment on an old post, please say which post you're leaving it on! I've just hunted through MONTHS of my blog to find your comment, because stupid Blogger doesn't tell me which post it is attached to!

    But regarding your question (about the peek-a-boo comment hack, I'm having trouble remembering how I did it.It was too long ago, and I only did it once! I DO remember it took a while, because I misunderstood one part of the instructions (was I looking in the wrong place for certain tags...? I remember something like that) but not exactly.

    Does looking at the page source for my blog give any clues? It was a while ago, and I'm not an expert (or even a very good amateur!) - I have an experimental blog (set as private) I play with before trusting myself to try anything on the main page.The experimental one is here - maybe it is easier to see from the source code what I did, since it isn't quite so crammed with other things...

    Sorry I'm not being very helpful!

  2. Wait!

    I've just discovered I kept the experimental blog template from before and just after adding the comment hack. I'd send you the both templates to compare, but how can I do that without it formatting itself? As an attachment? Maybe I could email them to you...

    Right now I'm going to bed, but if I have time tomorrow I'll see what I can do, if you really want to know.

    (You can reply here - I'll check back.)

  3. I had already replied to your first comment via e-mail but as you said you were going to sleep, i thought I shouldnt e-mail you again. so, whenever you visit this again, just want to let you know you can e-mail me at