Friday, August 25, 2006

2day i woke up crying

There is a place in my dreams where i go often. I can even remember 2-3 dreams. The place is like a 'mela' in some small town or village..or it could be a village bazaar..cant really tell much it was a dream after all. And then there is a poor old lady with a baby. I'm sure it is a girl. In those dreams when i go 2 that place, I always give that old lady begger few rupees.
I am very against giving alms and encouragin beggers but there are times i just give. There was one time on rakshabandhan. I was returnin from watching a movie with pranav.(cars, at inox) I was standing on a signal waitin 4 it 2 turn green and a little girl came to me begging for some money. I immediately gave her whatever coin i could find. And i felt very very sad. I started crying..I hadn't cried in a long time.
I think you can guess now where i am going with this story. In tonight's dream, I walk over to the begger..its like i know where she always sits. And reach into my pocket and pull out all the coins in there.Quite i handfull. And i look at her girl sleeping in her lap. Then start handing her coins one by hands are shivering and I am already on the verge of breaking into tears. After a few coins, I open up my other hand to see exactly how many coins are still left, and keep giving them to her 1 by 1. But at a point the stops me and gives me a rupee coin back. That was all that she needed or that much she wanted to take from me. I stand up and walk away crying silently..rivers of tears rolling down both my cheeks..
that's when i woke up and realized i am in my bed crying....
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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Confessions of a stupid guy

Its a very good feeling blogging from the comfort of your bed while u are under a warm cozy blanket.Even though my pc is just 6 feet away, I wouldn't walk over 2 it-the large roomy keyboard is placed on a very cold marble top table. i'm not charged anything for blogging from the pc but am charged 2 paise per kb sent or recieved from my phone but i think i can afford that luxury. if I had been typing this thing on the pc keyboard, i'd have finished my complete post by now but then i wouldn't hav put in so much thought or feeling into what i'm going to say.
yesterday I truly confessed 2 anyone for the first time in 3 years, that i was stupid to have thought i didnt need to be friends with my school friends anymore because i would go to pune after 10th.Joy was a very good friend of mine in school.But i had lost contact with everyone after 10th.A few days ago, he discovered me on and i was given a second chance.I sent him an email saying how bad i felt 4 ignoring old friends and that now i'll keep in touch always.
Then, I dreamt that i met my old friend rohin shrivastav again. But he had been in a big city and had changed a lot.most importantly, he had become rude.but even after all that, i say it was the best dream in a while.then as soon as i woke up, i searched orkut and yahoo 360 for his name or his dad's name but no i just wish i get to communicate with him once..
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

what a disappointment

I was overly excited when i got the vice principal's signature over the application of transcript. But my bubble was about to burst. When I got to the administration to meet Sathe sir for my transcript, he told me that they charge 105 rupees for one transcript! And 60 rupees for a copy thereafter. I was asked to prepare 10 sets of documents by my counsellor so it would mean a lot of dough. So to confirm whether attested copies of transcript will do, I tried calling up OECS whom i hadn't contacted in a while. Two weeks to be precise. I just wasn't able to get time from my busy college schedule. And no matter how much arjun bhaiya wants to mock me 4 that, Its true. The only time they are open is during my college hours. But their phone was busy so had to send some sms to old mumbai contacts..that sounds rather disrespectful.actually i should say friends. Really i mean it. Sent sms to viral, anand, Wasim. And wasim was the only one to promptly call back. Even I was amazed he remembered. Talked to him about what his plans were & he told me hez going to uk for the september sem. And that they Do take attested copies of transcript & all colleges charge that much for transcript. So when i made the tough decision and told sir that i'll take only two copies, he said i'll also have to submit copies of my 11th & 12th marksheets. Damn! I didnt bring those today. Now the task is left for another day... Well hope bunking another english lecture wont be that big of a deal and i can Probably get that done tomorrow. Please god help me get that done by tomorrow.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

first blog post from cell

Hi people.i hope many knew about my recent acquisition of the latest nokia E60.and i cant help but try out all the stuff this cell is capable of.
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