Saturday, August 19, 2006

Confessions of a stupid guy

Its a very good feeling blogging from the comfort of your bed while u are under a warm cozy blanket.Even though my pc is just 6 feet away, I wouldn't walk over 2 it-the large roomy keyboard is placed on a very cold marble top table. i'm not charged anything for blogging from the pc but am charged 2 paise per kb sent or recieved from my phone but i think i can afford that luxury. if I had been typing this thing on the pc keyboard, i'd have finished my complete post by now but then i wouldn't hav put in so much thought or feeling into what i'm going to say.
yesterday I truly confessed 2 anyone for the first time in 3 years, that i was stupid to have thought i didnt need to be friends with my school friends anymore because i would go to pune after 10th.Joy was a very good friend of mine in school.But i had lost contact with everyone after 10th.A few days ago, he discovered me on and i was given a second chance.I sent him an email saying how bad i felt 4 ignoring old friends and that now i'll keep in touch always.
Then, I dreamt that i met my old friend rohin shrivastav again. But he had been in a big city and had changed a lot.most importantly, he had become rude.but even after all that, i say it was the best dream in a while.then as soon as i woke up, i searched orkut and yahoo 360 for his name or his dad's name but no i just wish i get to communicate with him once..
sent frm my E60

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