Sunday, April 16, 2006

Aditya`s at it.

2006_04160001, originally uploaded by yashrg.

Aditya`s sooo not like Ayush. Sure, he`s curious about it, but he dosent jump up and grab it. Instead, He`ll show you his own camera. Even if its not a real one, He`s pretty happy with it. Here he`s demonstrating it to me. Ayush would have wreaked havoc and thrown a tantrum for the real one. Adi`s got manners. He`ll give you a big smile if you point your camera at him. He knows what say cheese means. E

Finally got a digicam

2006_04160006, originally uploaded by yashrg.

You must not have remembered the entry
because it was posted such a long time ago. Well anyways, Now I have it so now I can show it off. Here`s one of the first pictures taken with the cam. check out my flickr page to see more.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Problems with Blogger

Recently, Template editing page of blogger has been giving me trouble. It has happened many times already and I`m frustrated with makes a simple task of changing the template a very vry frustrating one. When I go to the template edit page, only some part of my template loads up. The rest is just gone...There is no workaround for this, and when I click preview, nothing appears...Wish this bug is fixed soon.

I cant wait to start blogging/editing my template normally again. I was just trying to add a google reader button for people, so I`m trying it in IE now...lets see if it works....


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Need For speed

Yes, actually, I`d love to try out that game on my new pc, but that`s not what this is about.

I had been getting a very bad download speed on my 512kbps BSNL dataone broadband recently, But I didnt know what was causing it...Arjun bhaiya pointed out the other day that it might have something to do with the parallel line drawn in the Hall. I didnt remember if it was since then that I was getting low speeds or even before that..But today I finally tested this "theory" out by disconecting the phones in arjun bhaiya`s room and hall. And he was right!!! The speed did go up from the 40kbps that I was recieving ll these days to 70kbits per second!!! Now that`s a big difference when you consider the amount of data/the size of files that I download...So now I can hope to have Windows 64 bit and 3dsmax 8 with me within 2 days!!!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Link Popularity check

I visited my cq counter account and after a long time checked my popularity. And unlike Technorati rankings, This site scans all the links to your page (not just from blogs) and gives the total number. Here`s my report. Though I still dont know if its good or bad, we can compare with your results too. Lemme know if you ran the popularity test too.


AllTheWeb: 31
AltaVista: 32
Google/AOL: 2
HotBot/Inktomi: 0
MSN Search: 380
Yahoo: 32

DATE AllTheWeb AltaVista Google/AOL HotBot/Inktomi MSN Search Yahoo Total
2006-04-09 31 32 2 0 380 32 477


AllTheWeb: 72
AltaVista: 82
Google/AOL: 7
HotBot/Inktomi: 7
MSN Search: 156
Yahoo: 80

DATE AllTheWeb AltaVista Google/AOL HotBot/Inktomi MSN Search Yahoo Total
2006-04-09 72 82 7 7 156 80 404

What did surprise me was that my older bigger baby has less links to it than this blog.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finally made a post!

I had been waiting for darnell clayton to send me the invitation for inside orkut blog for a long time. He had first sent me two invitations on my yahoo address. The first one must have not worked since he mailed it to a mailing list. If you send one invitation to many people,...I mean click on add a member then in the invitations list add many addresses, and if one of them responds, the other people cannot use it. You have to go and add another member and enter his e-mail address only. Then he can use the invitation.

But I found out that firefox has some problem when dealing with these invitations. Today, Darnell had sent an invitation on my gmail id, but even then, I was taken to the same error page. This time, I deided to try trusty old IE and was taked to the page and I became a contributor. But there were some problems. When I checked to which page the delicious tags were linking and set my greasemonkey script accordingly, I realized that I still cant link these posts to delicious unless I had the delicious password. However, I posted the introduction and blogger page said it was successfull. On the contrary, I recieved an e-mail at my gmail account saying that I didnt have permission to post to this blog. Now WTF is its problem I thought to myself. It was nothing really, just a blogger bug/error because when I visited the page, my post was there. And I was very relieved.

So, if you want to read my new post, go to and do leave some comments.