Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Need For speed

Yes, actually, I`d love to try out that game on my new pc, but that`s not what this is about.

I had been getting a very bad download speed on my 512kbps BSNL dataone broadband recently, But I didnt know what was causing it...Arjun bhaiya pointed out the other day that it might have something to do with the parallel line drawn in the Hall. I didnt remember if it was since then that I was getting low speeds or even before that..But today I finally tested this "theory" out by disconecting the phones in arjun bhaiya`s room and hall. And he was right!!! The speed did go up from the 40kbps that I was recieving ll these days to 70kbits per second!!! Now that`s a big difference when you consider the amount of data/the size of files that I download...So now I can hope to have Windows 64 bit and 3dsmax 8 with me within 2 days!!!


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