Monday, May 28, 2007

Five things I miss about India

  • Bashing stupid hindi movies

If I can't see any stupid hindi movies, I have nothing to say about them. Sure I could dig up info about super duper flop movies, through the internet, but that's just too much trouble to go through. In India, it was all right in my face on tv, in the newspapers on the radio and around my peers. So I could just pick up anything and start yapping. I used to feel so fulfilled but now... nothing.

  • Bashing stupid hindi soap operas
Well, you couldn't not be expecting this. I mean only thing more 'laughable' than the stupid 'fillums' is the tv serials. And they are on every damn night on the telly if your mom...or in some cases even your dad... is sitting there. And nothing pleases me more than pissing off a cousin who is busy watching one of his favourite serials. LOL.

  • Washing my ass with water in the loo
Haha... Actually, this was the one that started the ball rolling in my head. I just can't describe it in words... maybe I'll have to draw the picture that's in my head and show it to you. :P

  • Cursing at and getting cursed by crazy drivers on the road
The drivers here are a little too 'polite' for my liking. I really enjoyed the moments of acomplishment when I've just cut off some other driver or overtaken another lame-o who thought he was such a badass driving that fast. I know flicking off a dude once got me into trouble, but I don't regret or despise that incident.
  • Being forced to eat food
Yep. Life's just no fun anymore with nobody telling me to 'eat this vegetable!' I really enjoyed not conforming to the will of my elders specially with respect to food. Now that I can eat whatever I want, life's lost its meaning. Moreover, deciding which one of the pizzas or noodles to eat has become the hardest thing ever! In India however, life was simple. I had two choices the food that I don't like and the food that I like. And I always went know what! ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Devious entry

Hey fellas, after keeping my blog picture free and dial-up safe for a really really long time, I am finally going to embed it with a deviation of mine, and maybe I will keep doing this. I used the blog this link in deviantart to make a link to my drawing of a cartoon based on pranav's picture which is in my facebook album right now.(I wonder how come its not on flickr...and if it is, why didn't I find it? Well, anyways, here is the drawing, click to go to deviantart and see it large or download the highest res scan. I will be coloring it in photoshop soon. look out for that too then.

till then take care.

My favourite cartoon by ~yashrg on deviantART

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another SAT-UR-DAY!

I told you saturdays were my unlucky day. Its as if they were cursed or something. Today I got a nasty paper cut!...... OK, I was joking....about saturdays being the most awful week of the day. However, the part about 'NASTY' papercut was not a joke. What are you snickering about? Have you ever had a papercut from a 24 inches long edge of newsprint paper? Didn't think so! It burns real bad! And it was just above the nail on my right index finger. I couldn't draw for a few mins... But after a while I was back to making a mess on my pad. Yep! fun 6 hours of drawing!

Last night I had another one of those 'divine intervention' type experience when SOMEHOW, I almost ended up calling pranav, in my sleep. Yes, even the number was dialed and everything. I am not sure if I mentioned the sms thing before, but regardless, I'll tell it to you again.(actually I'm just too lazy to go through the 'ONLY 7' posts which have both the words sms and pranav in them) I had sent an sms to mayank once, and it ended up going to pranav's cell. I checked and rechecked my message history and made sure that it wasn't actually sent to two numbers from my cellphone. It was just some network glitch or as I like to call it, 'miracle'. Then there were times when instead of dialing other people's numbers, my fingers just went over the keys 9850....(I don't want to disclose his number here) and ended up calling or smsing him. So considering that I did such things while I was awake and totally conscious, it comes as no surprise that his number got dialed from my cellphone while I was sleeping and subconscious. but the question is HOW!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sleeping nude

Last night, when I was getting ready to go to bed, it was 24 degrees and even though I had opened the window, my room was pretty warm. So I shut the door, turned off the light and got into my bed and tucked myself into my throw. Now some of you may feel I'm going into uncharted territory here, but bear with me for this one post okay?....pleeeeeeeeese? If its not embarassing for me to type this, why is it awkward for u to read? Oh come ON! I'm not describing a wet dream here!

Now for the brave and courageous who dare to venture further below, the rest of the story :

As I started feeling hot down under, so I just took off my shorts and my undies. Now I was completely naked. And considerably cooler and more comfortable. I didn't even worry about anyone walking in on me like that. Because even though there's no lock here, its my room and no one will walk in without knocking. Privacy and personal space and everything is given much importance here. Not like in India where I couldn't even close my bedroom door without making the parents REALLY suspicious and angry. And if I didn't lock it, EVERYONE would waltz right into the room without giving a second thought. If I slept in real late, even the bai would come into the room and start cleaning and BOY would that have been embarrassing! So I could never do that in India. The best I did was sleep in my shorts...

Even the ONLY computer in the house was in MY room. Dad would come in and start using it whenever he had to, and that ancient thing made noise loud enough to wake me up! If not dad, then other times it was Divya. I thought having my own room would be great and very personal, but I was wrong. And I really pity harsh in seoni, as he never got a room to himself... considering it was a joint family, it was not going to change. But now he's finally out of the house and in a hostel... Hmm... ever considered that boys only want to get away from home so that they can sleep nude? No really, not having underwear opposing your erection while sleeping is amazing. Is that too much to ask for?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My favourite work so far....DESTROYED!

Since the moment I finished painting the yellow on the tiger, I have been tingling to scan it and upload it on deviantart. That was a 2d design assignment for john parker in the first semester of my art fundamentals at Sheridan. I had spent the whole night on just that 8x13 piece of illustration board and the sense of achievement I felt after that was un-be-lievable! And more so when I heard others say that it was looking really good.

I couldn't wait to get the assignment back from john parker and when I finally did, it was like I won my biggest prize to date.... Nah, not really. I only looked at the bad rendering. I thought was it really this way when I submitted it? well, all that didn't matter because I could finally show it to my friends! The scanner was too small for the board, so I would have to take a picture of it. I got back home and I decided I should go to the bank and deposit some money in my account. So I walked all the way to dominion and had a slice of pizza, and walked back, really tired. Internet wasn't working so I couldn't have uploaded the picture on deviantart so I didn't bother taking a picture. And college started at 8 on thursdays so I went to bed.

And I have been regretting each and every thing I did this morning! I took my black bag to the college. It had newsprint rolls that I'd need for life drawing, but I didn't remove my 2d design assignment. I went into the class and sat on the top row where maurice was sitting. I plonked down my bag there and Freddy came and sat next to maurice. Later, he had to walk out for some stupid reason, and while coming back, he stepped/tripped on my bag! And that was it! My 2d design assignment illustration board was bent and the paper torn! I actually didn't know about it then so I carried on as usual.

Then later when I decided to take it out to show it to tay, I saw the wrinkled envelope. I still didn't think he had actually damaged the illustration board. But I was in for a rude shock when I opened the docket. I saw that there is a huge visible white line on it now, and the cardboard is permanently bent. I am so fuckin pissed at everyone and everything right now that I can't think of anything else! I don't even know if its going to be possible to restore it to its original form even in digital media using photoshop or anything similar. I feel like i've lost all purpose. I know only one thing that'll cheer me up right now...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Diwali in may

I missed the season finale of Heroes last night because the neighbours had brought some fireworks and were setting them off at around 9:30 pm. Damn! I would have really loved it if they would have done it some other time. First shawn came to tell us that they were gonna start in 10 minutes. After they had started, I looked out the door, but the fireworks had paused so I got back in. Then, (I'm really sorry I am not good with remembering names I've only heard once... sharon?) rang the doorbell and called us out. There was even going to be a special preview of the fantastic four! And everyone in college was gonna be talking about this episode tomorrow... but I went out because I knew I could download that damn television show later on. But kevin stayed inside. Well, his loss.

There were a whole bunch of people there, a lot of neighbours had come. And ofcourse, kids! It was pretty cold outside and I was not even wearing socks just slippers. We sat on the sheets on the lawn, and watched eric and shawn and scott set them off. It wasn't 'exactly' how we celebrated diwali but it was as close as it was gona get. And as soon as they set off the next roman candle, I was filled with nostalgia. I guess you can go into the archives and dig up a post from diwali.. Anyways, I didn't get into conversation with anybody there about diwali, but I would have loved to. Would have loved to tell them the incident with vicky... that he burst an 'atom bomb' in his hand and ripped his thumb off when he was two.. LOL. would have loved to see their reactions on that.

The parents here are extra concerned when it comes to their kid's safety. The other day with mickey in the restaurant, I couldn't control my laughter when I overheard two people talking about firecrackers being sold to little kids. And then the kids going and doing crazy stuff with them and getting hurt in the process. Their solution, outlaw selling firecrackers to young kids. Come on! So the parents are really concerned, but not cautious enough. Parents need to look after their kids too, not have the government do everything for them! Where are your kids getting the money to buy firecrackers? How do they get to go to a store all by themselves? And how can they go spend time away from adults without your knowledge? Oh man, this really wasn't the idea of my blog post...

Moving on, I also got to see some really amazing fireworks apart from the ones these guys had brought. There were people in the park who were setting off really fancy fireworks and I totally loved those. There was a particular type that went in all random dirctions like buzzing bees. It looked trippy. Then they probably had some kind of huge pack that kept shooting many different designs in the air in a syncronised fashion for a really long time. I just wished I had my fulifilm finepix f10 or a canon 350D to take some pics. The sony cybershot would have been good for nothing here, specially handheld. I also got to blast some party poppers. what Harsh called 'lasun bomb' they explode with a sound if u thow them on the ground. Those were real fun. I wish I could get a whole bunch of those and use them whenever I am bored or want to play a prank or something..

Monday, May 21, 2007

Poetry by our young yash rajendra gupta

Ok, this is going to be a laughing riot so I want u to be prepared. I was reading poems at meghna's blog, vivid vibes, and I remembered that there was a poem I once wrote. I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I really wanted a dog. I had seen a little pomerian dog at my friend's house and I was really into the idea of keeping a pet. I tried persuading my parents for one, and they refused. I was really upset by the whole thing and I don't know why or how, I wrote my first poem. Later on, I entered into the poetry contest on and the poem got in the top 1000's or something like that.

So I thought, what if its still on there? I could read that poem again and it would be such a nostalgic and amazing feeling. I dug it up, and it was amazing. Amazingly funny that is! I couldn't help laughing at the poem myself. I know I hurt the feelings of the 10 or 11 year old me, but its okay. He'll get over it(I hope). If not, I'll have to time travel back and apologize to the poor fella without destroying the space time continuum.. boy that's gonna be tough. LOL

So here goes nothing.

I want a friend

I want a friend,
A very special friend.....
Not a best friend for I have one,
Its called man`s best friend
Which I have none.
I want a dalmation which is in my imagination
It would be a pup,
I would feed it in a cup,
I would take care of it like a crystal cup.
But I dont think my imagination true,
cause mom thinks pets are brute.
What I can do more is only plead
To make dad bring me what I need

The original link is this I believe. if that doesn't work, go to and search for yash gupta ofcourse.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Googling names

I talked to Rohin today and I asked him how he ended up on my blog. He said he searchd for his name on google and my blog was the first result. This is EXACTLY what I had imagined would happen. I am totally crazy about googling names. I google my name a lot of times... but the top results are always of some Doctor and a dean who go by my name. Damn! But my blog is still in the first page of the results. Not enough though. I also googled yashrg and this was the query that always led to pages made by or related to me. The top being my flickr page and my "yashrg and flickr" blog. I had even searched pranav daure and his is a name that's really unique. Before I had uploaded any of his pics on flickr or discused him on my blog, I got a few results related to some science or environment olympiad, and I had called him up to know more about that. Now, I get results from my flickr page and my blog entry.

So, when I googled rohin srivastava and didn't find any contact info, I posted this entry with his name in the title and checked to make sure that google indexed it and showed the result on the first page. Then it was just a matter of "wait and watch". I hoped my plan of helping him find me, would work and it finally did. The only thing was that I didn't know if he'd remember who I was even after reading the blog entry. Maybe he'd think it was just a random co incidence and move along... but he DID email me. And what's more shocking is that he had his family read that. When I came to know of that, I was so embarrassed to find out that I had written fuck in the blog. I asked him what his dad said about it and he just said 'it's a pretty common word, don't worry'. I know naniji would be really angry to see me use this word ;) well, anyways, I didn't get around to talking in detail what his reaction was second by second as he read that blog entry. But I will soon find out. Till then, surprise yourself and me with what your name might yield on google search

Thursday, May 17, 2007

updated the blog template, now for the post

I have been unusually occupied or tired since Saturday the 12th and I haven't been able to post a blog entry about that. But suffice it to say that no matter how much I prepare, and what I do, my Saturdays always get ruined. So I just want to forget it as a bad memory and move ahead. But to where? To the now? Not even remotely exciting enough for a blog post. How about we take a flashback? Lets go back a day and see how Wednesday morning began for me.

If you know me well enough, then I shouldn't need to mention that the first thing I did after I got out of bed was turn on my computer and check my mail. And as soon as I opened my gmail, I saw the first email sitting there, from: Rohin, subject: ur search ends !!! I read the first few lines that appear next to subject in gmail inbox, "hi yash , ur search is finally comes to an end......yes it's me rohin !!" (yeah, his english is still like it was in 8th grade...maybe he is writing from the past... How amazing would that be!! Like the Lake house) ok, jokes apart, lets get to the real deal... And the joy I felt that second is a feeling I will never forget. It WAS in reality, "A dream come true" situation! It was like I'm in a fairy tale. I went "fuck this is too good to be true!" I immediately wrote him a reply saying that if this was really happening, this is the happiest day in my miserable life here; And if he was just someone playing a joke, I would still like to thank him for those few seconds of ecstasy when I read the first line of his letter.

I gave him my number and asked for his number. He replied back asking me to come to some chatting website called with an alias I'd rather not say...I'm just kinda embarassed... But I was on the phone with monu didi. I had called her up to wish jijaji happy birthday but he wasn't home so I just asked monu didi to wish him on my behalf. When I got back to gmail, It had been half hour since his email and so, even though I logged in at 'masalatalk', I couldn't find him. I waited for few more minutes during which I got pinged by total strangers looking to kill some time chatting. I hate being impolite but it was hard to control my temper. Can you imagine you're having one of the most important moments of ur life like say a job interview or your final exam and u are constantly being disturbed by perverts or maybe on a less intense note, plain morons who are probably really horny or extremely dimwitted and don't give a damn what you are dealing with. But I didn't loose it. I just emailed rohin back and told him I couldn't make it in time and hence didn't find him.

Then I had to run to the college catch the bus in which we were going to Toronto zoo at 9 am. I hadn't even dried my hair properly nor combed it. I had no idea how hideous my hair looked but since no one commented, I was fine. The trip to the zoo was long and torturous... with maurice singing songs so loud that I couldn't listen to my mp3 player at full volume. I am lucky to have survived that phase!(and still I went and sat next to maurice on the return trip.. what was I thinking?.. but more on that later...) Then someone sitting at the last seat decided to paste a sign at the back window saying "honk if you're horny" LOL. Apart from that, everything kept reminding me of the fresher's party at the creative I college. I was missing my old chums so much. I took a few pictures in the bus, not many of which turned out okay. The shutter speed was so slow that almost all the photos were blurred. Now this reminded me of my cool fuji finepix f10... LOL.

In the zoo, those who had not been there before were supposed to go in with someone who had been to the zoo before so that no one got lost and everyone makes it back to the bus at 3 pm. I
however ended up with martin. Martin is really quiet most of the time, speaks only when necessary and is happy in his own world. He is exactly like sumit. I even asked him if he was born in January and he said yes. I guessed that based on Linda Goodman's sun signs book. He was probably the first one who started drawing and watching him draw made me want to start drawing too. But I was more keen towards taking some good pictures. I have uploaded some of the good sketches on already so lemme know what u think.

As the day passed, I was getting hungrier. I crossed a lot of little kids (who had come to the zoo for a field trip with their school too..) and watched them eating chips and sandwiches and candy. I was totally wishing I had some of those for myself... haha.. I was really confused trying to find the restaurant that was supposed to be open that day, because honestly, their map was really bad. I even found it hard to navigate around the other areas of the zoo.. But in the end, I did get a satisfying slice of pizza and a glass of coke. By the time I finished, we had only 2 hours left to go around and see the americas the african rainforests, the eurasia and the australian animals. I didn't think we'd be able to finish it all in time, but the australia exhibit was closed so we got little more time on our hands. I was kinda disappointed though, because I was keen on watching those unique species from down under. Speaking about down under,... they should have penguins too!

By the time we got back to the bus, it had started to rain a little.. Luckily the driver came soon enough and let us all in before we all got pneumonia. The rainfall got heavier soon after. And like I mentioned earlier, I was sitting next to maurice for a few mins and I got up and walked to the front and sat next to martin when I couldn't stand his constant blabbering anymore. I noticed martin was playing on his Nintendo DS. I was immediately reminded of the sony psp advert and I think I made it apparent for martin that I was kinda in the same position right then. But I was totally overjoyed when he asked if I wanted to play his DS. I had never played on a nintendo DS before and I had even contemplated buying one of my own just a few days ago. This was probably the next happiest event of the day. I know I could have gotten a little irritating with my constant need for help with the games and consoles, but martin did not appear dejected at all. Now I am thinking I'd REALLY get one. Just need to do a little more research into it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Trying out hindi font

hi guys क्या चल रह है?

OK, so I saw how well it worked and how well it doesn't. I am on a mac right now, so firefox doesn't support hindi font, and blogger doesn't support safari fully... i.e. I can't see the formatting buttons and stuff, when I go to compose blog post in safari. So my only way is to type the hindi stuff in firefox, and then publish the post, then go to safari to view my blog and check if it turned out right. I know, that's messed up! In the above post, I wrote 'raha' and it only rendered it as 'rah' so if I add one more a, maybe it'll render correctly.

मैं हिंदी में लिख रहा हूँ.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

That creepy guy who's constantly smiling

This morning was again wrecked by lack of sleep. I got to bed late last night and got only 6 hours of rest as opposed to my routine 8... wait, what routine? I don't have a 'ROUTINE'! Oh, anyways, so I ended up leaving home without brushing my teeth, I didn't take my cellphone and forgot to wear my glasses. Now all throughout the day I'd be staring at people weird trying to focus on them. I also dropped my go train pass on the way to the Sheridan bus stop, and had to go back and track it down! The bus still didn't show up at the Sheridan stop at 7:10 am so I started running towards Trafalgar road. But then I saw the bus going in to Sheridan so I calmed down and waited for it at the next stop.

I got to the Go train station and my damn ticket wouldn't get canceled. (Canceled here means when the pass is marked with a time and date stamp by one of the machines at the station which denotes that you can now ride on the train) One dude was helpful enough to guide me and then cancel my ticket for me. Finally one of the machines didn't beep and stamped my pass. I opened my sketchbook and started drawing as soon as I was in the Go train. I did a few gestures of the passengers and then decided to do a little comic strip. I just worked really fast on it, so its nowhere close to being presentable, but I am thinking if I have to color it and everything, I might as well make the whole thing in computer! But then I'd get bashed(by people) for not loving pencil and paper and spending too much time at the computer. So I dunno...

I also got to st. Claire west station pretty well too, but the streetcar stop was where I'd get screwed over! By an old lady. I'm telling ya, there's nothing more dangerous in the whole city than a sweet looking granny! Remember Madagascar? Remember that little video you used to see on cellphones where the granny kicks the baby? Well, no, I didn't get beaten up or kicked off, I got misled... I asked the granny which bus should I take if I wanted to go to 840 st. Claire ave. west. And she told me to take the eastbound! I just sat through the whole ride looking out the window and hoping that the familiar KFC or the Hungarian Canadian cultural center passes by so that I know I'm supposed to get off now. But I ended up going to the St. Claire subway station! (note: St. Claire subway station a.k.a. St. Claire (east) station) So I was now at "1" St. Claire ave. Fuck! I'm gonna have to pay for another streetcar or walk ALL the way back, which seemed impossible considering the time constraints. But even taking the streetcar was gonna prove really time consuming.

I was standing there at the streetcar stop for I dunno how long! I know this that I had enough time to open my can of coke and finish it all up. What? It was a hot day and those places don't even have any kind of enclosure! There were two other people waiting for it too! but I was gonna find a whole bunch more when as we got ahead. When the streetcar finally showed up, and when we finally got to the subway station, there was a long queue of people waiting to get in. I was immediately reminded of mumbai! Thankfully, there wasn't any pushing or shoving and everybody was accommodated in the streetcar just fine. And by fine I mean nobody was so close that they were stepping on the others or anything like that. (Oh, if you have lived and traveled in mumbai, you are bound to develop this sort of attitude towards it...)

Luckily I wasn't the last person in class today, Jamaal came in really late. Still, all the horses were already taken! damn!!! now I will have to stand for the whole 6 hours! That's going to be really painful I can tel. Today, Vincent was the one taking the first half. We studied drapery. In a way we NEVER did BEFORE. It was such a big step from the usual 'draw it how it looks' approach. Vincent talked to me about what problems I was having getting here at 9, and I described to him today's MISadventures. Then I went outside hoping to get something to eat. I needed to keep my energy level up if I was to keep from fainting in front of everybody. On the way to a convenience store, I saw a TD Canada trust bank and decided to withdraw some money like dad had told me. I went in, popped in the card into the atm and that's when I realized that I don't know the pin code by heart. I always used to look it up on my cellphone, but I had forgotten my cellphone at home today. So I kept trying out combinations of the numbers that I thought were in the code but nothing worked.

I got back to the class a while later with ruffles sour cream and onion chips and chocolate milk. The ruffles chips were exactly like the lays we used to have in India. Not just the flavour, but also the texture and thickness. I believe ruffles in India was rebranded as lays! Now I was missing my friends so much! I kept thinking about suju's email. I had to reply to her, but just didn't get time yet. And I don't know what happened to me, even after being hungry and having my favourite chips with me, I couldn't finish the 'SMALL' pack on my own for like another 4 hours! Gerard was joking 'we should get u the huge pack and you'll be eating it for days!' Actually, the CLUB size has been sitting in front of me on my table for so long I don't even remember how many weeks it has been!

After the class, I had to go to scotiabank theater to check if they had Imax spiderman 3 tickets for the 8:30 show. I got down at ossgoode station and fumbled my way to the square where chapters and the cineplex were. I already knew there was really slim chance of me actually getting a ticket, but I thought its just on my way, I might as well try it. And as expected, they had a message scrolling across the boards saying that all tickets prior to the 11:40 pm show were sold out! I saw one guy trying to sell his spidey 3 tickets but they were of the current show. I didn't want to go watch it alone so I just decided to walk back to the union station. I tried hard to remember the way me and mickey had walked last Friday, and I was on the right track.

I stopped at second cup on the way there to get a iced cap. I had never had a coffee at second cup yet, so I was in for a brutal shock! my 5 dollar coffee sucked big time. But I was already out of there when I realized that. I was never gonna go to second cup again! It was like a coffee flavoured slushie. And not even sweet enough. Yuck! I continued walking across all the landmarks that I remembered from last time. But I was stuck when I saw the via station. I remembered that I went in there with mickey, and it was NOT the GO station. I asked a few people around and found out that the GO station was just a short walk ahead of that station. I contemplated buying a hot dog, but I didn't.

My ticket refused to get punched/canceled by the machines, so I had to go to a booth and ask him to help me out. He straightened out the ticket a bit, and it got canceled in one try! Remember the saying "when you're trying to show to someone that a thing doesn't work, it probably will..." So I now had to wait till the display screens showed what platform we'll be able to board from. Today, The GO train was really crowded too. I was again reminded of mumbai. And listening to some hindi/punjabi songs made me feel really nostalgic. I was smiling most of the time. You can say I've learnt to be happy instead of being all sad and miserable when I'm missing my friends, but I was also happy because I had a mostly successful day. Unfortunately, you couldn't say the same about the people around me. They were all really grim and started to look at me suspiciously. I can think of lots of things going on in their heads regarding myself, but I'd rather not say them out loud.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another weird dream!

And yet again, I'm left wondering, how the heck does out brain come up with such things??? This dream involved 'mount carmel' and one of the teachers (I think) named 'meena', of the school. She is small and thin and has glasses and I think she is south Indian... Almost reminds me of Lola kutty. Well, anyways, lets get to the story. I don't really feel so good, my cold got worse yesterday or maybe overnight. Need to get as much rest as I can.

Okay, so I'm in high school and I just find out that we were supposed to give a science test in class today. And I hadn't studied for it. I was totally freaked out! I didn't know what I would do. The teacher who came to be our invigilator was meena teacher. (when I was up and analyzing this dream, I was thinking how come meena teacher came to administer a science class test when she taught us math?) Well, she gave us the question papers and I am just blank! My answer sheet only has random meaningless gibberish. I can't think of the answers for any one of those questions! That's odd, because I would usualy remember stuff taught in the class and could use that for something even if I hadn't studied from books prior to the test. Now cheating would seem like a probable path to take, but for some reason, I didn't see myself cheating. Now I was just in a complete state of despair.

I guess that was when I woke up. I have a lot of things in mind this dream might indicate to, but I don't want to type any longer and just get back to bed. maybe I'll respond to your comments regarding what it symbolize.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stinking feet!


"Oh come on, stop whining. Uhhhh, Aargh!!!"

"Hey stop with the shoving."

"I will, if you will just stop being such a lazy bum!"

"I'm tired!"

"Shut up and get down."

"I told you not to make me walk so much!"

"I was walking with you dude, so stop arguing and start walking!"

"No, I don't want to get out of bed."

"Listen, I have to get to class at 9! so if you won't co operate, I will be late!"

"You knew I was getting tired. Still you had to make me go on. Now you'll have to pay for your mistakes!"

"Just get this in your head - If you even have one - that I am the boss, and you do what I say. Not the other way around! I give the orders around this body. So give up the nonsense!"

And that was how I got my feet to get out of the bed after a night of hanging out in Toronto with mickey! We walked from almost 3 pm to 10 pm! From the Union to the apple store, to chapters, cineplex, some cafe(french?), queen street (I memory is bad), and back to the Go station! I bought a book titled "All About techniques in "drawing for animation" from chapters and I believe its really gonna help me out with my portfolio. But now, I feel kinda guilty about spending too much money. I can't wait to get my first paycheck. Yeah, however insufficient or negligible the amount may be, it feels great to get paid. Well, anyways, one thing I wanted to point out that I realized that day which is that I tend to say things that are prone to misinterpretation, or maybe I just later contradict what I said. As a case in point, I'd like to present a funny incident that happened with sujata in pune.

We were gonna go to sujata's place, and spend the night there, so we needed sustenance a.k.a. FOOD. We agreed we'd be making maaggi noodles (Oh how I miss thee!!) even though Sumit didn't really like them. I talked to suju about 'Maggi atta noodles" that had dehydrated peas and carrots in the tastemaker and it tasted really good. Later, when we were going to her house, she stopped at a grocery store and picked up a few things including carrots. When we got home, she said she was going to put these carrots in the noodles!

"NOOO don't do that! I hate carrots!"

"What? I thought u said you liked carrots!"

"I just said I liked that particular kind of noodles that had dehydrated carrots in the soup base."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah, if you'll put these carrots, they'll stink up the noodles and make it taste awful!"

"oh well, fine then."

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