Thursday, May 24, 2007

My favourite work so far....DESTROYED!

Since the moment I finished painting the yellow on the tiger, I have been tingling to scan it and upload it on deviantart. That was a 2d design assignment for john parker in the first semester of my art fundamentals at Sheridan. I had spent the whole night on just that 8x13 piece of illustration board and the sense of achievement I felt after that was un-be-lievable! And more so when I heard others say that it was looking really good.

I couldn't wait to get the assignment back from john parker and when I finally did, it was like I won my biggest prize to date.... Nah, not really. I only looked at the bad rendering. I thought was it really this way when I submitted it? well, all that didn't matter because I could finally show it to my friends! The scanner was too small for the board, so I would have to take a picture of it. I got back home and I decided I should go to the bank and deposit some money in my account. So I walked all the way to dominion and had a slice of pizza, and walked back, really tired. Internet wasn't working so I couldn't have uploaded the picture on deviantart so I didn't bother taking a picture. And college started at 8 on thursdays so I went to bed.

And I have been regretting each and every thing I did this morning! I took my black bag to the college. It had newsprint rolls that I'd need for life drawing, but I didn't remove my 2d design assignment. I went into the class and sat on the top row where maurice was sitting. I plonked down my bag there and Freddy came and sat next to maurice. Later, he had to walk out for some stupid reason, and while coming back, he stepped/tripped on my bag! And that was it! My 2d design assignment illustration board was bent and the paper torn! I actually didn't know about it then so I carried on as usual.

Then later when I decided to take it out to show it to tay, I saw the wrinkled envelope. I still didn't think he had actually damaged the illustration board. But I was in for a rude shock when I opened the docket. I saw that there is a huge visible white line on it now, and the cardboard is permanently bent. I am so fuckin pissed at everyone and everything right now that I can't think of anything else! I don't even know if its going to be possible to restore it to its original form even in digital media using photoshop or anything similar. I feel like i've lost all purpose. I know only one thing that'll cheer me up right now...

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