Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Diwali in may

I missed the season finale of Heroes last night because the neighbours had brought some fireworks and were setting them off at around 9:30 pm. Damn! I would have really loved it if they would have done it some other time. First shawn came to tell us that they were gonna start in 10 minutes. After they had started, I looked out the door, but the fireworks had paused so I got back in. Then, (I'm really sorry I am not good with remembering names I've only heard once... sharon?) rang the doorbell and called us out. There was even going to be a special preview of the fantastic four! And everyone in college was gonna be talking about this episode tomorrow... but I went out because I knew I could download that damn television show later on. But kevin stayed inside. Well, his loss.

There were a whole bunch of people there, a lot of neighbours had come. And ofcourse, kids! It was pretty cold outside and I was not even wearing socks just slippers. We sat on the sheets on the lawn, and watched eric and shawn and scott set them off. It wasn't 'exactly' how we celebrated diwali but it was as close as it was gona get. And as soon as they set off the next roman candle, I was filled with nostalgia. I guess you can go into the archives and dig up a post from diwali.. Anyways, I didn't get into conversation with anybody there about diwali, but I would have loved to. Would have loved to tell them the incident with vicky... that he burst an 'atom bomb' in his hand and ripped his thumb off when he was two.. LOL. would have loved to see their reactions on that.

The parents here are extra concerned when it comes to their kid's safety. The other day with mickey in the restaurant, I couldn't control my laughter when I overheard two people talking about firecrackers being sold to little kids. And then the kids going and doing crazy stuff with them and getting hurt in the process. Their solution, outlaw selling firecrackers to young kids. Come on! So the parents are really concerned, but not cautious enough. Parents need to look after their kids too, not have the government do everything for them! Where are your kids getting the money to buy firecrackers? How do they get to go to a store all by themselves? And how can they go spend time away from adults without your knowledge? Oh man, this really wasn't the idea of my blog post...

Moving on, I also got to see some really amazing fireworks apart from the ones these guys had brought. There were people in the park who were setting off really fancy fireworks and I totally loved those. There was a particular type that went in all random dirctions like buzzing bees. It looked trippy. Then they probably had some kind of huge pack that kept shooting many different designs in the air in a syncronised fashion for a really long time. I just wished I had my fulifilm finepix f10 or a canon 350D to take some pics. The sony cybershot would have been good for nothing here, specially handheld. I also got to blast some party poppers. what Harsh called 'lasun bomb' they explode with a sound if u thow them on the ground. Those were real fun. I wish I could get a whole bunch of those and use them whenever I am bored or want to play a prank or something..

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