Sunday, May 06, 2007

That creepy guy who's constantly smiling

This morning was again wrecked by lack of sleep. I got to bed late last night and got only 6 hours of rest as opposed to my routine 8... wait, what routine? I don't have a 'ROUTINE'! Oh, anyways, so I ended up leaving home without brushing my teeth, I didn't take my cellphone and forgot to wear my glasses. Now all throughout the day I'd be staring at people weird trying to focus on them. I also dropped my go train pass on the way to the Sheridan bus stop, and had to go back and track it down! The bus still didn't show up at the Sheridan stop at 7:10 am so I started running towards Trafalgar road. But then I saw the bus going in to Sheridan so I calmed down and waited for it at the next stop.

I got to the Go train station and my damn ticket wouldn't get canceled. (Canceled here means when the pass is marked with a time and date stamp by one of the machines at the station which denotes that you can now ride on the train) One dude was helpful enough to guide me and then cancel my ticket for me. Finally one of the machines didn't beep and stamped my pass. I opened my sketchbook and started drawing as soon as I was in the Go train. I did a few gestures of the passengers and then decided to do a little comic strip. I just worked really fast on it, so its nowhere close to being presentable, but I am thinking if I have to color it and everything, I might as well make the whole thing in computer! But then I'd get bashed(by people) for not loving pencil and paper and spending too much time at the computer. So I dunno...

I also got to st. Claire west station pretty well too, but the streetcar stop was where I'd get screwed over! By an old lady. I'm telling ya, there's nothing more dangerous in the whole city than a sweet looking granny! Remember Madagascar? Remember that little video you used to see on cellphones where the granny kicks the baby? Well, no, I didn't get beaten up or kicked off, I got misled... I asked the granny which bus should I take if I wanted to go to 840 st. Claire ave. west. And she told me to take the eastbound! I just sat through the whole ride looking out the window and hoping that the familiar KFC or the Hungarian Canadian cultural center passes by so that I know I'm supposed to get off now. But I ended up going to the St. Claire subway station! (note: St. Claire subway station a.k.a. St. Claire (east) station) So I was now at "1" St. Claire ave. Fuck! I'm gonna have to pay for another streetcar or walk ALL the way back, which seemed impossible considering the time constraints. But even taking the streetcar was gonna prove really time consuming.

I was standing there at the streetcar stop for I dunno how long! I know this that I had enough time to open my can of coke and finish it all up. What? It was a hot day and those places don't even have any kind of enclosure! There were two other people waiting for it too! but I was gonna find a whole bunch more when as we got ahead. When the streetcar finally showed up, and when we finally got to the subway station, there was a long queue of people waiting to get in. I was immediately reminded of mumbai! Thankfully, there wasn't any pushing or shoving and everybody was accommodated in the streetcar just fine. And by fine I mean nobody was so close that they were stepping on the others or anything like that. (Oh, if you have lived and traveled in mumbai, you are bound to develop this sort of attitude towards it...)

Luckily I wasn't the last person in class today, Jamaal came in really late. Still, all the horses were already taken! damn!!! now I will have to stand for the whole 6 hours! That's going to be really painful I can tel. Today, Vincent was the one taking the first half. We studied drapery. In a way we NEVER did BEFORE. It was such a big step from the usual 'draw it how it looks' approach. Vincent talked to me about what problems I was having getting here at 9, and I described to him today's MISadventures. Then I went outside hoping to get something to eat. I needed to keep my energy level up if I was to keep from fainting in front of everybody. On the way to a convenience store, I saw a TD Canada trust bank and decided to withdraw some money like dad had told me. I went in, popped in the card into the atm and that's when I realized that I don't know the pin code by heart. I always used to look it up on my cellphone, but I had forgotten my cellphone at home today. So I kept trying out combinations of the numbers that I thought were in the code but nothing worked.

I got back to the class a while later with ruffles sour cream and onion chips and chocolate milk. The ruffles chips were exactly like the lays we used to have in India. Not just the flavour, but also the texture and thickness. I believe ruffles in India was rebranded as lays! Now I was missing my friends so much! I kept thinking about suju's email. I had to reply to her, but just didn't get time yet. And I don't know what happened to me, even after being hungry and having my favourite chips with me, I couldn't finish the 'SMALL' pack on my own for like another 4 hours! Gerard was joking 'we should get u the huge pack and you'll be eating it for days!' Actually, the CLUB size has been sitting in front of me on my table for so long I don't even remember how many weeks it has been!

After the class, I had to go to scotiabank theater to check if they had Imax spiderman 3 tickets for the 8:30 show. I got down at ossgoode station and fumbled my way to the square where chapters and the cineplex were. I already knew there was really slim chance of me actually getting a ticket, but I thought its just on my way, I might as well try it. And as expected, they had a message scrolling across the boards saying that all tickets prior to the 11:40 pm show were sold out! I saw one guy trying to sell his spidey 3 tickets but they were of the current show. I didn't want to go watch it alone so I just decided to walk back to the union station. I tried hard to remember the way me and mickey had walked last Friday, and I was on the right track.

I stopped at second cup on the way there to get a iced cap. I had never had a coffee at second cup yet, so I was in for a brutal shock! my 5 dollar coffee sucked big time. But I was already out of there when I realized that. I was never gonna go to second cup again! It was like a coffee flavoured slushie. And not even sweet enough. Yuck! I continued walking across all the landmarks that I remembered from last time. But I was stuck when I saw the via station. I remembered that I went in there with mickey, and it was NOT the GO station. I asked a few people around and found out that the GO station was just a short walk ahead of that station. I contemplated buying a hot dog, but I didn't.

My ticket refused to get punched/canceled by the machines, so I had to go to a booth and ask him to help me out. He straightened out the ticket a bit, and it got canceled in one try! Remember the saying "when you're trying to show to someone that a thing doesn't work, it probably will..." So I now had to wait till the display screens showed what platform we'll be able to board from. Today, The GO train was really crowded too. I was again reminded of mumbai. And listening to some hindi/punjabi songs made me feel really nostalgic. I was smiling most of the time. You can say I've learnt to be happy instead of being all sad and miserable when I'm missing my friends, but I was also happy because I had a mostly successful day. Unfortunately, you couldn't say the same about the people around me. They were all really grim and started to look at me suspiciously. I can think of lots of things going on in their heads regarding myself, but I'd rather not say them out loud.


  1. hmm .. from reading the first few lines i could see that you had gotten down on the wrong side of the bed .. lol .. and i was too lazy to read the entire post anyways ..

  2. I figured not many ppl would go on reading till the end. Because even I couldn't have written it so long in one go. yes, I wrote the first half, saved it as draft and came back later to finish it all.