Monday, May 21, 2007

Poetry by our young yash rajendra gupta

Ok, this is going to be a laughing riot so I want u to be prepared. I was reading poems at meghna's blog, vivid vibes, and I remembered that there was a poem I once wrote. I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I really wanted a dog. I had seen a little pomerian dog at my friend's house and I was really into the idea of keeping a pet. I tried persuading my parents for one, and they refused. I was really upset by the whole thing and I don't know why or how, I wrote my first poem. Later on, I entered into the poetry contest on and the poem got in the top 1000's or something like that.

So I thought, what if its still on there? I could read that poem again and it would be such a nostalgic and amazing feeling. I dug it up, and it was amazing. Amazingly funny that is! I couldn't help laughing at the poem myself. I know I hurt the feelings of the 10 or 11 year old me, but its okay. He'll get over it(I hope). If not, I'll have to time travel back and apologize to the poor fella without destroying the space time continuum.. boy that's gonna be tough. LOL

So here goes nothing.

I want a friend

I want a friend,
A very special friend.....
Not a best friend for I have one,
Its called man`s best friend
Which I have none.
I want a dalmation which is in my imagination
It would be a pup,
I would feed it in a cup,
I would take care of it like a crystal cup.
But I dont think my imagination true,
cause mom thinks pets are brute.
What I can do more is only plead
To make dad bring me what I need

The original link is this I believe. if that doesn't work, go to and search for yash gupta ofcourse.


  1. hey mighty emotional fellow, thats just a beggining n belive the poem is really cool. haa thodi orthodox hai par doesnt matter, thats how start can be made. keep it goin cool dude.

  2. yeah, that was the poem
    which started it all
    But the second one I started
    was lost in a squall
    and ever since that time,
    I lost my ability to rhyme.

  3. Hehe I used to come up these kinds of poems when I was in 5th/6th grade lol.

  4. hey abhinav, I guess most of us have atleast tried to write a poem sometime in our lives... but maybe some are just too shy to admit it.

  5. Hey yash!
    Like the Poem! Really cool!

  6. hey. Thanks so much for the comment. I just want to go "you too?!!"