Friday, May 18, 2007

Googling names

I talked to Rohin today and I asked him how he ended up on my blog. He said he searchd for his name on google and my blog was the first result. This is EXACTLY what I had imagined would happen. I am totally crazy about googling names. I google my name a lot of times... but the top results are always of some Doctor and a dean who go by my name. Damn! But my blog is still in the first page of the results. Not enough though. I also googled yashrg and this was the query that always led to pages made by or related to me. The top being my flickr page and my "yashrg and flickr" blog. I had even searched pranav daure and his is a name that's really unique. Before I had uploaded any of his pics on flickr or discused him on my blog, I got a few results related to some science or environment olympiad, and I had called him up to know more about that. Now, I get results from my flickr page and my blog entry.

So, when I googled rohin srivastava and didn't find any contact info, I posted this entry with his name in the title and checked to make sure that google indexed it and showed the result on the first page. Then it was just a matter of "wait and watch". I hoped my plan of helping him find me, would work and it finally did. The only thing was that I didn't know if he'd remember who I was even after reading the blog entry. Maybe he'd think it was just a random co incidence and move along... but he DID email me. And what's more shocking is that he had his family read that. When I came to know of that, I was so embarrassed to find out that I had written fuck in the blog. I asked him what his dad said about it and he just said 'it's a pretty common word, don't worry'. I know naniji would be really angry to see me use this word ;) well, anyways, I didn't get around to talking in detail what his reaction was second by second as he read that blog entry. But I will soon find out. Till then, surprise yourself and me with what your name might yield on google search

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