Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Found Rohin srivastava

I was searching for my old buddy rohin srivastava yesterday on google.com and I found two amazon.com links where reviews were written about boyzone and 5ive. The year was 2002 and the location was written nagpur India. very possibly him! I had my hopes all up thinking maybe I could contact him from the website. But stupid amazon.com wouldn't let me comment on him or add him to my friends list without having purchased anything! How stupid is that! I was so disappointed. Then I searched metacrawler.com and found another review of boyzone by rohin srivstava. hm... seems like he was a really big fan of the band in 2002. And similarly, no contact info on this website either. what the FUCK!!!

I even searched for his dad's name in vain. The amazing thing is, that I still remember his dad's name. He's one of the very few parents of my friends who's name I remember. And even after so many years. Its anil mohan srivastava by the way. Now if only I remembered the name of his sister. That would be so much better. I don't even know how much older she was than him and f any of my cousins knew her.

well, I've just got to live with the fact that I'm never gonna find him again. And people say its a small world!

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