Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why am I unhappy?

I should have been filled with a sense of achievement and conquest but I am miserable. Part because of the weariness and my inability to walk back to home in the snowfall and part because I don't have my best friends to share the news with. I had called pranav up right after leaving the "G" wing in a state of excitement and happiness. I was gonna say to him "you come online today, now or else I'm never talking to you again" Turns out he's in the annual party of the college. And he's having such a great time that he obviously never had with me. So I listen to him describing the event and the happenings until disturbance started creeping in. He was unable to hear me. So I hung up and went online.

Divya was online and mom was probably around her... I figured because she was asking over and over again whether I had eaten anything. So I even told div to tell mom went offline or else I'm really gonna go offline. Then I didn't show much interest in divya's story about the white colour tube that spuirted out paint when it was opened. BAH! feeling my spirits getting lower, I tried to call up Samrat(funny my fingers had typed pranav again instead of samrat) But samrat's phone was not accessible, Like the many times before this. I was running out of balance on my phone making these stupid calls so I decided to just stop and sucker it up for a while. I was totally confused between going home and sleeping and staying to pick op my portfolio. My dear dear portfolio. But I had to get a little shut eye because I had not slept in 27 hours. And by now, I've been awake for a total of 30 hours straight. So even though I wasn't able to explore the reason me being unhappy, I'll try and go to sleep on the bench in front of the pit.

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