Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I want to play in the snow...And I'm gonna

I have started getting used to the temperatures here this week, walking out more often and keeping my body warm without having to resort to shivering. My nose doesn't start flowing like it used to, about a month ago. Everything is much more beautiful when you look up straight instead of looking down trying to protect your face from the cold wind. So every day as I see more and more of it, I realize what fun I'm missing. The freshly fallen snow looks very beautiful during the day, no doubt, but it also looks very beautiful from inside your house at nights. The snow reflects a lot of light. It reflects the moon and any and every other light source. That makes the nights so much brighter. It doesn't seem like its past sunset. Its as if the sun just stopped there. you have to see it to realize how awesome it is.

Then there are the man made attractions in snow. I have seen quite a few snow mans in front of various houses on my way to and from college. I have seen people making them. I have seen little caves dug into the snow. Playing with snow is really a lot of fun. I remember when I went up north in India, I had a blast! considering those were my first two times seeing snow. But its not like the desire to do all those things has died. I just am a little too cold most of the times that I step outside. I think the reason has something to do with metabolism and blood ph levels. I had looked it up once and found that more acidic(or was it basic) blood keeps you warmer so you should eat the stuff which makes your blood more acidic(or basic whichever the case may be.)

But the desire to go play is becoming more overpowering since the last few days. I saw two very little kids playing by themselves in the backyard the other day. And today I saw shawn playing snowball fight with two other kids right in front of the house. I had talked to arjun bhaiya a few days ago and he said if he was in my place, he would have done it the first time it snowed. So I got inspired to dare to do this. But this realization is coming at a time when I'm preoccupied with another task at hand. My portfolio submission. But I will do it as soon as I get back from college after all the procedures are finished on Thursday itself. And for the first time I want spring to be delayed for atleast two more days.

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