Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Pizza day!

Today, a really pleasing and "satisfying" incident happened at the pizzeria in college. The one that's right next to "the cage". After painting, we usually played basketball on Thursdays so I asked Freddy if he's like to go to the gym again today. He said he was hungry and would like to have a slice of pizza first so we headed towards the student union. Freddy went ahead and ordered a slice. I was not really hungry and not gonna order a pizza, but I thought why not and said gimme a slice too. She tool both the slices left in the pan and put them on my plate. I was a little confused what she was doing, I said to her again, I wanted only one slice. She said its ok, take it, its closing time and we want to get rid of these. WOW!

Freddy wasn't even sure I could finish both the slices. These are not the usual size we have in India, these are much bigger slices I'll have u know. But I was desperate to finish them. I just love the pizzas and I could eat them till my stomach bursts out! So we sat there and I gobbled down the pizza like I hadn't eaten in days. Well, actually, I hadn't eaten anything since last night. Suju was online in the morning just when I was about to go get ready to go to the college so I sat there chatting with her instead of brushing my teeth, having a bath( how long has it been since the previous bath???) and eating breakfast.

But now, I was too stuffed to play basketball with him so I just left him near he bookstore and we both went our separate ways. I chatted with peter for a while after that and he said I should buy a lottery ticket today. I wasn't very keen on lottery thing because I am never that lucky. I never win anything. So he asked me to give him some numbers. That reminded me of the lost episode where the fat guy winds lottery on cursed numbers. HAH! But he hadn't seen the episode before so it didn't make any difference. well, anyways. Maybe some of you guys had seen it and will get a kick out of it.

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