Friday, February 09, 2007

Roti and aloo ki sabji after such a long time!

Today, I have to thank Freddy and his friend because of which I got a chance to have Indian food after so many days. And here I want to make it clear chooda and papad don't exactly count because I mean cooked meal. As always, our 2d class was left early so we had loads of time on our hand. I was gonna have a slice of pizza at the cage today so asked if Freddy wanted to come along. I also had to stop at the bookstore and get The book "creating characters with personality by Tom Bancroft. But as we headed towards the bookstore, Freddy spotted his friend standing near the tables where students and faculty from the glass designing stream had displayed their wares for sale.

Freddy talked to her and she said that she was hungry too and wanted to eat roti at this place nearby. I most readily agreed. After all, we had almost two hours at hand. She said she`ll just need to go put some stuff in her studio so we went upstairs to the third year animation studio. This was the first time that I actually went in there. The place seemed like heaven to me. Each student is assigned his own desk where he can work on the lightboxes or take out their laptops and work on that if they liked.Going to that place made me even more desperate to get into the animation course here. I could have stayed there and ogled at the place and the other student`s works for hours but we had to leave for lunch.

Freddy is one big forgetful guy. Because he forgot where he had parked his car and we were out in the cold for almost 10 minutes looking for it. But the torture finally ended and we drove down to the restraunt and picked up our rotis and went to Tae`s place.

"So...this is what a student's apartment looks like"

Heh, I didn't really mind all that garbage around me considering that I`m surrounded by such creative people and so much animation related stuff to ogle at. She had her own homemade lightbox and a pc, loads of posters covering the wall, a television, game console, notice boards with drawings all over. God that was overwhelming. I'm surprised I didn't forget to breathe and die there. The meal was pretty satisfying and more. I couldn't finish it all up and had to throw the rest of it. If I didn't have college after that, I'd have taken it home and put it into the refrigerator to eat some other day. well, it was only 5 dollars. The non-veg ones were as expensive as 8 or 10 dollars. But I really feel I should try those out the next time. Well, I`m gonna tell this to my parents over the phone as soon as I can and now I`ll end the entry.

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